A bearded ape-terrorist flies into the nether regions along with his camera-ape as he aims at one of our tanks.  Thanks to S

Yesterday was a day of great military triumph.  It’s no wonder Dr. Assad stated in his recent interview that the tide was turning substantially in favor of the SAA.

IDLIB:  Carnage for the terrorist rodents.  They just don’t get it.  They have been trying to occupy a useless youth camp at Al-Nayrab for months without any success.  Yesterday, a suicide bomber tried to drive his C-4-loaded car into the gate of the camp.  Residents first spotted the suspicious looking bearded troll as he wound his way toward the camp in full daylight.  Once contacted,  two militiamen armed with RPGs took up position near the gate with infantry crouched at every point.  When he reached the distance of 600 meters, the lieutenant in charge, Ghassan Al-Ali, ordered the troops to open fire.  The driver, whose body was rendered into pieces, is unidentified and believed to be a foreigner.

مقتل إرهابي انتحاري حاول تفجير سيارة مفخخة بالقرب من معسكر النيرب بريف إدلب
An SAA sharpshooter fixes his sight on a rat in Idlib.   

At Shabaala in rural Idlib, near Jisr Al-Shughour, SAA uncovered a 700 meter-long tunnel used by rats to ferry equipment and loot.  The SAA found automatic rifles and equipment in the tunnel, not to mention the usual drugs.

A firefight broke out between SAA and Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists on the road to Khan Shaykhoun.  The SAA, of course, overpowered the slimy cockroaches and sent them straight to Erebus:

Samih Aridha
Muhammad Abdul-Rahman Khaalis
Shadi Ali Nahhas
Karim Muhammad Ma’dhour
Abdul-Amir Batsheh

Another 14 remain unidentified and believed to be foreign insects.

At Sarja, a lone rodents was put to death by SAA:

Zakariyya Issa Al-Sheikh

At Saijar, the SAA killed over 23 rats with only 4 being identified:

Abu Ubayda (a foreigner identified by warbler captive.  Actual name pending)
Jubran Ammar Makkaawi
Muhammad Mar’ashli
Sa’id Nouhad Al-Maashi

This is the Croatian airplane that transported weapons to terrorists in Jordan.  We keep asking about this King Abdallah.  His game is becoming obvious.


We told you not to believe the propaganda about the Police Academy at Khan Al-‘Asal.  The rats got creamed there yesterday when a MiG23 scored a direct hit on a concentration outside the base.  16 died instantly.  Over 32 were wounded.  Among the 32 were2 deserters who were turned over to MI. 

Here are the names of the known dead among the rats:

Nabil Ali Sharbaat
Ali Ahmad Al-Annab
Muhannad Ali Al-Rawi
Mu’tee’ Jamal Bourjaati
Bilal Atiyya
Khaled Zeineddine
Samir Muhammad Idlibi
Salim Jihad Mansour


This is what the Turk cockroach Erdoghan doesn’t want you to see.  The People of Aleppo (Al-Ashrafiyya) rise up in support of our government as the SAA devastates the rats in every part of the city.  The arrival of 28 tons of medicine after the clean-up of the highway had something to do with this.

Dayr Haasel:

A unique and distinctive operation netted these hyenas in this once-sleepy town:

Ahmad Saleh Mubaarak
Abdallah Al-Hout
Muslim Baddour
Adib Ja’afar Boulanji
Misbaah Ahmad Abu-Karim
Jihad Muhammad Jubayri

2 remain unidentified.

NORTHERN LEBANON:  A former deserter-major in the SAA spared us the duty of having to execute him by taking his own life.  According to Al-Diyar Newspaper, he did not leave a note to explain why he put a bullet in his own rat brain.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.

انتحار ضابط سوري

The miserable rat traitor of the FSA takes his own life after finally figuring out what his actions brought upon his people in Syria.  Good riddance to bad rubbish, we always say.



William Bradon (this is an alias being investigated.  Information is that the carcass is that of a caucasian male)
Abu-Ubayda Al-Tunisi (another alias used by a Tunisian rodent)
Abu-Zubayda Al-Misraati (alias used by Tunisian hyena)
Abu Umar Al-Leebi (Libyan troglodyte carcass)
Abdul-Rahman Al-Shamraani (believed to be Saudi Arabian Wahhabist dung beetle)

بينهم 5 أجانب.. القضاء على عدد من الإرهابيين في كنسبا بريف اللاذقية

Foreign hyenas and fake Muslims decorate the area of Kinsibba in Latakia.  We send our congratulations to their stinking families wherever they may be. Don’t they look peaceful now?


