Jamraayaa is a town to the northwest of the capital which is home to a civilian/military research complex.  The Special Forces training center shown in the map is Al-Qutayfa.  Evidence indicates that the Zionists either used ground-to-ground missiles (cruise missiles, least likely) or fired missiles from F-16 fighter-bombers at the complex killing scores of civilians (most likely).  SyrPer can confirm to its readers that Syria does not establish important military production centers so close to the borders of Palestine.  The important centers for research and development are found in Al-Sufayra (near Aleppo) and Homs.  The reasons for this should be obvious to anyone.

The timing of the attack coincided with what the Zionist Settler State claimed was a Syrian convoy hauling new, “game-changing” equipment to Hizbollah in Lebanon.  Some have surmised that the equipment was the Faateh 110, a refurbished and highly-accurate strategic missile capable of striking Zionist infrastructure.

Given the Zionist Abomination’s past conduct; its indifference to international law and custom, the Syrian government is fully aware of the danger of transporting such equipment via the route suggested by the Zionist media.  In fact, the Syrian government is fully aware that American spy satellites regularly “surveil” this area and share Intel with the Zionist Terrorist State on a regular basis.  We know, at SyrPer, that Damascus does not deliver weapons to Hizbollah in this way.  We can confirm that such weapons systems are delivered through other routes, with the loads almost always in an “unassembled” state. 

We do not believe the story being bandied about by Western propagandists.  The attack on Jamraayaa could not have been for the purposes proclaimed.  Instead, we believe that the Zionist regime was deliberately provoking the Syrian Air Defense Command to fire an S-300 at an F-16 in an effort to discover guidance data that would enable the U.S. to “break” Syria’s formidable air defense network. We note that the Zionist jets flew in a pattern that would allow their pilots to land in Occupied Palestine if they were struck by an S-300 missile.  But the Syrian Air Defense Command did not fall for the ruse.   

With this in mind, we recommend that President Putin begin sending Russian military units to Syria to make it clear to that buffoon, Obama, and his clown associates, that this is a run-up to WWIII if the stinking West doesn’t learn to accept the fact that Syria and Bashar Al-Assad go hand in hand.  The Russians have been too meek.  It should be obvious from Sunday’s attack that someone is trying to bait the bear but should so only at his own peril.

I don’t think Syria will respond any more than it responded to previous outrages such as the attack on Al-Kibar south of Dayr El-Zor where the lying Zionist Settlers claimed Syria was developing some nuclear components for a bomb!  Other outrages took place at Jamraayaa in 2012,  Latakia and southwestern Damascus.  

Obama, the sleazy weasel, thinks he’s going to get Turkey and the Zionist Settler State to do his bidding pursuant to what we wrote some time ago about the “Obama Proxy Doctrine”.  Believe us when we say that this miserable mongrel is only going to take the U.S.A. down the path to its own destruction as he pursues policies not originating in Washington D.C. but in the noisome cesspool of the Zionist mind.    


RA’S AL-NABI’:  (راس النبع) near Banyaas.  We can confirm the deaths of 51 rodents at this battle which followed yesterday’s SAA triumph over Salafist vermin at Al-Baydhaa.  Because we have relatives there on the scene and have direct contact with Wael who is in Tartous now, we have an excellent picture of what transpired and how the SAA and militia wiped out an entire Takfeeri presence in this beautiful governorate.

With Al-Qusayr being cleaned out as we write and Lebanese traitors pleading their case with the SAA for mercy,  and with Al-‘Utayba undergoing spring renewal, and with Der’ah experiencing much-needed respite from the cockroaches who had previously infested it, it seems only right that the rats would try to move into the coastal areas to make their last stand.  Not so lucky!!

Yesterday, a unit of rodents attacked a military checkpoint and killed 4 of our troops.  News of the outrage reached Central Command and the SAA responded immediately by surrounding the area into which these FSA rats converged:  a little town called Ra’s Al-Nabi’. 

You can see Ra’s Al-Nabi’ under the word “Tartous”.  That’s where all the fun took place yesterday.

Ra’s Al-Nabi’ lies at a crossroads east of Tartous giving the town easy access to the lovely mountainous resorts that dot this lush area of Syria.  Unfortunately for the rats, the mountains east of Tartous are overwhelmingly ‘Alawi and Christian which means they can find no succour anywhere.  They had to remain on the flatter coastal plain where they were enveloped by the darkness of our Syrian Army.

Wael says that the anger which filled every soldier after the news of the attack on the army checkpoint was visible on each face.  This was vengeance, pure and simple.  The commander of the Syrian Army there, a branch of the Second Army Corps, had command also of the 3rd Special Forces Regiment and over 300 militia members champing at the bit for action.

