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Dr. Assad sat for an interview yesterday on Syrian television and made it clear that the army was going to finish the job completely.  We support him. A major push has started as of Tuesday and the intensity of the fighting is unprecedented.  The 100,000 or more volunteers for the National Defense Force along with the militias and paramilitary units have the effect of a “surge” releasing combat forces to take care of the rats once and for all.

IDLIB:  This province now dominates the news with bold new military action by the SAA.

Wadi Dhaif and Haamidiyya:  The military bases are safely in the hands of the SAA and tons of supplies and hundreds of reinforcements have taken up position in and around these bases.  Aircraft continue to pound the remnant rat populations who persist in firing sporadically at our troops.  The highways are not contested as reported in the propaganda of the West and the Right-Wing Maronite Yellow Press of Lebanon.  According to Wael, armor is pouring into the area.  The body count around these bases is in excess of 500 dead rats.

Saraaqeb:  Elements of our 4th mechanized armored division are seen now in the area of this city.  A major push is coming and the FSA and its Al-Qaeda allies do not have the power to stop it.  The SAA destroyed 2 nests of rats south of the city and confiscated whole boxes of ammunition and assault rifles from Croatia.  Thank you,  Saudi Arabia.

Nairab:  Same boring story of rodents trying to enter a Youth Camp.  No such luck.  Here are the dead bodies which could be counted in fighting Tuesday:

Mufeed Al-Shabah
Ahmad Mudawwar
Sa’dallah Bunni

4 bodies were of foreign vermin.

Ma’rratmasreen:  A warehouse filled with IEDs, mortars and 4-wheel-drive cars was destroyed.  The SAA killed 13 rats all of whom had no papers and appeared foreign.

Sarmeen:  SAA destroyed 3 flatbeds with mounted Doschkas.  8 rats killed.  No survivors.

Abdul-Fattaah Al-Adham
Fathi Baddoor
Muhammad Dalaati

The other 5 had no papers.

Fayloon Road:  A nest of foreign apes was put to the torch.  The explosion was so loud it could be heard for miles.  Wael reports that about a ton of military-grade TNT was in the warehouse.

LATAKIA:  Huge battles between almost exclusively foreign rats and SAA/Militia in the following towns:

Rubay’at:  At the border with Turkey, SAA confirmed 18 rodents taken down.  No names because of the terrain.

‘Utayra:  6 flatbeds with heavy machine gun cannons destroyed.  The bodies were of mostly foreign rats:

“Abu-Yahya Al-Afghaani” (id pending.  Believed to be Libyan but fought in Afghanistan)
Usaama Al-Mulla
Ahmad Al-Mulla

The other 23 dead carcasses were no carrying valid identification.  All foreign.

Al-Murayj:  11 terrorist filth killed.  All believed to be Libyan or Tunisian.

Mazra’at Al-Reesh:  A convoy of flatbeds and vans annihilated by SAA.  All 31 rats not identifiable.
MI intercept of communications indicate these rodents were from North Africa.

Bayt ‘Awwaan: Jabhat Al-Nusra collapsed in this town.  16 rats killed.  These were the only Syrians:

‘Ali “Al-Maas” Baaroodi
Subhi Zahreddeen
Waa’el Kaaghizkaar

Khaan Al-Jawz:  Rats surrounded and put to death.  Simple as that.  No prisoners.  Jabhat Al-Nusra.  All 11 were foreigners.  No id.

Jubb Al-Ahmar:  6 downed vermin:

Ayman Rahhaal
“Abu-Qawsara” (Libyan rodent with no papers.  Identified by warbler)
Milhim Fuqaraa
Sameer Nawfal

The remaining 2 are under investigation.  Believed to be North African.

Zawbak:  Skirmish leads to 4 dead rats and 12 prisoners taken.  We will have details about these foreigners who appear to be Tunisian.

Ghammam:  4 vehicles with heavy machine gun cannons destroyed.  All 14 carcasses were bearded and known to be Jabhat Al-Nusra.

Dughmashliyya:  3 dead terrorists.  Wael says a pack is being pursued into the countryside.  

