Here are the facts you don’t get from the BBC, Reuters, NYT or WP.

Mannagh:  SAA buttressed by militia from the NDF crushed a den of rats trying to regroup around the military base there.  When the fighting was over, MI took over responsibility for identifying the carcasses.  There were 42 dead with only 16 of them Syrian citizens:

Hussayn Bahaa’ Hammaad
Raadhi Al-Khaaboor
Ahmad Ibshirli
Mahmoud Al-Furaati
Arshad Marzooq
Abdul-‘Azeez Qazzaaz
Muhammad Farhaat
Muzyad Salihaani
Hassan Bishaaraat
‘Ali Abdulrrahmaan
Mu’tassem Al-Wazeer
Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Faseeh
Haseeb ‘Ubaidallah
Ghassaan Iskandarooni
Tharwat Al-Baasha
Fu’aad Ghaaleb

Al-‘Alqamiyya:  9 killed in fighting with NDF.  No details.

Tal-‘Ajaar:  2 Syrians killed.  6 unidentified rodents.  2 wounded and taken prisoner by SAA. Wael describes brilliant ambush of small convoy.  He can’t get any detailed information.

Kafr Antoon:  1 rat killed.  Others escaped into countryside leaving rifles and grenades.  The one rat is:

Muhammad Ridha Al-Muhaajer  (he is now traveling to Satan’s motel)

Maayer:  11 rat carcasses counted.  Left to decompose.  SAA has better things to do.

‘Andaan: At the intersection.  Confirmed 2 killed.  Both believed to be North African.  No id on either ape.

Kafryiseen on the road to Maslammiyya at the Al-Bakkaara intersection, 6 rats killed.  No identification.
(Wael and SANA)

Handaraat Mosque outside Aleppo City:  2 confirmed dead rats.  No id.

Damascus-Aleppo Highway at the Zaydo gas station, militia and police wiped out a pack of rats.  Only 2 rats carried papers:

Muneef Taqtaq
Zuhayr Humayri (?)

In the city, at Al-Marjeh, a flatbed carrying a heavy aa machine gun cannon was sent to the junkyard.  The 4 rats killed were foreigners.  A tip from a citizen led to the police setting an ambush for the rodents.

Shuqayf:  11 rats killed.  2 wounded and taken prisoner.  2 vans carrying these plague-carrying pests were blown up by RPGs.  They never knew what hit them, according to Wael.

Al-Layramoon – 2 packs of rats west of the Abd-Rabbuh Mosque were annihilated to a rat.  No details.

Al-Shaykh Al-Al-Sa’eed, a flatbed with a 23mm machine gun cannon mounted on it was destroyed.  Also, apparently, it was transporting a mortar with it.  The 3 dead have not been identified yet.  One problem is they were blown into smithereens.

At the Syriatel Tower, anarchic rats scurried for cover, but to no avail:

Muhammad Abdul-Kareem Al-‘Ukaydi (the same stinking family of that deserter traitor colonel)
Jawaad Al-‘Ijja
Abdullah Ma’an Al-Husayni

Another 2 could not be identified.  RPGs and launchers, along with Russian assault rifles and grenades were seized for use against rats.


AL-QUSAYR, scene of a game-changing victory yesterday for SAA, NDF, border patrol and security.  We can confirm that the town of Saqarja is now rat-free, essentially clearing the entire area of disease.  We reported accurately yesterday the liberation and cleansing of Al-Sikmaaniyya, Qaadesh, Al-Mansooriyya, Al-Radhwaaniyya, Al-Sa’diyya and Al-Burhaaniyya.  What we did not explain was the importance of these towns.  What they represent is Syrian soil which was once used as a jumping off point for vermin coming in from ‘Arsaal, in Lebanon.  No more.  The closure of this infiltration route makes the passage almost impossible as SAA can now rely on vast reservoirs of militia and NDF forces.  If the FSA is compelled to now use the entryways in the area of Tal-Kalakh, it will be Das Ende for them.  The Tal-Kalakh defense lines are now impregnable.     

Wael confirms over 112 definite rat carcasses identified by spotters.  It was a major disaster for the FSA which is reeling from a series of devastating set-backs.

Baab Hood:  in Homs City, a pack of rats was intercepted and killed by militia.  No details.

Bustaan Al-Diwaan:  A van carrying apes was stopped and a firefight ensued.  These were the only identified simians:
 Ja’afar Hammood
Saari Tufayli
Muhammad Sinjaar

Al-Khaalidiyya:  They have little options in this suburb. The SAA has closed off all escape routes and they are without ammunition.  Wael says 4 surrendered yesterday and started warbling.

Al-Jawaadiyya:  2 confirmed dead non-Syrian rodents.

West Al-Dumayna:  13 rats killed in a field.  They will be left as fertilizer. No details.