With snipers in place and mortars firing at will, the rats were decimated within a half-hour after which time SF and militia charged their positions and exterminated them.  Here are the verifiable names without middle names:

‘Umar Fakhkhoor
Muhammad Al-Rubay’i
Muhammad Shamseddeen
Daawood Ghabar
Ibraaheem Abu-Saaliha
Zhaafer Khulayfaawi
Adham Zaydaan
‘Aaref Al-Saaqi
Burhanuddeen Jubayli
Sameer Muhammadaani
Mahmoud Hutayt
Majdeddeen Fallouh
Jaaber Abu-Khaleel
Ahmad Bujayji
Anees ‘Ammaar
Saadeq Shaafi’iy
Durayd Qurma
Haaroon ‘Ali Al-Bahuw
Mustafa Al-Qideesh
Faarooq Al-Za’eem
Lutfallah ‘Issa
Ameer Al-Ahmad
Faysal Al-Namla
Basheer Shaanikli
Mahmoud Abu-Sunnaara
Hameed Abdul-Muhssen
Muhammad-‘Ali Ridhaa
Abdul-Waasi’ Furayjaat

Another 23 are confirmed foreigners some of whom appeared Chechen or Turkish.  None of them carried valid identification and are now being investigated.  

This scene is from an area around Ra’s Al-Nabi’ where SAA infantrymen are scouring the area for more rats.  (SANA)


Northern Latakia Governorate:

Salma:  This largely Kurdish town just a five minute distance (as the crow flies) from my wife’s ancestral town of Slinfeh is on the verge of becoming completely rat-free.  I can confirm the deaths of 4 rodents yesterday in a firefight with very tough militia.  No details.

Taftiyaah:  Confirmed 7 dead rodents and 2 taken prisoner and wounded.  No details.

Kafr Dilba:  2 Jordanians and a Saudi killed in this town last night in a firefight:

Umar Al-Taamina (Jordanian cockroach)
‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Ma’aayita (Jordanian dung beetle)
Muhammad Rabaah Shaaker (aka Abu Muhammad Al-Laadhiqaani)
Mish’al Al-Saaleh (Saudi ape excrement)

Durra: Close to the Turkish border, 9 rats were killed with their bodies decomposing in the sun since no one thinks they are worth collecting. No positive identification as they rot.

Burj Al-Ahraash:  2 confirmed dead rats and a whole unit scurrying back to Turkey.


Great news for my Aleppan readers.  There is no doubt any longer that the SAA is on the march and that the FSA and its Salafist allies are losing much territory.  I do not have details today because Wael could not get any from an area that is increasingly subject to a ferocious SAA assault.  Action was intense yesterday at:

Aleppo: at the glass and agricultural factories
Entrance to the Industrial Complex
Mannagh.  SANA confirms more gifts from Prince Fatso of Catarrh.
Al-Ziraa’a Village


Hayy Al-Shahbaa’:  SAA and militia secured a veritable treasure chest of advanced weapons the rats left behind as the area was overwhelmed by sheer military force.  6 23mm machine gun cannons, crates of grenades made in Croatia, 4 flatbeds equipped for AA machine guns, drugs (natch) and cellular phones.
Number of dead: 2

Hayy Al-Sawaa’iq:  Another big snare with lots of gifts from the Porcine Prince:

Abdul-Jabbaar Turkey Al-Barghash (Another gnat bites the dust)
Ameen Taawooqji
Muslim ‘Eedu

Jubb Al-Ahmar:  A rat nest was uncovered, surrounded and snuffed in typically efficient fashion by SAA and militia back-up:

Sawmar Khalloof
Jawaad Abdul-Rahmaan
Zaayed Harbaa  
 Another 5 remain unidentified and are believed to be foreign.


Jabhat Al-Nusra took it hard and fast at:

Tal ‘Adas:  South of the Al-Rumaylaan area, the SAA battered a group called the “Descendants of the Messenger of God Brigade” (yawn) and killed all 27 of them.  No details.  Monzer confirms the number.

At the Chicken Farms on the highway between Al-Hasaka and Tal Tammerتل طمر, the SAA killed 4 rats carrying loot.


Al-Masamiyya:  A checkpoint was attacked by rats and all the rats died doing it.  The Al-Jazeera prostitutes tried to portray the attack as a success by the rodents in order to raise morale.  But, it was just the opposite:

Dhaaher Shmiskaani
Ahmad Masaalima
Abdul-Hameed ‘Abdul-Samad
Faz’ah Qadhdhaareen (?)
Sayfuddeen Al-‘Areedh

Another 16 have not been identified.

