عملية نوعية تقضي على جميع الإرهابيين المتحصنين بمقام السيدة سكينة في داريا

Syrian infantrymen professionally scour the area around the Sayyida Sakeena Shrine looking for dirty, plague-carrying rats.


In what has been described as “extremely precise” and “disciplined” operations,  the area of the Sayyida Sakeena (var. Sukayna)  Shrine, which has been a thorn in the side of the SAA for some months due to its religious importance to many Muslims, and therefore, its delicate character, has finally been cleared of all rodents.  The rats actually bored holes in its walls for snipers and laid waste to much of its architecture.  These are the fake Muslims of the Jabhat Al-Nusra who would defile the burial site of the first daughter of Imam Hussayn bin Ali bin Abi Taaleb.


There were 22 carcasses without identification as the army swept through the shrine’s courtyard and interior. Of the carcasses found so far, 6 were carrying Syrian i.d.:

Mahmoud Madaahiji
Safwaan Abdullah Kharraz
Ghaazi Ali Abdul-Rahmaan
Saami Muhammad Alami
Idrees Ahmad Suwaylih
Muhammad Raateb Abu-Wajdi

Also, the SAA uncovered a significant store of weapons and ammo including IEDs.  At the Financial Center nearby, 4 rats were killed in a related operation.  No identification available.

SAA hunt for game in the East Ghouta. (SANA)

Jawbar, near the Grand Mosque and the Manaasher Roundabout, the SAA and militia offered a quick trip to the Inferno for these:

Mu’tazz Al-Mulla
Basheer Al-Takreeti (Iraqi)
“Abu Hassan” (id pending)

‘Irbeen, in the East Ghouta,  the SAA destroyed 2 cars.  The passengers were not out for a joy ride. They were these rats:

Imaad Burghula
Muhammad Al-Ameen
Bilaal Hamdaan
Ayman Dallaal
Muwaffaq Al-Jazzaar

Adra – 1 car with weapons and ammo was sent to the junk yard along with these hyenas:

Yazeed As’ad
Kareem ‘Allaaf
Sa’eed Al-Batall
Abdul-Wahhaab Kuraydi
Suhayl Ahmad

Tal-Kurdi:  This one was a follow-up to the operation in Adra mentioned herein-above.  The fleeing rodents were caught unawares and sent to the microwave in Hell:

Kifaah Ma’aasira
Wafeeq ‘Ajmaan
Abdul-Sattaar Habeeb
Noureddeen Al-Hassan
Ahmad Tayyaara

Harasta:  These cowards were killed as they tried to pick up their loot and leave. No such luck:

“Abu Fahd” (id pending)
Muwaffaq Al-‘Uss

4 others could not be identified.

Al-Nabak:  Jabhat Al-Nusra/Al-Qaeda snakes tried to slither away near the “Consumers’ Complex” but were detected by SAA and militia:

Hassan Ali Bayt-Al-Nujoom
Wadee’ Abdul-Majeed 
Dhiyaa’ Saamoora
Ghaaleb Sadreddeen

Another 12 had no identification.  No details.


At Muslimiyya – 3 brand new Howitzers were destroyed by SAA.  Wael confirms a large amount of Croatian-manufactured weapons in the north.  But near Al-Kindi Hospital and the Carpet Factory, these vermin took the ticket straight to the lap of Beelzebub:

‘Afeef Dayraani
Muhammad  Qulayli
Ahmad Muhammad ‘Adwaan
Saafi Abdul-Malek
Nizaam Bushnaaq
Hikmaat Abu-Zillo (?)

Another 7 had no id.

Al-‘Alqamiyya – big firefight:  Rats 9, SAA 0:

Talee’ Hassoon
Marwaan Al-Baabaa
Khayreddeen Mahfouz
Ahmad Buzaqli
Abdul-Haleem Al-Fouaadi

The other 4 are believed to be Chechens or Turks. 

Castillo, in the City itself, near the Haidariyya Roundabout, the Orkin Man accomplished his mission:

Hussayn Ahmad Al-Qamar
Sa’eed Junaynaati
Safwaat ‘Aashoor
Muhammad Ibraaheem
Anwar Khaddooj

Another 2 could not be identified.

At the Al-Jandool Roundabout, these microbes were neutralized:  

Bassaam Al-Sammaan
Jaa’far Al-‘Aneed

At Al-Shuqayf, near the bridge, cockroaches were dealt with harshly.  No identification on any of the 13 carcasses.  All believed to be foreign.  Wael’s source says that the dead insects appear to be mostly of North African origin, but that’s just a hunch.   


We cannot believe there is any rat left in Lebanon.  At the rate they are being killed trying to infiltrate at Al-Qusayr and Tal-Kalakh, either their numbers are much more staggering that we thought, or they keep getting foreign reinforcements.  Wael says the troops, militia and border police work now very well together and the science of prevention is well-understood.  

At Joosiyya, near the Al-Qaa’ Project, 4 cars were destroyed with all occupants killed.  Another 6 on motorcycles did not even get to the area of the destruction; they high-tailed it back to Lebanon with snipers firing at them.  The identified rats are:

Mu’een Ballaat
Faheem Muhammad Al-Zaahoor
Haleem Haddaad
Waatheq Al-Sanad 
“Abu-Hussayn” (id pending)
Sabaah Mahmoud Jirro
Awni Toorkmaani
Nabeel Ali Junayd

The other 13 could not be identified.  There were 4 arrested warblers.

Then, there was a second attempted infiltration at Joosiyya at Al-Jawra Point.  Just as unlucky:

Abdul-Rahmaan Fadhl Jeejo
Riyaadh Sahlab
Muhammad Al-Qaadhi
Durayd Turk

Another 3 could not be identified.

