You have probably been wondering why all the videos of terrorists in Syria blowing themselves up with RPGs; getting ambushed by Syrian infantrymen; getting sniped by snipers; made to look like something out of a Road Runner cartoon; teaching a child how to behead a captive Alawi man; shouting “Allahu Akbar” whenever a bird drops guano on their faces.  If you wonder why they subject themselves to this kind of humiliation, read this little memorandum.

There used to be over 50,000 terrorists arrayed against the Syrian Army inside Syria itself and in neighboring countries.


No, they’re not some Islamist comedy team.  And they’re not more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  This is what you pay for when you send simian excrement to fight your wars. 

If the Saudis pay $500.00 (arguendo) per month for each terrorist sub-specie in Syria, you can figure the total monthly outlay at $25,000,000.  Over a period of a year, they would have paid $300,000,000.  But that’s not all.  What if they also promised to pay the families of dead terrorists $100,000.00 upon proof their beloved rodent was killed!  Since the Syrian Army has made mincemeat of this pod of slugs to the tune of 20,000 dead, the Saudis will have shelled out for carcasses alone the amount of 2,000,000,000.  That’s 2 billion!  Leave aside the cost of weapons in an unforgiving market, shipping and smuggling of weapons, briberies and legal consultations concerning war crimes, and all the other blandishments only fatuous Arabians can mindlessly dole out, the project of financing a terrorist war is one bottomless pit.

What if you sent all this money to these faceless, bearded fatheads and found out they took it to Brazil and are living in an apartment on the Copa Cabana drinking Caipirinhas with a photo of Bashar Al-Assad hanging in the living room?  No!  You need proof you’re getting your money’s worth.  The proof can’t be written on paper by some sleazy Lebanese lawyer.  They want to see action!  They want blood.  They want cinema verite, documentary style.  They want to smell the rotting corpses in Odorama!

Every wealthy family in Saudi Arabia, which considers killing a holy obligation, will insist on seeing that their investments are worth the risk.  Enter the tube.

All terrorist mercenaries want to collect on their own investment.  If he is going to risk his life to please some hirsute ape in Arabia, he will demand payment…and he’d better get it.  And if he dies, he will expect his loved ones to benefit from his body, whether its on a slab in some anatomy class in Damascus or ground up into Spam and sold in Hawaii or South Korea.  This is business.

When the buffoons finish filming and someone yells: “It’s a wrap!”, the tapes are sent to the executive producers who must then arrange for compensation.  If they like what they see, they pay.  Whether the terrorists win or lose, it’s a financial bonanza for them.  The Arabian Wahhabist grubs cannot put conditions, like victory, on the contract – that would be a non-starter. 

When we see videos posted on the Internet which are intercepted by our great Electronic Army, these are the invoices the terrorists send to their Wahhabist masters.  Note how some will be complete.  A narrator with the criminals will describe how “…we are the Ahab the Arab Brigades in Aleppo facing a unit of Assad’s devils….blah…blah…blah.”  And that’s how it has to work.  And that’s why these useless balls of tissue disgrace themselves every day with scenes reminiscent of the Best of Wile E. Coyote.  Acme. Acme. ZAF


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