مقتل عدد من متزعمي المجموعات الإرهابية وتدمير راجمتي صواريخ في بساتين دوما

A Syrian Army infantryman pursues rodents hiding in the Douma Farms area where the terrorists have taken a decisive beating over the last seven days. 

There can be no doubt that the losses suffered by the FSA and its Al-Qaeda ally, Jabhat Al-Nusra,  on several fronts have forced these rodents to relocate in areas now distant from the original targets.  On the Homs Front, for example, we are seeing a heretofore unparalleled entrenchment in Lebanon due to the fact that the entryways into Syria from the mostly Sunni villages of Northern Lebanon have been closed.  Wael in Latakia says that over the last month, the FSA and its Jihadist allies have lost no less than 2,500 rodents.  This figure does not include those captured.  This is a stunning reversal for the terrorist mercenaries.  The evidence is also quite clear in support of our position.  We will discuss the FSA in Lebanon a little bit later.


Darayya remains a clean-up area now relegated to militia and police.  A sniper by the name of Rashed Al-Lahham was killed yesterday while trying to escape from an overturned truck.  From his appearance, he had not eaten anything for weeks.  This makes no difference any more to Mr. Al-Lahham because he is now eating fire in the incandescent corners of his own Hell.

At Douma Farms, a terrific operation demonstrating the skill and superiority of the SAA over the ape-like bearded hulks from the terrorist ranks, took down 38,  14 of whom were foreigners funded by the syphlitic race of Morlocks in Arabia:

Tareq Al-Qutaifani  (rat leader)
Rabi’ Muhammad Al-Ghawbari
Hatem Al-Qaseer
Jassem Ra’ef Tawil
Mahmoud Al-Ali
Imad Kassab
Haitham Al-Khabbaz
Murtada Abdul-Sattar Fayyad
Muhammad Al-Qutaifani  (Congrats to the Al-Qutaifani family for their contributions)
Bahiij Mahmoud Fallouh
Yahya Yahya  (Ya Ya!!)
Wa’el Salaam
Jihad Salim Al-Akhras
Talal Al-Qallaa’
Ali Tarif Al-Fajr
Saifuddine Hussein ‘Allaf

The remaining carcasses are still being analyzed by General Security.  

ZAMALKA and IRBEEN:  We are delighted to report the transformation of the following carcasses from earthly beings into vaporized molecules wafting in Oblivion:

Ibrahim Urabi
Muhammad Tu’meh
Ahmad Hassan Ta’aan
Farid Ali Mafaahim (?),
Abdul-Qader Al-Maliih 

Our soldiers tear Robert Ford’s terrorist rodents into shreds in a “surround-and-scoop” operation in Douma 


ZAHRAN ALLOUSH – TERRORIST, MERCENARY AND CATAMITE.  He gave it all up yesterday in Beit Sehm.  (We all pray for his quick acceptance in the fiery furnace prepared for all hypocrites and murderers.)

Al-Hajar Al-Aswad is now the resting place for the following scavenging hyenas:

Ahmad Al-Hassan 
Bassam Hamed

HOMS:  More disasters for the rodents at Al-Buwaida and Ghanto.  Wael says the SAA and militia have killed over 2,500 trying to enter Syria from Lebanon.  His figure is “fairly accurate” since he has had access to almost all statistics disclosed by MI. 

These young men work with the SAA.  They are standing over a captured truck festooned with a rocket-firing cannon.  The truck was abandoned after the SAA opened fire on it.

At Ghanto and Talbiseh, the SAA delivered death by the truckload to the scurrying hyenas of the so-called FSA.  I’m going to tell you why the FSA is now trying to ignite a war with Hizbollah in Lebanon.  It’s complicated.

At Ghanto, we can confirm the deaths of these grubs:

Bilal Ali Ahaamiid
Durayd Muhammad
Ahmad Ali Iskamlaji
Zaher Mahmoud Du’aymis
Ali Adlouni
Saber Sa’id Al-Maghribi
Muhammad Tharwat Raslan

Wael says there were over 21 others suspected of being Lebanese.  They are all dead.  Yawn.

No detailed stats from Al-Buwaida or Talbiseh, yet.


While all of you were sleeping, the SAA was on the move at the village of Al-Rabi’ah.  WE CAN CONFIRM OVER 250 DEAD RATS AT THE TOWN.  According to both Wael and Aslan,  a combination of air cavalry, fixed infantry and a stunningly accurate missile attack killed off the withdrawing rodents.  As we have been telling our readers, the SAA has been moving men and materiel into the Idlib Governorate with the expected result the vermin would be forced elsewhere.  They chose the very inhospitable social climate of Latakia and went down in large numbers.  The new carcasses are sadly very poorly preserved.  According to Wael who went to the scene of the fighting and saw first-hand the effectiveness of our army, the scene was one of devastation beyond description:  كان المنظر يا زياد لا تتصوره بخيالك لو عشت مئة سنة

This devastating drive by the SAA has also been confirmed by Al-Aalam News from Tehran which has a reporter embedded with the Syrian Army’s Third Army Group – Hussein Mortada.  

