His face beaming with pride and satisfaction, the normally taciturn lieutenant general, Fahd Jassem Al-Furayj, our Defense Minister,  congratulates his brilliant field officers outside Al-Qusayr.  


General Al-Furayj gives an uplifting speech to his soldiers after their stunning triumph over NATO’s rodents in Al-Qusayr – a battle, which like Al-‘Utayba, is a turning point in the history of this battle.  The adjutant behind him carries a satellite communications system enabling the general to contact the president, the Chief of Staff or any officer anywhere in the country.


It’s official, the MoD has detailed the rat-stats for SyrPer readers:

2,745 rodents killed in Al-Qusayr fighting
   344 wounded
1,000 arrested (note that SyrPer told its readers that 800 had surrendered on the first day of the attack)
   600 estimated escapees

al qusayr Al Qusayr, Syria: A Conclusion
A view from the town of Al-Qusayr now firmly in the government’s grip
Syrian Ba’ath militiamen (Al-Shabeeba) hitch a free ride on a tank as it rolls through a liberated Al-Qusayr (AFP)

Al-Dhab’ah is the scene of this clean-up detail looking for weapons and NATO communications equipment

هذا ما عثر عليه الجيش السوري في بلدة البويضة

This is a scene from East Al-Buwaydha as our troops continue search-and-seize operations.  This is why Prince Fatso is stepping down.  

East Al-Buwaydha:  SAA uncover a treasure trove of weapons including a set of night vision goggles and the following:

1000 motorcycles (remember my spoof?)
  500 stolen cars and vans (all covered with dirt to keep them camouflaged.  Anybody own a car wash?)

It is reported that almost every house was booby-trapped.  5 homes had to be destroyed because the booby-traps were so complex that it was too dangerous for sappers to essay a dismantling.  Even the wheat fields outside the town were booby-trapped with phosphorous bombs designed to destroy the crop along with everything else.  These are Obama’s heroes.

Also, in the same area, the SAA and militia uncovered another of those pesky tunnels which the Palesteezian Islamist rats helped build for their rodent cousins in Syria.  Inside this tunnel were huge stores of ammunition abandoned by fleeing vermin valued by Wael at over $250,000.  Our militias thank PRINCE FATSO AND MADAME BANANA.  They also found a field hospital with stolen drugs and medical equipment from the National Hospital.

Moreover, at the nearby “City of Dreams” on the Homs-Damascus Highway, security services found 2 boxes of ammunition and 6 RPG launchers.  Nice touch from PRINCE PORCINE OF CATARRH.

Waadi Al-Saayeh:  The SAA wiped out an entire nest of rodents near residential units which were used as a command-and-control center on the main road heading in the direction of the Homs-Damascus International Highway.  Tons of weapons were seized including ammunition and drugs.  THANK YOU, PRINCE HOG OF QATAR!!

Jandar Village:  2 heavy 23mm machine guns seized as militia killed 3 rats and arrested 9 others.  Wael says that the arrests were easily accomplished since the rat morale was extremely low:

Jawaad Ghandoor
Mahmoud Sakaakeeni
Anas Zakariyyaa

Lower Al-Rastan:  a 23mm machine gun cannon and 1 mortar were seized and given to our militias with the usual gesture of gratitude to PRINCE FATSO OF QATAR:

Qaassem Mustafaa Farzaat
‘Ali ‘Abdu Mansoor


My son, Leith, asked me yesterday why I used the name “tempest” instead of “storm”.  The reason is quite simple.  Both words mean approximately the same thing with “tempest” having a slightly more intense and literary meaning.  Notwithstanding all of that, the reason is that I want no confusion between the SAA operation to cleanse Aleppo of rodents and the name of the terrorist organization established by leading rodent: ‘AMMAAR DAADEEKHIYA” (a/k/a “Abu Ibraaheem”) who is responsible for kidnapping Lebanese Shi’i pilgrims.  Okay?


Aleppo:  A vast cache of weapons was uncovered in Tal-Al-Shuwayhana.  THANKS TO PRINCE PIG OF QATAR.

Tal Al-Shuwayhana:  A command-and-control center was unearthed and all equipment and documents seized including a laptop which may contain incriminating evidence against NATO criminals.  No details.

Central Prison Area:  Near the now-famous Khawlandi Fuel Station, 6 rats were killed at a farm west of Hilaan in the area of the prison.  6 rats confirmed dead:

Ahmad Harb
Muneef Al-Sarraaj

The other 4 have not been identified.

بعد فرار قياداتها العليا.. الجماعات الإرهابية في ريف حلب بانتظار

Soldiers of the Syrian Third Army Corps pose for a SANA photographer as they prepare to hunt for fat rats in Aleppo.

