Weapons caches like these photographed yesterday by SANA were uncovered all over Syria.  This one was from Harasta.

IDLIB: We told you it was coming.  The assault on the terrorists in Idlib is in full swing.  Yesterday as a banner day for the SAA.  Wael and Aslan have been carrying out their duties admirably.  Wael sends us this summary report on yesterday’s activities:

15 RODENTS HOISTED BY THEIR  OWN PETARD AT BEIT ZARZOUR STREET, IN SARAQIB, IN IDLIB GOVERNORATE.  That’s right folks, the brilliant rats of the Jabhat Al-Nusra blew themselves up while arming a van with an IED.  They were so confident of the qualifications of their terrorist mercenary expert, they were seen standing calmly around a Mitsubishi van chewing the fat.  The IED, estimated by Wael’s sources at 300 kgs, exploded when the moron rat mis-wired the device and then prepared to program it with a hand-held receiver.  Security personnel were all over the place in 15 minutes and the following excrement was scraped off the roadway:

Jihad Rizqallah Al-Mleihi
Muhannad Steihi Abdallah
Ma’rouf Ali Salqini
Duraid Mahmoud Badr
Tareq Abdul-Samad Qahwaji
Mahmoud Rateb Ghalawanji
Zein Al-Abideen Ahmad Abu-Ja’ra
Muhammad Salman Zananeeri

The remaining seven had no papers and are being identified by other means.  They are probably foreigners. Wael says the physical appearance of some indicates North African origin – but that’s just a guess.  The explosion also killed an infant whose only crime was being walked by his mother on a sidewalk nearby and 22 other citizens who were wounded.

Elements of the 4th Mechanize Armored Division confronted rats at Al-Tall near Ariha and killed 16-plus rodents.  Wael received two names with the others still being identified:

Muhammad Ali Barhoun
Deifallah Rafiq Al-Souqi

Even more killed at the Nayrab Youth Camp in an operation that continues as we write.  According to SANA and Wael, 23 rats were sent to Hades last night.  Aircraft was used in this battle in the early morning hours.  Wael’s sources tell us that the carcasses were strewn about and will be difficult to identify.

At Wadi Deif, an attempt by terrorist mercenaries to attack a unit of the SAA resulted in the deaths of 6 rodents including their alleged leader:

Muhammad Kanjo
Mu’in Al-Baydani
Zuhayr Murtada Rifi
Mahmoud Hassan Al-Sayyid
Murhif Qubrusi
Dhafer Ubeid Idani 

At Douma,  SAA destroys a 23mm anti-aircraft gun assembled on the back of a flatbed killing the following confirmed scavenging hyenas:

Ziad Al-Saghir (leader of the “Battalion of Qamar Ibn Hashem)
Karam Al-Khawli
Muhhammd Khayr Sal’as
Fouad Al-Hallaq
Abham Mustafa Razul
Bilal Abdul-Kafi Zeitoun

At Harasta, SAA uncovers rat hideout and kills the one remaining drug-addicted rodent:

Subhi Abdul-Hafez Qaddour

At Arbin in rural Damascus, Security Forces put the cuffs on the following tortured souls:

Bashar Eid Dallal (rat leader)
Eid Kreideh

Spectacular results at Beit Sahm in the East Ghouta with over 12 rodents killed and 48 injured.  No one escaped this one.  No details available until tomorrow.

Even more confirmed kills at that disastrous site where rats tried to invade a police station at Al-Qadam.  Two more are added to the list:

Abdul-Rahman Mousa Al-Jallad
Jihad Ali Bakkour

A mercenary terrorist attack on some of the few remaining targets resulted in a cut-off of electricity to Sahnaaya.  Rats struck a high frequency wire that feeds an electric transformer.  It is almost repaired. (SANA)


At Lairamoun, we can confirm the deaths of the following criminals:

Adib Mahmoud Dagher
Safwan Taher Bairam
Mahdi Muhammad Darbakri
Khaled Murtada
Sa’adi Abdul-Latif

Wael says another 7 carried no papers.  I.D. pending.

2 filthy rodents were arrested at the cement factory in Aleppo. No i.d. available.

At Qarasi, Dayr Haafer and Al-Wudhayhi, 4 cars were destroyed  by militia with “a large number killed”. One of the identified dead is Walid Muhammad Al-Wara’. 

At Al-Sufaira, a unique operation netted the following stinking vermin:

Rafiq Awad Dallo
Muhammad Thabit Zamarya
Tal’at Bassel Al-Ahmad
Ja’afar Anwar Khweilid
Hassan Zuruqta
Fouad Badreddine Hassoun

At Mannagh, in a continuing operation involving air power, 4 operations resulted in the deaths of over 38 terrorists.  Air Force Intel won’t release names of dead carcasses.

At Asan-Ubeiti, 3 flatbeds with machine guns destroyed.  (SANA)

At Ein Al-Asafeer in rural Aleppo, a convoy of 4 vehicles was vaporized.  The vehicles were carrying machine guns.  All passengers were killed.  No identification available now. Wael did not hear about this operation.  The source is SANA.

Clean-up operations continue inside Aleppo City at Al-Sukkari, Karm Al-Maysir, Al-Sheikh Sa’id, Bustan Al-Qasr, Al-Kallaseh, Citadel Area and Fustuq.  No details. 

HOMS:  At Talbiseh in rural Homs, SAA surprised terrorist skunks and killed all 5 of them.  Monzer provides the names of the identified trash:

Maher Adlani
Anas Mahmoud Al-Jawhari
Imad Hussein Al-Ahmad
Bassem Riyadh Kurmash
Muhammad Sami Dalloul

At Kafr Laha, the SAA destroyed an IED factory.

