القضاء على إرهابيين في إدلب والرستن

These brave infantrymen are pictured here in Binnish, Idlib Governorate, pursuing Jabhat Al-Nusra-Al-Qaeda rodents.  We wish them good hunting.  

21 rats killed in operations in rural Idlib at Al-Zu’ainiyya, Bazzeet and Umm Al-Ghaar.  Units from the Syrian Third Army and militia from National Defense killed the following identified scum:

Shadi Ahmad Mahfoudh
Baybars Ali Al-Wari’
Adeeb Mahmoud Ramadan 
Khaled Khabbaz
Muhammad Ali Musulmaani
Riyadh Jabroun
Ahmad Abdul-Rahman Makar
‘Udayy Kifaah Rizqallah
Abbas Al-Hilaali
Murad Ahmad Al-Jundi
Labib Mer’i

The remaining 10 carcasses evidence foreign origin.

Battles were fought in Binnish, Al-Nairab near the same boring youth camp, Bakfaloon, Sarmeen (just fully liberated), Kafr Jaales, Saraaqeb and Ma’arat Masreen.  No details but Wael says the numbers are high for rat casualties.  Most terrorists from Al-Qaeda.

At Abu Dhuhour, near the military airport,  Wael says 16 terrorists are confirmed dead.  The SAA also took 10 prisoners from the FSA.


At the constantly restive town of Al-Rastan, the SAA destroyed a command-and-control center linked to British terrorist-enablers and war criminals in Turkey.  The terrorists killed in this battle were all foreigners.  Wael is unable to get me the names at this time.  He says that Turks and Chechens were in the nest of rodents.

At Maheen East, the SAA and alert security agents aborted an attempt to blow up the oil pipeline which serves the civilians of Syria.  2 miserable feral pigs were killed:

Adnan Ali Qarmashli
Waleed Muhammad Baddour


تفكيك عشرات العبوات الناسفة وإعادة الأمان إلى بعض أحياء جوبر بريف دمشق

SAA hammers the Al-Qaeda criminals at the Parliament Roundabout and Cultural Center in Jawbar.  Over 100 IEDs were uncovered and disarmed by sappers.  Other IEDs armed with 30 kgs of C-4 were found planted around the School Area of the suburb.  Firefights were reported as the terrorists appear to be abandoning their effort to enter Damascus by way of East Jawbar:

Abdul-Rahman Al-Tubji (this is a hilarious name in Lebanese dialect because it means the “passive one in an homosexual relationship)
Ibrahim Khamees Zaydaan
Iyad Abdul-Haadi
“Abu Jalal” (name found on his cellphone)
Talal Rajab
Muhammad Raadhi Sammaan
‘Aateb Ramzi Al-Qishta
Mu’ayyad Ali Hassan Hammadi
Bahaa’ Hussein Al-Rimaawi
Lutfallah Ali
Husaam Nijmeddine Shalhout
Wissaam Muhammad Abu-Shaqra
Muthanna Abdul-Majid Al-Aqrooq
Mahdi Issmat Dawaaleebi

Another 16 were without papers.  3 were taken prisoner and are helping to id the foreigners.

Daarayya:  Consistent with our reporting, sniper holdouts are the rule in this former capital of terrorism:

4 cars armed with 23 mm machine guns were destroyed.  No details on dead rats other than this one:

Aamer Hussein


4 Russian battleships are now moored or docked at Tartous for maintenance.  They just left Beirut after a show of force.  They are part of the Russian Baltic Fleet but might be expected to stay a bit longer since one of the ships has highly advanced electronic capabilities.

Try to control your laughter as this lying FSA cockroach sends a message to the Russian fleet with threats. This idiot, whose English is about at first grade level, claims to be in Tartous.  It is almost impossible as that city is heavily surveilled by our security services and any such message would be intercepted.  Try to keep your breakfast down:

ANKARA:  A member of the Turkish opposition has filed a bill in Parliament asking the Turkish Security Council to investigate charges that Erdoghan’s Justice and Development Party has provided weapons and training to terrorists operating against Syria.  The bill contains language recommending the establishment of a parliamentary committee to further investigate the matter.  According to the bill,  Erdoghan has provided fake identification papers to Turkish prisoners (a la Saudi Arabia) and released them on condition they fight in Syria with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Families of these Turkish prisoners have filed suit against his government for using their sons as cannon fodder.   

YEMEN:  Fidan Hakan, future indictee for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and head of the MIT, Turkey’s CIA, was in Yemen last month recruiting killers from the Muslim Brotherhood.  According to the Saudi paper “Al-Sharq”, a Yemeni official has confirmed that Turkey is now providing free charter air passage via Turkish Airlines to Hatay where these rats can train in peace.  The Yemeni official says that many have gone now to Turkey.  SyrPer suspects that most of these apes will wind up on the slab at the Tishreen University Medical School for Anatomy 101 or the School of Veterinary Medicine.  