Khirbat Ghazaala:  2 units of rats took aim at one another as one was hying to help a third group.  Monzer cannot figure out what was happening.  Here are some of the names listed by SANA:

“Abu Saafi” (rat leader of “Banners of Justice Brigades”. Yawn) 
‘Issa Maazen Zutayma
‘Alaa’ Husaameddeen Al-Baaroodi

DAMASCUS:  There ain’t much to report as the SAA has eradicated the rodents in the East Ghouta and in the north.  Absolutely nothing happened in Daarayya yesterday.

Al-Hajar Al-Aswad:  Security forces killed a rodents and took his loot:

Ghiyaath Al-Kaylaani (aka “Abu Ghadeer”)

TURKEY:  The leader of the YURT PARTY is warning of the possibility of a civil war in the country if Erdoghan doesn’t stop Turkish interference in Syrian affairs.  Satteteen Tan was quoted liberally in the Turkish media concerning this issue.



But you’ve got to see Carney’s face and know why American politicians are becoming a laughing-stock:

John Esq. sends this one about the hypocrisy and the Zionist missile strike on the Jamraayaa facility.  It’s from Lew Rockwell: 

John Esq. sends another one an excellent one by Eveland about why the U.S. should help Dr. Assad and avoid militarization: 

McJihad is coming!  Get this incisive article about European fecklessness: 

You won’t be able to stop laughing on this one.  Note the blaring headline and then read the rest. But the worst part is not that the story is false.  The worst part is quoting SOHR:

Things just aren’t going Obama’s way any more.  I hope Bear gets to read this one:

More beheadings from Saudi Arabia, Citadel of Sorcery. This time it’s a Syrian:

Nice article from Antiwar: 

These people are really miffed about the BBC and find out why: 


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Level 0 - Anonymous

Did the Mannagh Air Base fall, as the western media are claiming?

Level 0 - Anonymous

Man I want a win.Now Just a funny thought,when the traitors are captured,and after singing,their dicks must be chopped of before execution.Imagin the look at the kook’s face looking at 72 virgins without……

Level 0 - Anonymous

AS Angry as Syria may be .. after the Israelis showed their hand for all to see … KEEP YOUR ANGER … until the RIGHT MOMENT .. and that is NOT NOW. Keep on getting rid of the TERRORISTS … secure Your Foundation … with all the Strength You can muster and as difficult as that may be. The TIME for holding Israel accountable has to come after that !

Level 0 - Anonymous

where are the Russians? I told u Ziad that u Can’t count on Putin! This is a Catastrophy! Syrian Troops are being attacked and surgically picked off! 300 troops killed Cmon!
where are the Russians? where are the Russians?

Level 0 - Anonymous
Souri Homsi
Level 0 - Anonymous
Mark D'Viglio
Level 0 - Anonymous

Amazing, I read somewhere in a Saudi news site that Saudi issued a proclamation of “gave concern”, and ” condemnation” for Israel “violating a sovereign Arab nation”. This must be for domestic consumption only. I haven’t heard of the Saudis doing anything, or saying anything negative about Israel in a long time. I heard this on the same day I hear that Saudi Arabia is joining a defense pact with Israel. Lots of double talk

Mark D'Viglio
Level 0 - Anonymous

It’s easy to get excited, and angry over the apparent no involvement of Russia, china, or Iran with regards to sticking up for Syria. I feel the same way. Russia doesn’t operate openly like the west, where the press operates as an integral part of foreign policy. We don’t know what Russia is doing behind the scenes. They may be providing key intel, or other support.

Level 0 - Anonymous

Hallo Ziad,
keep on with your good work.
You are my hero as war correspondent by heart.
The rest of the pest can already be numbered
and the day they are going to meet their Maker
is visible.
Inversely proportional is the increasing insane
paranoia of the masters of disasters rotating
sleepless in the coming nights.

All will have an end and for them the most horrible.


Level 0 - Anonymous

Hi Ziad,
i really enjoy reading your articles.
We, in France, have the ANTI ZIONIST PARTY,which support strongly Al Assad and the syrian people against the international coalition and the arab traitors

Hope you read french a little bit…

Level 0 - Anonymous

Look what these bastards unleashed on Syria:

I don’t know the identity of the young man, who he is or what he is alleged to have done, but the SAA has the continued growing world public opinion to decimate to the last of them with extremely violent prejudice these foreign Jihadis rampaging through Syria.

The Syrian people have been traumatized.

Level 0 - Anonymous

I’m not sure if these have already been posted here somewhere but if so I’m reposting them:

FSA Terrorists Murder Surrendered Soldiers(militia?) –

FSA Terrorists getting overrun(supposedly in al-Qusayr) –

That second video starts off slow but the end is pretty funny as they flee with wounded as air-strikes and artillery explode around them.

The repeated FSA mentions of Hezbollah seem to support that it is from the al-Qusayr area, but I could have sworn I saw media reports that the FSA rats had a decisive victory there…?

I can’t say I’m shocked the media once again lied.