Cameron and Hollande won’t look like this when their mug shots are taken as the doors to Spandau creak open for the new inmates.

The seemingly rabid calls by France and Britain for a renewed push to arm the terrorist microbes in Syria has some analysts wondering about the cause.  Germany, which is very much a part of the war crimes scenario, has taken a step back to look at the foul-smelling stew NATO has concocted and decided any further involvement must be done with more circumspection, at least, with regard to further enabling Qatari-funded Islamist extremist.

If you focus on those news organs most tightly connected to the governments of NATO countries embroiled in the Syria fiasco, you’ll note they are publishing events which simply did not happen or using generalities clearly out of sync with events on the ground.  For example, CIA prostitute, the Daily Star in Lebanon,  which continues to write things like: “as the ‘rebels” continue to expand their control over areas around the capital”……….  They publish this although independent sources on the ground refute their declarations.  The effort to control the minds of people about this conflict failed about a year ago when it became clear that predictions about Dr. Assad’s ouster were far wide of the mark.  People started to wonder:  how can he stay in power without support from his army and people?

While all these prognosticators were dabbling in the void; babbling about matters clearly beyond their ken; scrabbling in the dark to find some magical incantation to unseat Dr. Assad;  the Axis of Resistance: Russia, Syria, Iran, Hizbollah and Iraq were fashioning a more refined strategy that took into consideration the predictable difficulties of fighting insurgencies and especially those underwritten by a determined NATO and its Arabian confederates.    

Boy, he sure doesn’t look “embattled”, or “surrounded” or “besieged”.  He’s already outlasted Sarkozy, Berluconi, Clinton, Zapatero.  And he’ll outlast the others.

It is interesting how the original actors in the FSA turned out to be so lacking in support and creativity.  SyrPer knows that Robert Ford told the Saudis and Qataris sometime in February of 2012 that the “purely” Syrian opposition could “never” change the government in Damascus.  This assessment started the crazed effort to drag in all the possible Jihadists and unemployed ignorantii in the Islamic World.  And it cost money! Not a little.  A lot of money!  And it took that to get to where NATO is now:  on the verge of outright calamitous defeat.

But, Syria also made some mistakes.  Dr. Assad and his advisors did not take seriously the willingness of the Saudi and Qatari slime to risk all to emasculate Iran.  In this we find a serious lapse.  Dr. Assad himself periodically pooh-poohed any chance the “Arab Spring” would come to his door relying on some very encouraging economic signs coupled with a very profitable relationship with Iran.  But he was wrong.  The psychological posture of the Wahhabist troglodytes – their irrational hatred of all things Persian and Shi’i – made them particularly susceptible to actions which, if taken,  could ignite the kindling among their own very volatile populations.  Despite that, they chose confrontation.

But the greatest mistake the NATO countries made under the anything-but-cerebral stewardship of that monstrous merchant of death, Robert Ford, (which I’ve discussed before) is not understanding the Syrian mentality from a modern-state perspective.  Bigoted orientalists, like Ford, think of Syria as a reflection of its history – and not, as a reflection of intervening factors such as the Arab Revolt, the rise of secular socialist ideologies, the Westernization of a large slice of Syrian society, the rise of minorities as arbiters of power.  When NATO took it upon itself to destroy the nation-state of Syria with its mis-perceived tendencies to crumble into mini-states,  NATO forgot that this Syria, with its absurd post-colonial demarcations, was not any longer an artificial enclave with a fragile mosaic society but a Ba’ath-structured political entity — a nation state built on concepts of unification, secularism and loyalty to one flag.  This is the state they intended to destroy. This is the state that will destroy them!

With hundreds of billions now spent on the failed campaign against Syria; the loss of personal prestige for Hollande and Cameron (Wahhabists and Erdoghan have no prestige to lose); the rise of Russian power in the region with assured leadership of a countervailing new power bloc…the French and English (with American support) are rushing to save their failed military campaign.  Even the U.S is violating international law now by training and arming specially vetted mercenary rats in Jordan while pretending to keep a distance from the conflict.  The rush to accomplish these goals is due to the speed with which the Syrian-Russian-Iranian-Iraqi alliance is putting to death any hope the mercenary army could win against Syria’s forces.   

But now, with camouflaged surveillance equipment found in Latakia along with sophisticated electronic warfare systems uncovered in Homs and Idlib, the NATO cabal of England and France is sinking deeper and deeper into an intervention that will not only bring about indictments against their leaders but also put them face-to-face with the Russian fleet and an Iran willing to sever all lines of petroleum supply thus economically strangling the Western World.                      

Today’s news that Al-Khateeb has resigned is a signal to the West that the philosophy of proxy-war is not axiomatic.  It can be transmogrified into direct involvement with devastating results for Western societies and arraignments before the International Court of Criminal Justice.  ZAF


You’ll love this short-order squashing of little cockroaches on 2-09-13, apparently in the hills around the Idlib countryside. Listen to the usual “Allahu Akbars“, ad nauseam, and listen to their references to “shabeeha”.  It all ends, with a bang and whimper.  Bye, bye.    

Abdul-Kareem the Chechen kicks the bucket at Khirbet Al-Jawz in Idlib.  One of the Arabic farewells at the bottom implores him to go “straight to Hell and to most miserable of destinies”.  I like that.

This one is similar to another we posted before with a “masterful” preparation of an RPG followed by another masterful Wile E. Coyote scene.  It’s a little graphic, but, hilarious.  This is what happens when you buy old Croatian equipment:

This one was prepared by somebody with my mentality.  This is the “A-Team” movie.  Enjoy:

The FSA has brought elegant technology to rocket building:

Watch Syrian soldiers doing a send-up of the Jabhat Al-Nusra rat freaks in this funny video:

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