قواتنا المسلحة تقتل أحد متزعمي كتائب

Rat excrement from Jabhat Al-Nusra is spread out in the countryside near Jisr Al-Shughour.  The body in the middle is that of a terrorist leader: “Abu Khamees”. 

IBLIB:  BIG NEWS.  Al-Qaeda terrorist leader is killed along with 8 other rodents in Jisr Al-Shughour near the cork factory on the road to Jaanoodiyya in a night-time ambush superbly laid by SAA infantry.  The terrorist rat leader “Abu Khamees” (id pending), known for his penchant for other people’s goods, was downed forever and is now a  personal guest of Belial.  The other rodents identified were:

Hassan Abdul-Wahhaab Arbaash
Ali ‘Aabed-Rabbuh

The other 5 could not be identified due to darkness and the need to leave the scene.

At Dayr ‘Uthmaan, near the town of Darkoosh, 4 rats were killed.  No id available.

Binnish: near the airport, Syrian Army Special Forces killed the following vermin as they tried to penetrate a perimeter around their campsite.  Our soldiers were alerted by the sounds of animals in nearby orchards.  26 rats were downed with others escaping back to Turkey.  Of the 26, Wael has received only 3 names:

Jawdat Hussayn
Na’eem Muhammad 
Dhiyaa’ Khawja

In addition to the felled rodents, 2 cars were also destroyed.

Terrorist dens were uncovered and destroyed at these locations in a spectacular operation displaying coordination and discipline from Tuesday night to Wednesday morning :

Abu Dhuhoor (near the airbase): 4 rats killed.  No ids yet.
Tal-Salmo – No details – but a major raid with destruction of cars mounted with heavy machine guns.
Nadaa – Wael reports 8 killed with no details.
Mar’and – snare nets 3 rodents:

Abdul-Ameer Jallaad
Hassan Abu-Karaama
Mustafa ‘Izzedeen

Daana Al-Sagheera:  2 apes killed with 5 escaping into countryside.
‘Ain Al-Qasab – no details
Duwwayr Al-Akraad – continuing operation nets 14 hyenas.  No details, yet.
Sirmaaniyya – security forces and militia snare 11 rodents.  5 killed.  6 taken prisoner.  No details

Taftannaz – Oooh!  This is the big airbase the heroes of Rodentdom supposedly occupied for 4 minutes!  Not so.  16 were killed yesterday trying to do that.  Another brigade of rats was seen to run away.  The Orkin Man was around.  Only one name has been positively provided:

Kareem Sa’dallah Al-Qaassemi

All others are suspected foreigners.

M’artimasreen – No details about this firefight.
Bikilfoon Wall – 3 rats killed.  The other 8 surrendered and are no warbling.

Nayrab Youth Camp – When will it end?  They keep coming for more.  Another 6 confirmed hits.  No details.

Dayr ‘Uthmaan – Jabhat Al-Nusra gives a command performance before a line of SAA infantrymen.  Good shots, our boys.  Wael says 31 rats “could have been killed”.  But, no details.

Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan – Birthplace of my favorite poet, Abu Al-Alaa’ Al-Ma’arri.  A small truck with a 23mm machine gun took Wile E. Coyote and his friends straight to Satan’s banquet in Hell.  No details.  Bodies of rodents in this area are being left to rot.  Wael says that MI is pretty sure Libyans or Tunisians were in this group because of intercepted communications.


Al-‘Utayba – Monzer writes that big numbers went down at the school complex with flatbed trucks armed with heavy anti-aircraft and multi-purpose machine guns heading for the junk yard.  Of the 8 confirmed kills, these are the only identified piggies:

Raamez Shaaheen
Ra’ad Al-Khishin

Qaarra – Firefight did not go well for a unit of American-trained civilians and some deserters.  Only identified scum:

Noureddeen Abu-Hilaal

Douma – About to be made rat-free.  The Liwaa’ Al-Islaam/Al-Qaeda (yawn) group thinks these hogs are in Pig Heaven.  But, they’re not.  You know where they are:

Bilaal Younis Ja’rash
Muta’ Al-Masri
Abdul-Ghafoor Maqsood
Hussayn Shammaameh

Mazaari’ Al-‘Abb – where we meet for the first time with the Sa’ad Ibn Abi Waqqaass Brigade.  This is a branch of the Liwaa Al-Islaam which has given Syrian medical schools so many specimens for anatomy classes.  Sa’ad Ibn Abi Waqqaass was one of Islam’s greatest generals during the expansion after the death of Muhammad.  It is a standing disgrace that the name of this brilliant tactician has been co-opted by a gang of street dogs.  In any case, these vermin went down with their papers stuffed in their cargo pockets:

Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Khadhraa’
Nawaaf Hussayn

The other 7 are foreigners, probably Jordanian.

Jisrayn – 2 confirmed kills.  No details.

Mazaari’ Al-Reehaan – 4 vehicles transporting rodents were made into scrap metal.  Body count is going on.  No details.

Jawbar – at the Police Dispatch Unit – these idiots tried to attack a well-fortified police position and were met with a fusillade of lead fired by National Defense Force militiamen and women:

Ihsaan ‘Ussfur (?) (‘Ussfur means saffron. Unusual name. Could be poorly written for ‘Assfoor)
Muwaffaq Juhaa
“Abu Al-Nussoor” (he’s now soaring in Hell.  Id pending.) 
Muhammad Al-Lahhaam
Ramadhaan Halaawa
Al-Dhiyaabiyya – A sudden raid by SAA on a rat nest netted these Jabhat Al-Nusra carcasses:

Muhyi-Al-Deen Al-Booshi
Sameer Al-Jumayli (non Syrian)

Al-Husayniyya – More Jabhat Al-Nusra were taken down:

Mus’ab Al-Muhammad
Muhammad Al-Daghmoosh

Al-Bahdaliyya – Another ambush nets:

Muhammad Khaawandi
Another 8 could not be identified

Hujjayra – The SAA took down

Kaadhem Jibaawi
Ali Mur’ibi
Ali Sa’doon Al-Ali
Another 2 were not identified.