Mannagh:  The eternal quest for useless runways in an airport already stripped of all equipment.  Our SAA repelled another boring attack from the east and west by exhausted rodents.  The rats were reported to have wasted 30 mortar shells firing them from ‘Ain Diqna and the Mannagh School.  No one was injured and the rats are down another 30 shells.

‘Andaan and Baabeess Axis:  Rats were ambushed and killed.  No details. This is an interesting area.

Al-‘Alqamiyya:  Jabhat Al-Nusra taken out for a final lunch near the Agricultural Research Center near Mannagh.  Confirmed sighting of 5 dead rats.  No details.  

Khaan Al-‘Asal:  3 dead rats. No details.

Al-Shaykh Maqsood:  Firefight. No details.

Bustaan Al-Qasser and Al-‘Aamiriyya:  A battle erupted when rodents tried to regroup in a different area.  They were surrounded and killed.  16 rodents went down.  All were non-Syrians.  No details.


مسلحون متطرفون يعدمون طفلاً بطريقة وحشية أمام والديه في حلب

He was killed by non-Syrian terrorists because they overheard him talking to another boy about money. OBAMA, THESE ARE THE CRIMINALS YOU SUPPORT.  BURN IN HELL, OBAMA!! BURN IN HELL, CAMERON!! AND THE REST OF YOU EUROPEAN CANNIBALS.


SANA published this photo purporting to show “Tareq”, the Belgian cockroach who went to Syria to die.  He was 20 years old.  His brother was arrested upon his return to Belgium last week.  The dear departed rat scum insect belonged to a group called: “The Shari’ah for Belgium”.   What a family of rodent morons. 


الجيش السوري يضبط صواريخ اسرائيلية  في جرمانا بريف دمشق

LAU missiles found on a pickup truck near Jaramaanaa.  All Zionist manufactured.  THANK YOU, PRIME MINISTER MILEIKOWSKI (a/k/a “Netanhaahu”)

ضبط وكرا للإرهابيين في حي العمارة وسط دمشق
A view of the weapons and ammo found at Al-‘Amaara Quarter in Damascus. 

Harastaa:  SAA and militia killed these scrawny scavengers:

Khaleel Zaynu (of the vaunted “Brigades of Qamar Bin Haashem”, a J.N. franchise)
‘Abdul-Kareem Al-Haajj
Wadee’ Mustafaa
Ahmad Mugharbal 

Al-Buhaariyya Farms in the East Ghouta:  At the railroad tracks between Mayda’a and Al-Dumayr, SAA discovers more RPGs and American-made drugs.  THANKS, PRINCE FATSO.

Al-Ruhayba:  SAA kills these:

Qussayy Ismaa’eel
Mansoor Al-Shaykh

Jayrood:  Rats who escaped frm Al-Ruhayba were pursued here with 4 more being killed. No names.

Jaramaanaa:  A pickup truck was intercepted and searched.  Inside a concealed storage area security agents found 10 LAU Zionist shoulder-fired missiles with launchers, 2 mortars rounds and IEDs.  The owner was promptly ticketed and taken away to Happy World.

Al-‘Amaara Quarter:  Security seized more weapons and arrested 13 rodents.  Nobody was killed!  In their possession were these:

15 automatic assault rifles
1 RPG launcher
Sniper rifles
a pistol shaped like a pencil of American manufacture


Busra Al-Shaam:  11 rats bite the dust:

Faarooq Zakariyyaa
Ahmad ‘Ali Al-Doos
‘Umar Muhammad Al-Zu’bi
Muhammad Al-Qaadimi
Another 25 reported wounded. 

West Al-Maleeha:

Khaaled Al-Moussaa
Sufyaan Al-Hawraani


A group of J.N. rats kill each other at the Al-Khareeta Bridge and Tal Al-Rummaan in the rural area of Tal-Tammer.  Lots killed for a little loot.  So sad.

HAMA:  All these towns were liberated yesterday and today:

Al-Rubay’ah (not the same one as in Latakia)
Tayyibat Al-Ism
Ra’s Al-‘Ain
Qasser Al-Mukharram
Qasser Abu Samra
Umm Khuzaym
Al-Faan Al-Wustaani

SAA  now controls the Salba Oil Depot and killed all rats hiding inside.  No details.

The SAA and militia polished off these Jabhat Al-Nusra freaks at the following towns:

Mas ‘ada
Abu Hanaayaa
Kulayb Al-Thawr.  

This was an area controlled by the Al-Faarooq Brigades.  2 missile launchers were destroyed along with a 23mm machine gun cannon and an RPG.


Analysis from Global Research about Al-Qusayr and its importance: 

This is so embarrassing for the Independent.  The push for Aleppo started days ago as confirmed by our sources in the Syrian government and by our own relatives in Aleppo.  What nonsense:

Chossudovsky is absolutely right about Western violations of international law and the other war crimes:

Crisp, laconic and succinct analysis from Antiwar.  A good short read:

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