East Al-Buwaidha:  7 rats dead.  3 taken prisoner and wounded.  No details.

Daar Al-Kabeera, near Al-Rastan, 4 flatbeds carrying rats were torched by SAA and militia.  No details.

Qal’at Al-Hissn:  This is in the Waadi Al-Nassaara area (Valley of the Christians).  Like Mharda and Sqaylbiyya, you don’t mess around with these people.  Very well trained reservists with an attitude about Wahhabism.  We are delighted to report the deaths of 16 rats with 9 taken prisoner.   

Al-Qusayr:  Maybe the last we’ll hear about this town.  The SAA destroyed a large nest of rodents and destroyed their weapons.  All this took place in the North Neighborhood.  No details. (SANA)

Al-Bayyaaraat: on the Palmyra Highway, near Nashma Village and close to the Waadi Abyadh Dam, SAA wiped out a nest of vicious vermin and sent them all on a one-way trip to Fire Island. (SANA)



Captured slime and life-long yokel-weasel Thaa’er Moussa Al-‘Ubood spills his guts on Syrian television exposing the lie King Tom Thumb of Jordan continues to purvey. 

That’s right folks, the man you see in the picture is a deserter from the village of Nu’ayma in the Der’ah area who was convinced to go to Jordan where he was trained by 8 Syrian deserters and 10 Jordanian officers.  He spent most of his time in Syria robbing citizens.  What a slimeball!  We demand his execution.

Judaydat Al-Fadhl, the SAA bagged these 2 feral hogs:

Muhammad Rihaan
Khaaled Al-Faares (SANA)

Daarayyaa:  SAA finds huge cache of arms and a network of safe houses in residential areas close to the Bakery Roundabout and Al-Shiyyaah.  Jabhat Al-Nusra freaks demanded a quick trip to the afterlife at Satan’s table, and the SAA obliged:

‘Izzo Khawlaani
Khaleel Muhammad
Waassef Abu-Al-Shaamaat

Also, 4 IEDs with 50kg payloads were dismantled by sappers of the SAA in the area of the Ali Ibn Abi Taaleb Mosque in the town.

Jawbar:  Great news, the rats are almost out of ammo.  At least that’s what Monzer is being told by people involved the fighting.  The SAA is strangling the East Ghouta and elsewhere.

‘Aaref Muhammad
Sayfuddeen Al-‘Abed
Khaaled Haydar (rat leader of the “Abu Zibaala Brigades”)
Durayd Fu’aani

Harasta:  At the High School Roundabout, police killed:

Khaaled Al-Sha’aar
Ahmad Bakr

Shifooniyya:  In the Douma area, SAA discovered a sneaky little hiding place that just wasn’t up to par and killed the following cockroaches:

Bashshaar Al-Burnaawi
Mustafa Jamaaleddeen
Hussayn Nakhla
‘Aadel Al-Kilis
Jaaber Al-Humsi  

Al-‘Utayba:  Another area being asphyxiated inexorably by the SAA.  25 IEDs uncovered, all between 15-30 kgs of C-4.  All designed for remote control detonation.  All hidden in homes.

Mazaari’ Khaan Al-Shaykh:  7 carcasses confirmed.  No identification.

Hujjayra:  2 Syrian rats went to Syrian Hell.  Another 6 went to Hell with them without travel documents:

Bilaal Al-Mustafa
Akram Al-Moosa

Zaakiya at the Hawsh Al-‘Abbaaseen, firefight without details.

Droosha and Darkhabiyya:  (SANA)  massive battle with numbers of rats killed over 40.  All belonged to an Al-Qaeda group calling itself “Abu Mus’ab Brigades” (yawn).  The only names are:

Muhammad Jameel Nawfal (non-Syrian. Jordanian, most likely)
“Ghaaleb Dhubyaan” (?)


Tal-Hawaash:  31 killed in firefight with air force involvement.  I don’t have time to list the names in Latin letters orthographically.  Sorry. It’s the cocktail hour.

Al-Karkaat:  No details of rat deaths, but Wael says it was a productive battle.

On the Hama-Salamiyya Highway, IEDs were dismantled by expert sappers near the Qassaareen Intersection.  

I will report tomorrow about the massive battles in Idlib.  Who first told you about the campaign there?  It is a rollicking, juggernaut of a campaign.  There are over 40 sites of battle no in that governorate.  Expect an early report tomorrow.

CAIRO:  SAUDI ARABIAN APE MUFTI-APOSTATE-MORON, AL-SHAYKH ABDUL-AZEEZ AALI AL-SHAYKH warns Al-Azhar University Dean about the Muslim Brotherhood!! Oh, boy!!  More humiliation for the feckless Saudis.  

صدق أو لا تصدق.. مفتي السعودية يحذر الأزهر من خطر الإخوان المسلمين..!


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WILE E. COYOTE MOMENT:  Thanks again to Maria.

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