At the large town of Al-Hisn, 11 rats were killed with no details available.  

At poor Tal Kalakh, the former Club Med for Lebanese-originating rats, a large number were killed again trying to infiltrate Syria.  Identification of dead pending.  Many are Lebanese.  Monzer says that the sudden burst of infiltrators could be due to pressure on them by the Lebanese Army at Arsal. 

DEIR AL ZOR:  A night to dawn operation by SAA special forces at Al-Huwayqa, Jbeileh, Al-Urfi and
Al-Ummal netted the following putrescent hulks of suppurating ape flesh:

Muhammad Abdul-Nasser Al-Kubaisi (possibly Iraqi, my guess.  Leader of Al-Abbas Brigade)
Issa Al-Mujawwil
Ahmad Hassan Al-Murawwih
Jihad Al-Dugheim
Ayman Salama Al-Ma’youf

At the Al-Saalihiyya-Abu-Khashab Road, the police killed the following extracts of pus:

Ali Al-Ghattas
Bassam Hussein Al-Khalif (possible reference yesterday) 


At Tallat Al-Naasiriyya, west of Qumhana, SAA sappers disarmed several IEDs each armed with 35 kgs of explosive.

We are delighted also to announce the deaths of the following scabietic peelings from the hind quarters of a plague-carrying cockroach culled at Karnaz in rural Hama:

Alaa Hawwash
Hassan Ali Rustum
Khalil Ahmad Juraydani
Ammar Balkho
Nibras Mahmoud Tutunji
Rabi’ Hassoun Shreiki
Jamal Mahmasani

Another 10 had no identification on their carcasses and their i.d. is pending.

We like this award-winning picture posted by our friends at Real Updates.  Thanks.



This interest in Al-Khatib is of no interest to SyrPer.  But, it might be worth documenting its failure:

If you want to know the extent of the mindless stupidity of Saudi Arabians, read this about the murder of a young girl by her father and the light sentence he received.  Wahhabism = Apostasy:

My son, Leith, sends this even better article about this Wahhabist cockroach who killed a poor 5 year old girl and walked away scott-free:,-killing-.aspx

Please note the disclaimer at the end of this article about Istanbul and that poor woman who decided to visit it:

Ooooh! Barak “hints” at being responsible for the attack on Jamraya.  WP pulls no punches. Hilarious propaganda.  We stand by what we wrote yesterday: Syria retaliated with a MiG 31B strike on Dimona, but, nobody wants to up the ante: 

I read this article yesterday and didn’t want to post it.  But, John Esq. likes it and sent it to us so we will, anyway: 



John Esquire sends this correction and addition:


I meant to include this second quote from the same article as another example of the hypocrisy. While condemning Assad for taking the battle to Islamic militants in defense of his own country, look at what he says about French involvement in Mali.

Biden also said Saturday that the United States strongly supported France’s intervention in northern Mali, undertaken to push back the spread of Islamist militants with ties to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, or AQIM

And here is the cite:

Anonymous is ecstatic over Syria’s retaliation at Dimona and writes this:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – FEBRUARY 2, 2013 – SYRIAN MIG31B FOXH…“:


Here is an article concerning Qatar & Jordan future pipeline deal through destroyed Syria. Only one possible reason of many for the scum aggression.

Syria has every right to retaliate against the Zionist aggression. I understand a big reason for the attack is to draw Syria into a large scale overt war (Zionist USA & NATO), because the scum are losing the current proxy war (Orkin man continuing to destroy rats all over Syria shows this). I believe the Syrian resistance are fully aware of this and are staying focused. Hopefully Syria & partners have soundly prepared for a full scale war with these rat droppings. They can not allow Syria to survive. It looks like the Resistance are making great strides in “defense” technology daily. It would be great to see surprised cockroaches falling from the sky. I wished it would have happened this time, would have crushed the cockroaches.

Hans is skeptical about the Dimona attack.  We must remind him that the Zionists also kept mum about their attack on Al-Kibar.  The recent Barak statements admitting the attack might be a one-up on Syria:

 hans has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – FEBRUARY 2, 2013 – SYRIAN MIG31B FOXH…“:

No, i somehow doubt this story not that I am questioning Ziads sincerity it just did not happen. I have been known to be very wrong many times and I apologise in advance.

Zultra, asks the following question:

 Zultra has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – FEBRUARY 2, 2013 – SYRIAN MIG31B FOXH…“:

Will we see a article about the Syrian attack on press TV or RT soon?

ANSWER:  I believe Syria does not want to broadcast this so that the Zionists will have a face-saving way out.  This same philosophy controlled the way the Zionists treated the attack on Al-Kibar.  Infowars already published a note on a MiG31B Foxhound approaching the “Israeli” coast without providing much more information.  I think Syria will want to keep this one hush-hush.  

Anonymous calculates that it would take 20 minutes for the MiG31B to make it back to Tartous.  

 Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “FIRST POST – FEBRUARY 2, 2013 – SYRIAN MIG31B FOXH…“:

Would guess it was about 350 flight miles from Tartous to Dimona? With diversionary tactics, it might take about 20 minutes or less for a one-way flight? Are my off-the-cuff calculations correct?

ANSWER:  We know it has the best radar-jamming system in the world and can fly very low.  Its speed is over Mach 2.3. An amazing jet.  I’ll leave the calculations to the dweebs amongst you. Ziad

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