Al-Maathouma, in a night attempt around Tal-Kalakh, a “very large number of rodents were killed” according to Wael but the process of investigation could not start.  We have no numbers or names.

At Al-Hisn, an attack on a military checkpoint was repelled with militia chasing down the rats all the way to Jubb Al-Jandali near Al-Rastan.  There, the Grim Reaper personally sent off 17 rat-souls to the rotisserie in Hades.  No names, yet.  Of some interest to our readers is the fact that Steve Jobs’s biological father, Abdul-Fattaah Al-Jandali, probably owes his name to this area where these rats were killed yesterday.

At the village of Maryamayn near Al-Rastan, 4 rats were killed.  No names.

Baab Al-Sibaa’, in Homs City, militia and security put to death an entire pack of Al-Qaeda rats.  No way to identify the foreigners.  They were all non-Syrian.  Wael says his source counted 11.

Jisr Al-Hajj, in the City, 3 armored vehicles were destroyed along with a 12mm howitzer.  The dead rats were 16.  Only these carried id:

Saaleh Muhammad Al-A’war
Baassem Majdi Taweel

IDLIB:  The scavengers won’t stop their fruitless attacks on the Al-Nayrab Youth Camp.  It has become a turkey shoot.  But the nature of the surroundings make it too dangerous for SAA or MI to do recon and determine identities.    

Jisr Al-Shughoor, in the Wadi Al-Ghaab, SAA shot and killed over 40 rodents in the following towns:  Qunniyya, Jdaydeh, Al-Basheeriyya, Al-Surmaniyya and Duwwayr Al-Akraad.  No details.

HAMA:  At Kafr Nabbooda, Jabhat Al-Nusra was annihilated.  Wael has only a report abut the battle. No rat-stats.  It seemed like the rodents were disoriented, indicating the absence of any Syrian among the group.

DAYR EL-ZOR:  At Al-Huwayqa and Al-Jubayla, firefights netted about 6 rodents.  

DER’AH:  There is a lot of propaganda about Der’ah, from Western sources and Zionist media (which includes the Lebanese Right).  Our Intel is that nothing of any great significance is taking place now.  SAF is flying regular sorties over the area and does not permit the rats to concentrate.  We’ll keep track of this though.  

March in Brazil in Support of Syria

Patriotic Syrians in San Paolo, Brazil support the Syrian Army and Dr. Assad.



Saudi Arabia, the Land that Time Forgot, with a new embarrassment:

The upshot of the BRICS summit analyzed intelligently by Mr. Lehmann’s website:

King Abdullah II of Jordan must join his father in Hell.  Interesting article that tells us what we already know about the treachery of the Hashemites:

The mentally ill Ocalan is burying the Kurdish people.  He has sold them out for a television screen and wome prostitutes.  Don’t fall for this Kiryilan!

Enjoy this video of Palestinians reacting to Khaled Mishal “election”.  See how they hang Prince Fatso (Arabi Souri):



Relax.  Sit back and throw off your shoes. It’s time for that Wile E. Coyote Moment:

This video gives you an idea of how the SAA deals with carcasses.  Very neat.  Very nice:

If you want to have a look at pure mental illness, look at this Libyan jackal before he blows himself up in a suicide operation.  (Arabi Souri)

This one is a laugh riot.  Watch an FSA funeral turn ugly when one of their own IEDs explodes.  Note all the Allahu Akbars which are meaningless:

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Souri Homsi
Level 0 - Anonymous

200 Girls Raped!For the crime of being Christian

Please report on Aleppo

Ziad Fadel
Level 0 - Anonymous
Ziad Fadel

Dear Souri Homsi, it is difficult to get details on Aleppo because fighting is constant and collecting statistics is too dangerous. My sources tell me the fighting is going slow, but well. The SAA is learning to battle insurgents on their own turf. However, I cannot deny that the PKK-Erdoghan deal may have hurt us as Kurdish fighters lay down arms in a deal essentially struck in order to give Ocalan a new wide-screen television. I know it sounds absurd, but it seems to be true. I will try to get more on Aleppo. My wife’s 3 nephews and my… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

Do you have a source for Darayya?
RT said it was already mostly liberate a week or two ago but now I can’t find anything.

Level 0 - Anonymous

The Kurds should have all been exported back to Iran, where they are all originally from. They are unknown quantity everywhere. Huge wildcards, the Syrians I’m sure can handle them. However Iran ould use it’s own Kurdish resources to reach out. This Ocalan is bad news, a good play on the part of Davutoglu.

Ibn al Shaddai

Sown on the Path
Level 0 - Anonymous

uncle ziad, I dont understand the strategy behind syrias actions. they kill 5-7 thousand rats now every month and at the same time, the terrorist logistics – from qatari money to saudi ideology distribution to turkish bases – is getting better and better in training and supplying the terrorist hordes! unless syria and her allies attack these structure, how can we win?

Level 0 - Anonymous

Ziad, how come you keep saying Daraya is clean is all the time? Just recently I am following anna-news crew in Daraya and the building the army is going after, the fighting is intense:Here is part 3 of a film of an officer who led a group of 20 soldiers who were surprised by rats who came from an underground entrance, the soldiers fortified themselves on the second floor, the rats on the first. The officer is saying that rats were constantly rotating the group that was besieging them. They didn’t put english subtitles for the 3rd part. Parts 1,… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

What i see is that most of the carnage of dead FSA rats are misguided, corrupted youths. Why does SAA not show any high caliber prisoners it has captured. Surely they must be many USA, NATO, UAE, Qatar special forces fighting alongside these rats.