Details are coming to us, but not soon because of the terrain situation and the investigative agencies’ difficulty in reaching the scene.

LEBANON:  The Phony Syrian Army has issued a threat to Hizbollah.  It came both orally in statements to the Phalangist Press and in a communique seen below.  Ziad, your Michigan Supreme Court Certified Interpreter and Translator has translated it for you below:



The Joint General Staff of the Free Syrian Army issues this communique as follows:

After the expiration of the period of time proclaimed by the Free Syrian Army and the continuation by the Hizbollah gangs of their mischief and bombing of our villages and people in the Southern Al-Qusayr rural area which started from Lebanese land (in order to cover up its blatant attacks into the very depths of Syria), brigades of the Free Syrian Army conducted on Thursday at exactly 12:30 p.m. two qualitative and simultaneous assaults  –  the first targeted, with machine guns and anti-armor launchers, a group of Hizbollah fighters accompanied by two 4-wheel drive cars inside Syrian territory in southern rural Al-Qusayr and stuck down all members of the targeted unit,  be they dead or wounded.

In the second attack, the joint operation was completed with formations of FSA destroying a Hizbollah artillery platform inside Lebanese territory in the area of Housh Al-Sayyid Ali and the FSA leveled it with 120 mm mortars which resulted in confirmed strikes in both aforementioned locations along with suppression of responding fire.

The FSA repeats and reaffirms to our people in the area of Mt. Hermel to keep a distance from Hizbollah military and security positions and outposts.  

We proclaim clearly, because we are not accustomed to treachery, that we will (illegible) Hizbollah in the coming hours with an attack on its artillery platforms,  launchers and positions.  And the coming days will bear qualitative surprises of a heavy caliber to this criminal gang – and after that, the accounts will be open and continuous with all those who are seduced into killing the revolutionary people of Syria.  

Let shame and disgrace be upon the mercenary criminals.

Mercy to our martyrs and victory to our blessed revolution.

Joint General Staff of the Free Syrian Army.”

If you’re able to keep a straight face, you have my admiration.  ZAF


Watch this video of Sky News interviewing Jihadist terrorists in custody at the Ministry of the Interior in Damascus. Interesting and thanks to Updates:

If you didn’t know it, there was supposed to be another suicide bomber at the site near Al-Thawra St.  But he was stopped and you can see his stinking carcass surrounded by loyal citizens of Damascus in this video: 

Britain’s only phallus-head delivers the usual British slime-commentary.  It smells of British, the Persians say. And this published by the disgraced CIA rag from Beirut:

The U.S. refuses to condemn the murder of Syrian civilians by an act of terrorism.  SyrPer refuses to condemn 9/11!  Right?  Is this what pickaninnies in the White House do?  Hypocrisy reaching new levels of malignancy!  Unbelieveable!!  Death to the terrorists run by the United States. 

Did anyone ever believe the U.S. under Cream O’ Wheat Obama would be an honest broker.  Rashid Khalidi is a traitor to the Palestinians for associating with this blackguard:

The so-called FSA (yawn) is threatening Hizbollah.  I will discuss this issue separately today:

Read this inept piece of propaganda written by the CIA for the WP.  The headlines make you think the terrorists are approaching the capital’s center when all facts on the ground prove they are being distanced eastward away from the city.  Hilarious reading for those who love lies:

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Oh No You Di'nt
Level 0 - Anonymous
Oh No You Di'nt

“According to Wael who went to the scene of the fighting and saw first-hand the effectiveness of our army, the scene was one of devastation beyond description: كان المنظر يا زياد لا تتصوره بخيالك لو عشت مئة سنة “

على البال المئة يا زياد

Oh No You Di'nt
Level 0 - Anonymous
Oh No You Di'nt

According to this article:

150,000 foreign fighters are fighting the SAA
The numbers doubled from October when only 70,000 were in Syria
Their morale is declining and some are returning home
They are mercenaries getting paid $200 per month
SAA is better equipped, trained and has stronger will to win
Syria is being used as a means to rid Libya of Islamists

The only thing it didn’t say directly is that Syria will need to take the fight to the sources of these jihadists to take the pressure off.

Level 0 - Anonymous

In my personal opinion, this was not to be a suicide mission designed for the Islamists who in fact, come from throughout the entire Arab region, including the gulf states. This was to be a mission aimed at succeeding so as to prop up Syria under the tyranny of Salafist control.Shattering Assad’s government, there would then be the next transition of this Arab Spring, to start a massive sectarian genocide and a direct attack on Hezbollah, turning Lebanon into a blistering war zone. Iraq’s sectarian tensions would be ignited, applying enough pressure to crack the federal government in half, splitting… Read more »