ALEPPO – My friend, Arabi Souri, wants more on Aleppo.  The nature of the battle in that city makes it difficult to get the kind of details available in Damascus.  But, don’t believe for a moment there’s no action. It’s big-time now in Aleppo as army reinforcements are pouring in from the 3rd Army Corps (Al-Faylaq Al-Thaalith).  Here’s some news:

Heavy fighting reported in the following areas:

Dayr Jamaal
Mannagh (near the base)
Hreitaan – at the municipal offices.  All killed were foreigners.
Kurrom ‘Azeeza
Aleppo City at the Crush Soda Pop Factory. 27 rodents killed.  Many foreigners.  No details.

Jisr Al-Hajj – 3 armored cars, courtesy of England, 3 cars,  a flatbed with a 23mm anti-aircraft machine gun and a small truck with a Doschka were all destroyed.  The number killed is over 40 but Wael cannot get any details.

Karam Hawmad – 9 confirmed dead rats.  Wael says they are fall foreigners.

At Industrial Zone # 5 – gun battle.  No details.
Al-Saaliheen – devastation for Jabhat Al-Nusra.  “Tens killed by army”, writes Wael.

Shaykh Maqsood – A 120 mm mortar destroyed along with 2 rodents using it:

Khaaled ——  (id pending)
Hussayn ‘Abbood

Al-Sha’aar Quarter – at the old transportation station,  16 hyenas were killed and IEDs confiscated.

Research Center at the Old Gate, a 23mm machine gun was destroyed along with the vehicle transporting it. These were the only identifiable carcasses:

Haitham Qaraqooli
Mahmoud ‘Awadh
Hameed Dawaaleebi
‘Adnaan Mirsighli

The other 7 were not identified and presumed to be foreign.

HAMA:  Robert Ford, American war criminal and SYRPER’S EDON KRENZ AWARD LAUREATE, wanted Hama to be his Stalingrad.  But people were sick of his war-mongering.  Here’s what we have:

West Mashtal Area: Security forces, which had been investigating and surveilling, a plot of land adjacent to a farm, initiated a raid where they found an incredible cache of weapons:

Automatic machine guns
C-4 Explosives (enhanced)
Shock grenades
Ball bearings (for maximum civilian death)
Metal parts for IEDs
Acid (undetailed)

These were all concealed in barrels underground.  At the site, the material was guarded by one terrorist hyena who did not want to surrender to our humorless security people.  He was given his ticket on the Bullet Train to Hades:

Abdul-Kareem Qawja


Al-Rastan:  A terrorist den was uncovered and annihilated with these flies smashed against the wall:

Anas Hussayn Sab’aawi
Jihaad Saalen Al-Maqsood
Nassri Abdul-Qaader
Tayseer Hamad
Muhammad Hassan Al-Deek

Another 2 were not identified.  Believed to be Syrian.

Al-Daar Al-Kabeera – an entire den destroyed.  All 17 rodents killed. No details.

Baab Hood – in Homs City.  13 foreigners were killed in a gun battle with GS and police.  No names.

The following towns saw major action last night in a coordinated assault by SAA:

Taldo – 21 killed.  All coming from Lebanon.
East Al-Buwaydha
Talbeeseh – massacre of 43 rodents on motorcycles.  Wael will have details later.

At Hayy Al-Arman in Homs City, the terrorists deliberately fired three mortar shells at a primarily Christian area in a continuation of the campaign to kill minorities.  This is Obama at his criminal best.  There were some casualties and property damage.


A uniquely planned operation  at Tikaaya St. brought down these Jabhat Al-Nusra pigs:

Lawrence Shehaadeh Al-‘Ukla (I know what you are thinking.  I don’t have an explanation, yet.)  
Mahmoud Hassan  Al-Khudr

In another operation near this location, this hog went down with a thump:

Abdullah Hussein (also of Jabhat Al-Nusra)      

SANA reported that SOHR in London has announced that 2,074 rats were killed in March.  Of those, only 25% were foreigners.   We disagree.  Anyways, it’s Rami Abdul-Rahman. (yawn)

Yemen has announced it will “never” give Syria’s embassy to the NACOSROF embarrassment.  Good.

معركة انتصار سورية بدأت.. والمفاجآت تنتظر أعداءها؟!
Syrian soldiers display their loyalty to the flag of the republic in this scene from South Damascus

We sure hope he gets his daily rat.



This article lays bare the utter deception practiced by Reuters and AP.  Note how all their photos are of the terrorists. They never display a Syrian soldier as a human being.  This article proves that we have nothing to worry about if the American terrorists are training other terrorists from the tribal and rustic areas of Syria.

Fabulous article about Russia.  We agree wholeheartedly.  A must-read:

Here’s one for the propaganda mavens among you.  No such event took place. And notice who is the source for this lie.  That’s right and just after his nomination yesterday for LIAR OF THE YEAR:

Hurray for Iran.  I hope this story from a Zionist/CIA rag is true.  I like it when people work to undermine the Wahhabist kakocracy of Saudi Arabia:

Truly, the French under Hollande are becoming increasingly idiotic:



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