w halab Syria: 120 terrorists killed in Aleppo 
I will not be covering any events on the Al-Qusayr front  for a little while only because it is nothing more than mere clean-up.  But our readers may have to up the fatality count for rats by 739 as more carcasses are being found and documented.  When there is important news, we will, of course, bring it.


SAA stalwarts march toward an open grove to confront remnant rodents and plague-carrying grubs in the north Aleppo rural area. 
Be advised that government media and pro-government news sources will not hold back any longer about King Abdallah of Jordan.  He is what he is and no more diplomacy.  He is the Jordanian Proxy King of Poop.  Do not defend him.  He is deep in the cesspool of war crimes and his day is coming.
KAFR HAMRAA:  All liberated in once massive armored push followed by militia/infantry.  We can confirm that over 120 rats were killed last night as our army enveloped the town and strangled all vermin inside.  Let it be known that Wael has ascertained that almost all the bearded trolls were foreigners or carried no papers.  The only confirmed rats are these:

Mustafaa Khadhraa
Ahmad ‘Alwaan
Muneef Mardam
Salaahuddeen Al-Rahhaal
Faadi Ibssir
Muhammad Uzubraan
‘Ali Najeeb
Muhammad Al-Shibil
El-Sayyed Sulaymaan
‘Abdul-Hameed Al-Baabaa
Nizhaam Qaazaanlooq (?)
Haadi Abu-     (illegible)

Al-Shaykh Maqsood near the Youth Residencies, a unit of foreign rodents was intercepted and exterminated.  Only one name was ascertained from local citizens:

Ashraf Fazlullaah (Pakistani, Indian or Bangla Deshi cat vomit)

Khaan Al-‘Asal:  At the Hirsu Crossroads, 9 squeeling pigs were put in a poke and stuffed with an apple for the spit in Hell.  No details.  All bearded insects.

‘Andaan and Huraytaan :  An area of extreme importance as the SAA moves to break the back of the rats there.  Mortars were either destroyed or seized.  Over 13 assault rifles were taken and given to our militia or NDF.  THANK YOU, PRINCE FATSO OF QATAR.  Wael says his sources confirm 5 killed with 3 taken prisoner and wounded.

Kafr Khaasher:  9 confirmed rats killed.  All Jabhat Al-Nusra.  All were foreigners.  2 confirmed Turk rat excrement.    

تحقيق إصابات مباشرة بتجمعات للإرهابيين في ريف درعا

These 2 are militiamen trained both at Ba’ath Youth Camps and SAA training centers.  They are far superior to anything the rats have.  Their AK47s were a gift from dead rodents.  THANK YOU, PRINCE PORCINE AND MADAME BANANA.

Bustaan Al-Qasr:  A firefight led to 6 rat carcasses.  Only 3 could be identified:

“Abu-Jamaal” (id pending)
Radhwaan Saaliha
Muhammad Juroodi

Tunb:  A village where we seized 2 brand new mortars as they were being fired at the Mannagh Airbase.  THANK YOU, PRINCE TOAD OF CATARRH.  4 rats killed.  No details.

Tal Rif’aat:  Another 3 rats bit the dust trying to escape a militia convoy. They were hunted down and put to death.  So sad, really.

A’zaaz North:  Super important place.  A heavy machine gun and variety of assault rifles were seized from 12 surrendering locust piss.  THANKS AGAIN, YOU KNOW WHO.

CENTRAL PRISON AREA.  The rodents were preparing to attack for the umpteenth time even though the rodents they are trying to free were already moved to another prison on the Damascus area.  (Very hush-hush)  But, at the Al-Jandool Roundabout, the SAA and guards killed 21 foreign nihilistic vermin and sent them straight to Belial’s toilet.  No details although my wife’s nephews confirmed the military disaster for the rodent commanders in Apaydin.

East Aleppo:  23mm machine gun made in Croatia seized in pristine condition on the road between the Thermal Station and Dayr Haafer.

Tal Shughayb:  SAA repels infiltrators, kills 7 rodents and takes 12 prisoners.  SANA is wrong about only 1 prisoner.  No details.  All foreigners.

Awram.  Confirmed 31 dead rats in a military massacre caused by rodent stupidity in west rural Aleppo.
The carcasses are still being collected and classified.

North Castillo:  Firefight. No details.

Al-Manaasher:  Ambush kills 6 rodents.  No details.

Bani Zayd:  Ditto. Only 2 rats killed by NDF.

Haydariyya Roundabout:  Firefight between police/security and Jabhat Al-Nusra.  1 rat killed.  3 taken wounded and crying.

مقتل إرهابي تونسي جديد في مدينة حلب

Tunisian rodents dot the Aleppan cityscape like this unnamed Barbary ape and his filthy simian litter-mate.  The one in the foreground is from Bin Qardaan in southern Tunisia.  A poor married man with 2 offspring, he anxiously awaited the fat check sent by Prince Pork of Qatar.  He cashed in the check at Mephisto’s Bank & Trust last Sunday. 

My hands are beginning to cramp because I have spent the last 3 days writing a legal brief.  I will let my hands rest a little and try to finish the rat-stats tomorrow morning.  The news is great and encouraging.  But Aleppo takes the cake now.

قائد «الجيش الحر» يستغيث ويضع الغرب أمام خيارين
Dr. Mengele, I presume.  This loser of an officer couldn’t command a unit of Kirby Vacuum Cleaner salesmen.  He is a nobody.  An incompetent nincompoop, thank Heavens.  Gosh, we hope they don’t replace you because we need your mental clumsiness.  ZAF    
Mr. Glans pontificates as his own politicians begin a campaign of vilification against him.  What a doofus!

Yeah sure.  I’ll bet she enjoyed it.  By the by, she might be related to Qatari catamite and whore, Khaled Oweiss:

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