This is Turkey’s answer to Inspector Clouseau, Fidan Hakan.  Boy, he sure looks stealthy, huh?  This piece of Turkish ape excrement will not survive the coup which is coming.

رئيس المخابرات التركية التقى

This heap of garbage from Yemen expects to avoid the anatomy class in Tishreen University.  We think not. Stupid is as stupid looks, we always say.  Those “jambiyyas” will be real useful against our great Syrian army.


Putin's Advisor: Russian Security Council Discusses Situation in Syria

We have received reports from Syria indicating Russian President Vladimir Putin is on the verge of making the great leap from arms supplier to combatant in Syria.  We believe the plan is tied to the upcoming in-country maneuvers.  This is it, people.  The NATO wolves have pushed the bear too far.  In the photo seen here for the press, Pres. Putin addresses members of the Security Council.



If you’re like me, nothing cheers you up like watching rats being killed by the Syrian Orkin Man.  Here’s a great video of 10 rodents being dispatched in Al-Ghouta area.  What is also funny is how the cameraman gets killed but leaves his apparatus running.  You then get the sounds of rats crying and the usual Allahu Akbar silliness.  Then, our friends close out with the song originally released by Cher: 

Another one from the North with over 30 rodents in piles of excrement.  They were killed in an air raid as they huddled together in a safe house.  These are the kinds of tapes used by terrorists propagandists to denigrate the SAA and Dr. Assad.  Note, the dead are all young men.  None are women or children although professional liars like Rami Abdul-Rahman will make that claim:

When we reported last week that the road from Homs to Aleppo had been cleared of terrorists, this is what followed:



Extremely important article from our friend, Christof Lehmann.  A must-read for those watching President Putin:

It appears the Russian warning to take this matter before the International Court of Criminal Justice has cowed Cameron and Hollande.  “Backfire”?  That’s it?

And Obama keeps droning on and on.  You’ll love the photo of Obama dreamily sending off lethal drones to kill anything and everything a thug could want.  Of course, this will be a war crime:

Finally, huh?  The Lebs are getting the message that a policy of “disassociation” doesn’t mean you disassociate from your own sovereignty:

This article in Arabic from Syria Scope reports the arrival of tons of oil from a friendly country at the Banias oil refinery.  Great news.  Good show.  The friendly country might be Venezuela:

Gosh! I’d like to have a Jamaran 2 destroyer for our navy in Syria.  Might be useful to blow up that German Shpionboot off the coast of Turkey:

If you read Turkish, you’ll be shocked to find out Turkish procurors are hunting down Syrian girls in Sanliurfa, Turkey:

More great stuff from Christof Lehmann about dividing Syrian into Islamist mini-states and Russian rage over the issue:

More laughs a minute in this one with shabby looking rats firing on a SAA base near Saraqeb in Idlib Governorate.  An Ennio Morricone theme closes this one out.  Note also, that two of the FSA rodents have been identified as deserters:

John Esq. sends this article from the Tehran Times about Russia’s stubborn loyalty to Syria:

Another video from John showcases the concept that a blow against Syria or Iran would be viewed by Moscow as a blow against it:

John Esq. sends this narrative explaining his view of arming the terrorist mercenaries:


I see where the Arab League is about to recognize the Syrian opposition (which one?!)  Russia has warned the League that this will legitimize sending arms to the rats and ‘counseled’ them against such a move. Britain and Frnace are talking about supplying light armored vehicles and other accoutrements of a conventional army. I predict this will be a huge mistake for the west and their pet rats.

The more sophisticated the weaponry, the less able they will be to incorporate, maintain and use it properly.  Don’t forget the video of rat blowing himself up with a simple RPG. Also, to the extent that they pick up things like light armored vehicles this will also work against them. Their forte is stealth (slithering snakes) and furtiveness. They will not be difficult to spot in light armored vehicles, (especially by Mig fighters) and will be even more easily dispatched in larger numbers since they will be gathered together in these tin cans ready for delivery by the dozens to a flaming eternity!

I default to my original view that no amount of arms will turn this for the demi-morons who have to receive, transport, maintain and utilize the weaponry.

John sends this one too about Haitham Al-Manna’ and his group in Moscow.  Some interesting statistics concerning Dr. Assad’s popularity.  But that would never concern war criminals like Obama, inter alia:

Lew Rockwell weighs in on Assad’s popularity and NATO’s fecklessness:

Tragic narrative for Iraq.  The U.S. and the U.K. just don’t get it:

A synopsis of the rift between Russia and the rest of the imperialist West:



This one is from Tony Papalas on the occasion of St. Patrick’s Day. No, he’s not Irish.  He’s Greek:

You have to Love the Irish

Paddy was driving down the street in a sweat because he had an important meeting and couldn’t find a parking place.   Looking up to heaven he said, ‘Lord take pity on me.   If you find me a parking place I will go to Mass every Sunday for the rest of me life and give up me Irish Whiskey!’

Miraculously, a parking place appeared.

Paddy looked up again and said, ‘Never mind, I found one.’



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