John Esquire sends this uplifting missive:

Watching CBS News Sunday morning.  Pundits report two things on Syria: (1) White House has no intention of engaging in Syria directly or expanding their role. A complete affirmation of your analysis of Obama’s stand-off personality.

(2)  Margaret Brennan, CBS News State Department correspondent reports that the State Department view is that “The Syrian military remains very well armed and fiercely loyal to Bashar Al-Assad.”

This one's for Fadi.  Defend the Honor of Trolls!!  Thanks, John Esquire:

Pictured here is the commander of Jabhat Al Nusra in Syria
contemplating his existence.
Anonymous sends this interesting comment about the Jawbar situation:
Anonymous   has left a new comment on your post "THIRD POST - FEBRUARY 14, 2013 - SYRPER'S THIRD NO...":

The fighting in Jobar is nothing new and Damascus is not merely a city
but a governorate which comprises small towns and cities or urban nodes
that have been absorbed into the larger metropolitan infrastructure,
especially regarding the utilities network, so the actual city of
Damascus is unaffected. My understanding is that the fighting in Jobar
is aimed at the major air base there, in fact foreign fighter pilots
with the rebels have been captured, leading to speculation about the
motives. Basically once Daraya had been cleansed, the remaining
opposition forces moved on to attempt a grand coup which has been
deflected thus far. The mercenary jihadists operate with grand
strategies but don't have the muscle or the know how to complete
objectives. My guess is that these "grand strategies" are the plans of
Western intelligence agencies. So, expect this cyclical pattern of
major offensive fighting to slowly diminish as the opposition gets worn
down. There can only be so much cannon fodder available abroad for this
conflict and with hundreds of thousands of everyday Syrian Citizens
lining up to enlist, the chance of Syria falling to Jihadists is null
albeit a major invasion which would disintegrate into a regional war.

Answer: Darayya is done. Only remnant rats are left. No point in discussing this suburb and more.
suburb anymore.  Grand strategies aside, even their most picayune tactics have been  
throughly stanched.  It's almost endgame time.  Your buddy, Ziad 
Another new friend writes about Damascus:
freegypsyman  has left a new comment on your post "THIRD POST - FEBRUARY 14, 2013 - SYRPER'S THIRD NO...":

hello ziad

i really appreciate and enjoy your blog but do you have more info about the events currently happened around and in damascus?

thank you for your consideration

ANSWER: I publish all details which I get from sources inside Damascus. I can only ask you to zoogle it.
Filastin writes to us.  And remember, Ziad's mother is from Southern Syria, specifically, Jaffa:
Falestine has left a new comment on your post "THIRD POST - FEBRUARY 14, 2013 - SYRPER'S THIRD NO...":

Love the way how you write.

I hope that Syria soon will be free from these wahabi and criminal rats that have destroyed a once beautiful country.

Most of all fuck Saudi

This blog is causing me all kinds of problems.  I have to publish what I have and try again. Ziad
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The Christians are they not participating more actively in the defense of their homeland or are they too weak and scared to even lift a finger?
My name is Fernando, I’m in the USA.

Level 0 - Anonymous

This conflict is becoming increasingly surreal. Because of the failure of ousting Assad, the highly complicated and many years in the making regional strategy towards the Middle East and specifically towards Syria and others within the “axis of resistance” has become visible as it’s stalled at the gates of Damascus. At this point, it’s clear that the Arab Spring was nothing more than a massive coup operation to install extremists as a means to Balkanize the Middle East along sectarian lines, imploding traditional cultures and weakening the Arab identity. Perfect for remolding and redrawing boundaries within a confused and defeated… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

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