Please watch this excellent documentary on the SAA victory in Aleppo.  It’s produced by Iranian Al-Alam and narrated by embedded journalist, and hero, Hussein Mortada.  His supert enunciation and eloquence is not lost on any Arabic speaker.  This is great.  It was sent by Indo-Canadian with a link I could use.  Previous efforts to get this on the blog failed.  Good show!!

CONFIRMED:  JABHAT AL-NUSRA CHIEF OF OPERATIONS KILLED 100%.  We reported last week the death of Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlani, arguably the most wanted terrorist in the Syrian conflict.  But, it was not absolutely certain.  Now, the facts are in.  The man whose real name is Adnaan Al-Hajj-Ali, along with his confederate in murder, Mustafa Al-Badawi, have been put to death by a MiG23 in Douma Farms.  His death is a devastating blow to the organizational structure of Al-Qaeda in Syria.

Abi Mohammad Al Joulani

 Adnaan Al-Hajj-Ali, seen above with the self-important smile of someone who just got invited to a sumptuous dinner but didn’t know his host would be Beelzebub.  He also had bad teeth.

Al-Hajj-Ali was born in the Golan Height’s capital of Qunyatra.  Badawi was a Homsi. Together, they recruited and organized cells of fanatical, ignorant atheist-nihilists for fighting our army.  The high level of compartmentalization of the Jabhat Al-Nusra means operational death for the cadres of rodents now scurrying about without any command structure.  This was a death blow to the rats.  But, it’s going to get better.    

Monzer said his friend in the MI told him the MiG23 which fired the lethal rocket that killed this vermin was directed after intercepting Al-Hajj-Ali’s communication with a unit fighting in Barzeh in the northern Damascus suburbs.  Once the coordinates were given, a single laser-guided missile from our Flogger splattered this King Rat all over the countryside.  Bon appetit!

Eastern Ghouta:

Douma:  Some fighting but mostly skirmishes as the rat presence diminishes radically.  It may be they are regrouping somewhere, but, the battle for the airport is over.  The road, while still perilous, due to NATO provided mortars and howitzers, is clear.  Monzer says he has no details of fighting in East Ghouta today.

He does give us this report from Darayya where snipers from the Jabhat Al-Nusra keep popping up:

Muhsen Abdul-Rahim Ali Lattoof
“Abu ‘Uqba” (id pending)

2 were captured and are warbling.

LATAKIA:  For reasons which are puzzling, the Syrian news services are focused only on Sheikh Bouti’s death at the hands of a suicide bomber controlled by Robert Ford’s freedom-fighting ghouls.  But SyrPer is not interested in just the foreseeable acts of these rodents, but is following the evolution of their erasure from the face of the earth.

The fighting in Rubay’a was more productive than we thought.  This town on the border with Turkish-occupied Hatay saw savage battles the day before yesterday with the SAA enjoying positions on the high ground. SAA artillery and snipers killed the following grubs:

Moussa Al-Naafouri
Jaleel Mustafa Awda
Muhammad Abdul-Rahman Ballaat
Wafeeq Mahmoud Shehaadeh
Muhammad Ali Abi-Naayfa
Tammaam Ali
Zeineddine Tawfeeq Al-Attaar
Jabbaar Ma’altaawi (?)
Tal’at Hassoon
Ahmad Hussayn Sakaakeeni
Waleed Hassan Hantoosh
Nawaaf Al-Sa’ba’
Thaabet Abdul-Mawla
Qaasem Ali Al-Qaasem
Safaa’ Dujaylaani
Abdul-Wahhaab Mustafa Al-Hamawi
Saadeq Mahmoud Uzbaraani

Another 42 bodies were unidentified.  Another 18 bodies could be spotted from SAA positions without access to clean-up.  Wael says the total killed in this battle was close to 90!  The FSA and Al-Qaeda are on the verge of complete annihilation.

Other fighting in Latakia was light compared to two days ago.  Kinsibba is now rat-free and it is clear that the campaign which was planned for early Spring in this area has come a cropper.  The SAA is all over the place and militia is securing cleansed areas.  Wael says that arrests in the Sleibi quarter continue but the inhabitants of that fundamentalist quarter have gotten the message. 

HOMS:  This is it for the rats nesting in Lebanon.  There are only two ways into the Homs Agro-Valley: by way of Tal Kalakh and Al-Qusayr.  Efforts to enter through Tal Kalakh were light yesterday.  But, not at Al-Qusayr.  Trying to force their way in by motorcycle and armored cars in the 21st Century has resulted in the following deaths:

Al-Qaraabees:  6 motorcycles and their armed drivers were sent to auto-repair Hell by alert militiamen.  Monzer says this, although Wael does not confirm, that women in the Syrian National Defense Brigades participated in killing this garbage:

Haseeb Al-Zahr
Khaaled Muhammad Karneeb
Ahmad Al-Waa’ili
Rasheed Ali ‘Abbood

The other 2 had no papers on them.

Karam Shumshum:

Ismaa’eel Hassan Al-Masri
Qadri Ma’joom
Umar Ali Hassan Tabaqjali
Abdul-Daayem Mahsoob

Another 3 had no papers.  Wael says they are suspected deserters.  In fact, we have not discussed this but some of the carcasses without papers are not necessarily foreigners.  Although, 95% are foreign, some, a few, are deserters from the SAA who fear implementation of summary laws regarding the treatment of captured defectors or deserters.  An officer, commissioned or non-commissioned, has the power to summarily execute a deserter once he has established his identity and has confirmed his out-of-status position.  Like any army, the SAA executes traitors.  That’s why some of them do not carry identification.