ALEPPO:  SYRIAN HIGH COMMAND HAS DENIED ANY CEASE FIRE WITH RATS.  According to the MoD, on occasion a cease fire will take hold in a quarter to allow bodies to be removed or to provide access for humanitarian organizations.  Otherwise, the battles in Aleppo are gaining in intensity:

Maslamiyya Road near the Al-Kindi Hospital and the carpet factory, a pick-up truck with weapons and rats was destroyed by militia:

Abdul-Ra’oof Al-‘Abed
Hussayn Muhammad Salqeeni
Baheej Wuraydaani

Mannagh: Near the airport, a huge number of rats went down with fighting continuing.  No numbers.

Kafr Antoon:  3 killed by helicopter gunship.  Security identified the killers as non-Syrian.

Kafr Khaasher:  7 killed.  Only one Syrian:

Jalaal Ibraaheem Abdul-Mun’em

‘Ain Diqna:  2 killed. No id.

Mar’anaaz:  5 killed and 2 prisoners.  The carcasses have been identified as 2 Chechens and 3 Libyans.

DAMASCUS:  They are getting farther and farther away from Obama’s dream.

At Jawbar, now a clean-up operation, near the soap factory, the SAA killed the following snipers:

Mahmoud Hussayn
Muwaffaq Al-‘Ajooz

‘Adra:  Now in mop-up mode, at the Hayy Al-Sughayriyya, Jabhat Al-Nusra mollusks were swept up.  No identification except this one:

Hamdu Al-‘Ali

Al-‘Utayba:  SAA encircled a rat pack completely and slowly destroyed it.  Of the 12 rats, only one could be identified.  There were Jordanians in the group according to Monzer.

Muhammad Al-Qallaa’

Yabrood:  2 packs of rats fought over spoils and wound up killing one another to the tune of 7.  This all happened at the Amal Hospital.  One wounded rat was taken prisoner:

Ahmad Huqooq

HOMS:  Scene of massive battles as FSA rodent army pressured to move in to Syria.  Yesterday, Wael reports an unusually high number of rodent leaders arrested.  They are being interrogated and Wael says that some are actually deserting the FSA and asking for amnesty.  Mmmm?  We’ll see about that.

Taldo:  3 killed, 1 wounded.  5 prisoners.

Al-Tayyiba:  A truck led the SAA to a nest of rats belonging to Jabhat Al-Nusra.  The only identifiable
carcasses out of the 14 were those of:

Abdul-Naafe’ Kulayb ‘Ubaydaat
Jameel Ahmad Al-Zareef
Mu’aaz Al-Dabbaagh

Taldahab:  2 killed.

Al-Rastan:  Near the Shari’ah High School,  “large number” killed, but no details.

Al-Qusayr:  More rats from Lebanon killed.  The field around this battle is strewn with over 40 carcasses which cannot be removed.

I have no more details about fighting in these areas:  Al-Dhab’ah, ‘Ibil, Al-Buwaidha East, West Al-Dumayna, Bayt Rabee’ah, Waadi Al-Saayeh, Al-Khaalidiyya and Baab Hood.


After a rousing visit to Northern Syria where he was almost killed 3 times, Ghassan Shitto arrived at Heathrow yesterday and was asked to queue up like everyone else for passport inspection.  He would have none of that.  According to some Islamist rag in London, Mr. Shitto showed pique and blustered out that he was the “PRIME MINISTER OF THE SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC”.  The customs officers at Heathrow were not impressed and probably couldn’t find Syria on the map.  They asked to see his diplomatic passport. What they got instead was his American passport.  He didn’t have a Syrian one.  Well, poor Shitto was told that if he didn’t stand in line he would be arrested.  He took a position behind some tourists.     

“How dare you!!  I am the Prime Minister of Poop!”.  And so he was processed like any ordinary traitor.

المعارك مستمرة ولا هدنة في حلب

Syrian officers stroll down a street in Idlib and discuss how best to exterminate rats.


Global Research exposes the rudderless and self-destructive Zionist policies of America’s uselsess president, Barack Obama:

More degradation for Arabs courtesy of Saudi Arabia.  I mean, how much more ridiculous?

Here’s another for the propaganda file.  It’s a laugh a minute:

Al-Akhbar is supposed to be pro-Assad but still writes up some nonsense.  Here’s an example:


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