Astounding reversal for FSA terrorist microbes at Al-Qusayr, Ghanto, with the best taking place at Khirbet Al-Nu’aymaat and Mashaaree’ Joosiyya.  Further efforts by rodents to sneak in from Lebanon are meeting with consistent successful defense by the SAA and militia.  We can confirm the deaths of 63 rodents.  Wael tells us that the group was quite large – 150 escaped back to Lebanon!

Ma’moun Ali Saafiya
Waasef Mahmoud Skaaf
Jaaber Al-Mousawi
Habib Saadeddine Makhaamalji
Rabee’ Yousuf Al-Quhaiti
Maher Mahdi Khallouf
Aasi Abdul-Karim Jum’ah
‘Amr Musleh Dargham
Taher Taha Ajami
Qassem Ali Al-Hakim
Raji Fakhreddine
Qusayy Raateb Kaheel
Awadh Muhammad Mahsoub

The rest are still being identified.  Over 20 are believed to be Lebanese.


Again, at Al-Huwayqa, 2 more rats were killed:

Muhammad Ibrahim Al-Salaama Al-Sab’
Ahmad Muhaydi Al-Mirjaan

At the checkpoint called 7 kilometers, a lone cockroach was stepped on:

Sa’id Khalaf Al-‘Umar

At the Old Airport which is an agricultural facility, 12 rodents were exterminated.  Only two could be identified:

Muhammad Al-Marzouk
Alaa Kamel Sulayman

At the Civil Defense Facility, a unit of 20 rodents clashed with security and militia.  All rats died.  No identification available.


At Al-Zibeh, SAA arrested an entire unit of FSA garbage.  13 automatic machine guns, 11 IEDs, night vision goggles and binoculars and advanced communication equipment were seized.  This was a disaster for the FSA as it shows many of their rank and file are having second thoughts about a war financed by a race of pedophiles in Qatar.

TUNISIA:  Tanit Press, a net-based publication, has listed more Tunisian apes killed in Syria while on a nihilistic escapade:

Atef Al-Laafi
Abu Hamdi Al-Tunisi (typical alias for these Barbary Apes)
Abu Zakariyya Al-Tunisi (killed 2-25-13.  Jabhat Al-Nusra)
Abu Zahraa’ Al-Tunisi (sniper for Jabhat Al-Nusra killed on December 2012 in Aleppo)
Sayf-Al-Dine Naayeli (Aleppo, 2-28-13)
Ahmad Adnan Al-Farsheeshi (Aleppo, 2-20-13)
Amaan-Ullah Thameen (Aleppo, 2-17-13)
Saaber Husni Al-Makni (Aleppo, Duwayrayna, 2-10-13)
Abdallah Al-Kamel (Damascus, 2-13-13)
Tareq Al-Tunisi (Damascus, 2-13-13)
Abu Sa’ad Al-Tunisi (Aleppo, Jabhat Al-Nusra)
Abu Abdallah Al-Tunisi (Aleppo, Jabhat Al-Nusra)
Muhammad Amin Abdul-Haadi (Aleppo, Jabhat Al-Nusra)
Ahmad Al-Shareeni (suicide bomber born in 1984 to an impoverished family.  In a suicide operation targeting the broadcasting station in Aleppo on September 9, 2012, this cheap little rodent went up in smoke but took 2 soldiers and 27 civilians with him.  The civilians were mostly displaced people who took up residence in an abandoned school.  He arrived in Syria via Turkey). 

Thank you, Tunisia, for sending your stinking rats to our beautiful country.


The little news we have about these Jihadists of Indian origin is that they are completely rudderless minions of the bloodthirsty English terrorism enablers in Incirlik.  They are ordered to die as though they were terminal cancer patients on their last crusade.  Here is an interesting article from India:

And the burning question remains:  What is King Abdallah’s role in all this.  Is he playing a private game under the table?