The SAA repelled a rodent attack on the Al-Dhab’ah (“female hyena”) airbase and checkpoint in the Al-Qusayr countryside and killed these scavengers:

“Abu-Salaah” (i.d. pending)
Waseem Ali Ja’ja’ (?)
Hassan Salaama
Wareeth Muhsin Arraaf

Another 4 are unidentified.  3 were taken prisoner.  3 cars destroyed.  10 or more escaped into the country.

Waadi Al-Saayeh: Militia fired on a group of infiltrating rats.  A captured rodent indicated they had orders to meet up in Baba Amr for resupply.  That did not happen:

Izzeddine Hussayn Jaffaal
Rabee’ Wajeeh Al-‘Imaari
Muhammad Hassan Qatraawi

3 not identified.

Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah: 16 killed with no ids, yet.

In Homs City, at Baab Al-Sibaa’: rodents, not lions, were killed in large numbers.  Of the 16 dispatched by snipers, only 4 had valid identification:

Ahmad Haddad
Saadeddine Mustafa Al-Imaam
Jihaad Hussayn Kawaraani (?)
Mu’aadh Ammaar Zeino

Some fighting was reported by SANA at Al-Qusoor District.  I have no details.

IDLIB:  The push has been on.  The FSA is clinging tenaciously to the little they hold.  Reports are Manbij is next on the menu in the North and troops are fighting fast and furious in order to release soldiers for more combat to the East.

Nairab Airbase:  This place is laugh riot.  They want it so badly so they can bring in Mr. Shitto, the new Prime Minister of Poop, on some Qatari two-propeller plane and claim they have some semblance of a government.  There can be no other reason.  All equipment from the base has been removed.  The runways can be easily destroyed.  Our soldiers are now attacking after fresh reinforcements arrived from the Third Army Corps.

Wael says over 22 rats were killed at Nairab but he has only one name. This battle involved FSA trying to enter the base. They were repelled once more.  Again, it’s the AFI people:

“Abu Sabra” (id pending)

Areeha:  8 rats from the Jabhat Al-Nusra were killed.  All had no ids.  But they had beards!!

Majdalyaa:  Firefight won by SAA with 13 confirmed rats sent to the sewer:

Imaad Shaaker
Lu’ay Al-Hassanayn
Jameel Ali Al-Mardhi
Youssuf Hussayn Basheer
Jameel Abduallah Yaldeez

The remaining 8 could not be identified.  3 were burned beyond recognition.  6 taken prisoner.

Reports of fighting at Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan and Sarha provide no details. 

DER’AH:  I have contacted Monzer in Damascus but cannot get a response to the propaganda concerning the air defense base in Der’ah.  Wael says he has not heard anything about it.  We will keep you informed as best we can.  Don’t forget, the only source for this is the Syrian Observatory in London.  


Michael Young’s rag always can be counted on to bring out the very worst in any situation. Even if it’s made up:

Yallasouriya, or whatever, is a website devoted to the preposterous proposition that all Sunnis are created equal – i.e. that all Sunnis are opposed to Dr. Assad.   In this one, they refer to Germans as “rats”.  We know who the real rats are, don’t we?

Great headline with poor follow-up.  But, it’s okay if you read between the lines:

Zionist claptrap proves what we have been saying.  And it’s much more than mere delivery of Intel. The U.S. is complicit in war crimes and is arming Jabhat Al-Nusra through proxies.  Obama thinks he’s so smart. But he’s just an Affirmative Action President without a clue.

Saad Hariri’s hounds at work.  It’s all about Ashraf Rifi who is viewed by the pro-terrorist Hariri network as the perfect puppet.  He’s just another Wissam Al-Hassan awaiting vaporization.  And by the by, Dr. Assad should have married Mr. Mikati’s daughter way back when.  He’s harbored a grudge since that time.  But I think Mrs. Assad is prettier.

The French weekly, Nouvel Observateur, has disclosed the embarrassing truth about Hollande’s arming of foreign and Syrian terrorists in Syria.  While Hollande pretends to be consulting with his EU partners, he has been supplying assault rifles, ammunition and anti-aircraft shoulder-fired rockets to the rats.  Training on these weapons is taking place on Jordanian soil with the French, like the Americans, no knowing that they are wasting their time on our agents.  Vincent Javert has exposed this hypocrisy and chicanery in his investigation.  

Here’s a great article from Global Research on arming vermin in the ME:

How the high and mighty have fallen.  Sarkozy, who should be brought up on war crimes, is facing a different judge on different charges. For our scandal-mongering readers, a little Schadenfreude from John Esq.:

J. Kort responded to my comment on Huffington Post.  Thank you:

 jkort   March 22, 2013 at 5:01pm

Hi Ziad and as a Christian American who has been following Syria closely for months, please let me offer my most sincere condolences at the loss of Dr. Bouti and all the others killed with him. This is a terrible tragedy on top of many. I have lived 51 years and never thought I would support someone that people call a dictator but I am now proud to say that I think Bashar al-Assad has more guts, more sense, more heart, and more class than any other world leader I could name. Long live the Lion of Damascus and long live the true Syria.



Enjoy this one about the death of rat deserter captain Nabeel Al-Ghazaali.  He belonged to the Liwaa’ Fajr Al-Islaam (Yawn) Thanks, John.

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