The nature and depth of Erdoghan’s war crimes are beginning to appear very clearly.  It’s time Dr. Assad started the same thing in Turkey.  We can’t just wait any longer:

This is an article worth reading about whether the “Arab Spring” was worth it:

The NYT, America’s Queen of Queer News, sends this piece of dreck about how Syrians suffer when foreign aid is sent to our government’s areas:

Mike McGee in France sends this about our great hero, Hugo Chavez:

Chavez: ses alliés latino-américains saluent un “homme exceptionnel” – 06.03.2013
MANAGUA – Trois des principaux alliés latino-américains du Venezuela – l’Equateur, la Bolivie et le Nicaragua – ont salué mardi la mémoire du président Hugo Chavez, qualifié d'”homme exceptionnel” dont “la perte est irréparable” pour l’Amérique latine.
Chavez: ses alliés latino-américains saluent un "homme exceptionnel"
Le président bolivien Evo Morales (centre) s’adresse aux médias après l’annonce de la mort d’Hugo Chavez,
à La Paz le 5 mars 2013. – / Aizar Raldes

Le gouvernement du président socialiste de l’Equateur Rafael Correa a fait part de son “profond chagrin” après l’annonce de la mort de son homologue vénézuélien des suites d’un cancer, affirmant qu’Hugo Chavez avait été le “chef de file d’un mouvement historique” et un “révolutionnaire mémorable“. 
Devant cette perte irréparable qui endeuille le peuple vénézuélien et toute la région“, l’Equateur exprime “son amitié spéciale qui l’unit au Venezuela“, affirmant que l’action de M. Chavez permettra de continuer à “renforcer les liens entre les deux pays et l’intégration latino-américaine“, selon un communiqué du ministère des Affaires étrangères.
Une sympathisante d’Hugo Chavez pleure la mort du président vénézuélien devant l’hôpital militaire de Caracas,
le 5 mars 2013 – / Juan Barreto

Larmes et “profond chagrin”
Le président de la Bolivie, Evo Morales, au bord des larmes, s’est lui dit “anéanti par le décès du frère Hugo Chavez“, depuis le palais présidentiel à La Paz. Il a indiqué qu’il se rendrait au Venezuela dans les prochaines heures, 
Le président bolivien a ensuite appelé à la poursuite du “processus de libération, non seulement du peuple vénézuélien mais aussi du peuple latino-américain“. 
Le gouvernement du Nicaragua, enfin, également membre de l’Alliance bolivarienne des Amériques (Alba), inspirée par Hugo Chavez, a estimé que “les hommes exceptionnels et formidables comme Hugo Chavez ne meurent jamais“. 
Sur le même sujet
Los Angeles
Chavez: Oliver Stone et Sean Penn pleurent la mort d’un “grand héros” / AFP – 06.03.2013
LOS ANGELES – Le réalisateur américain Oliver Stone, supporteur de longue date d’Hugo Chavez, a qualifié mardi de “grand héros” le président vénézuélien peu après l’annonce officielle de sa mort, estimant qu’il “restera à jamais dans l’Histoire”.
Chavez: Oliver Stone et Sean Penn pleurent la mort d'un
Le président vénézuélien Hugo Chavez et le réalisateur américain Oliver Stone, lors de la première du
documentaire “South of the border”, le 28 mai 2010 à Caracas – / Press Miraflores

Je pleure la perte d’un grand héros pour la majorité de son peuple et pour tous ceux qui luttent à travers le monde pour avoir une place“, a déclaré dans un communiqué le réalisateur de “JFK” et “Tueurs nés“. 

Détesté des classes (sociales) bien établies, Hugo Chavez restera à jamais dans l’Histoire“, a-t-il estimé, ajoutant à l’égard du dirigeant décédé à l’âge de 58 ans: “Mon ami, repose en paix, (une paix) méritée depuis longtemps“. 
Oliver Stone est un supporteur de longue date du leader vénézuélien qu’il avait interviewé pour un documentaire paru en 2009 et intitulé “South of the border“, mettant en avant le rôle de Chavez dans les changements survenus en Amérique du Sud. 
L’acteur engagé Sean Penn, un autre supporteur du président vénézuélien à Hollywood, a également rendu hommage à Chavez, estimant que les personnes pauvres de la planète avaient “perdu un champion” et l’Amérique “un ami qu’elle a toujours ignoré avoir“. 
Le Venezuela et sa révolution vont perdurer sous le leadership établi du vice-président (Nicolas) Maduro“, a ajouté l’acteur oscarisé, qui avait développé une amitié avec Chavez, lui rendant visite au Venezuela à plusieurs reprises. Hugo Chavez avait lui-même qualifié Sean Penn “d’ami des causes justes“. 
Hugo Chavez est décédé mardi à Caracas des suites d’un cancer diagnostiqué en juin 2011, mettant un point final à 14 années de pouvoir sans partage et ouvrant la voie à des élections anticipées d’ici 30 jours. 
Le dirigeant disparu était une figure hautement controversée aux Etats-Unis, pays qu’il pourfendait à longueur de discours sans avoir toutefois jamais cessé de le livrer en pétrole.

Thanks, Mike. Your friend, Ziad.

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