Forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad are seen in Ain-Assan village during what they said was an operation to occupy it, in southern countryside of Aleppo, June 15, 2013. REUTERS/George Ourfalian

Syrian troops use captured truck from terrorist rats to carry them to the southern fringe of Aleppo where a huge army is massing.  (Reuters/Geo. Ourfalian)  Thanks, Prince Porky of Qatar for the ride.


Operation “Northern Tempest” is in full swing now.  Those of you who’ve dreamt of a free and secure Aleppo can take comfort in knowing that 55,000 Syrian troops, militia, NDF, People’s Forces and, yes, Hizbollah elite fighters (about 2,300) are savaging negro Obama’s terrorists.  Since Obama has chosen his side in a sectarian war of his own creation, we too can be racist and vicious.  Be advised, President Obama, almost all Sunnis support their government.


The reports coming from Aleppo are very encouraging.  The rats cannot survive the firepower and professionalism of this great Syrian army and its allies.


NATIONAL KURDISH MOVEMENT FOR PEACEFUL TRANSITION announces first load of American weapons arriving on Turkish/Syrian border.  The weapons include advanced heat-seeking missiles and ordnance.  The perceived arrival may have something to do with a Turkish plan to recapture the Kurdish town of ‘Afreen.  

KAFR HAMRA, (on the far left at the top of the map just below Huraytaan) is now firmly in the Syrian army’s hands.  This means that the noose is complete as it tightens southwards toward pockets of rodent positions.  It is no secret now that the 4th Mechanize Armored Division with its 500 enhanced T-72 battle tanks is a part of the constellation of forces deployed against the simian freaks sent by President Cream ‘O Wheat of the U.S.   The artillery barrages coming in are intensifying on a daily basis as rodents in Hanano shiver in their hovels.  We are now waiting for the news that ‘Andaan in secure before the actual invasion starts.  Incidentally, S-300s are in place just in case Erdoghan gets antsy and makes the biggest mistake of his miserable Islamist rat career.     

In the meantime, the SAA and militia are moving in on Shaykh Maqsood where an ambush laid by the SAA and ensuing firefight left these rodents lying in the streets:

Qaassem Ja’dani
Mustafaa ‘Abdul-Majeed
Muhammad Altaaf
Sa’eed Qaddoora
Hussayn Jazaayerli
Mahmoud Al-Aaghaa
‘Ali Muhssenzaada
Saleem Muhammad
“Abu-Al-Jawkar”  (The Joker.  Id pending)
‘Abdul-‘Azheem Kabakji

Another 3 could not be identified.  Another 7 taken prisoner and warbling.

Hanaano Residencies:  Militia and security spotted a concentration of mercenary apes at the northwest upper corner.  A firefight took place with superb spotting by rangers who directed fire spot-on.  When it was over, security services counted 19 dead rats.  No survivors.  According to Wael, 3 of the terrorist rats committed suicide.  Some of the carcasses were festooned with exploding belts that did not go off – testament to the incompetence of these murderous rats-for-hire:

Naseeb Al-Dishti (?)
Muhammad Al-Raaha
‘Abdul-Saater Khabbaaz
‘Abdul-Walee Al-Haddaad
Taaher Mashnooq  (Well, he missed out on his own hanging)
Faadi Ahmad
Riyaadh Kayyaali
Shaaker ‘Abboosh
Mahmoud Taraawiyaa
Mahdi Al-‘Aalem
Khaleel Abu-Suwwayra
The rest were not identified either because they had no papers or the papers were forged.  I want to note that the Syrian government is aware of the names of all Syrians who have taken refuge in Turkey.  Often, the FSA or J.N. monkeys steal refugee papers to hide their own identities.  When a document is found that fits the info security has of a refugee but which is carried by a rodent, the papers are deemed invalid.  Also, the rats sometimes take the identities of SAA or security agents embedded among the refugee populations.  This is a definite mistake by these rodents.
SyrPer predicts that within 48 hours, ‘Andaan will be completely secure and a dynamic noose is going start closing.  The rats know full well that a force of over 20,000 soldiers is coming up from the south to prevent any exfiltrations.  This is going to be another Al-Qusayr, but much worse from a statistical point of view.  

This province is hopelessly in the hands of the army and security services.  It is obvious that rodent planning has been remarkably inept and indicative of inferior command-and-control.  
Jubb Al-Ahmar:  Jabhat Al-Nusra got creamed again with 47 counted carcasses.  Many of the carcasses were taken down at long distance, trying to run toward the Al-Rubay’ah area.  No such luck.  However, those particular ones will join other rotting bodies dotting the Turkish/Syrian hillsides.  So sad, really.  Boo hoo hoo.

A unit of crack marksmen from the Syrian Army get fleeing hyenas in their crosshairs.  It’s gotta be fun killing scavengers.  

Here are the known scavengers:

Taareq Al-Suwaydaani
Mir’ee Jameel
‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Hassani
Muhammad Abu-Sa’adoon
Hassan Ghufayri
Mussleh Khanaafer
Jaree’ ‘Abu-Al-Hudaa
Ahmad Qatranji
Barakaat ‘Ammeeq
Maajed Al-‘Asali
Bahjaat Samaamina
Hussayn Dughayni
Faarooq Mulabbasaati

No way to identify the rest.  Either no papers, invalid papers or too distant.


Sayfullaah Al-Soofi (Tunisian fecal matter)
Muhammad Khaled Ahmad
Mu’tazz Al-Shammaat
‘Aaref Al-Dimyaati (Egyptian crocodile dropping)  (SANA)

And, by the way, let’s not forget to thank PRINCE PORKBELLY OF QATAR for his contribution to our militia and armed forces:  4 crates of grenades, 17 AK47s with ammo, drugs galore, satellite comm. equip., maps, 1 loaded laptop with juicy information and a 23mm aa cannon.  Wow.


Wadi Al-Dhaif, near the airbase, Wael reports reliably that over 36 rats were killed trying to enter the base at the Al-Talla Roundbout.  No details yet.  But a major massacre and set-back for rodents of the J.N.

DER’AH:  MASSIVE DEFEAT DEALT TO PRESIDENT “SLEEP ‘N EAT” IN WASHINGTON.   We certainly hope that Sambo isn’t planning to use any of the dead rodents exterminated last night in this province.  Bad choice.  No recovery from this:

National Hospital at Busraa Al-Shaam:  Scene of great Roman ruins and intact colosseum to rival the one in Rome.  We killed these stinking rodents:

Anas Falaah Al-Ghubaashi
Mustafaa Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Khaleel

Al-Muzayreb:  Militia hunted down these snipers and killed them without mercy:

Muhammad Al-Ribdaawi
Muhammad Abu-Fijla
Zakariyya Al-‘Abbood
Muraad Na’eem Al-Naatoor
“Al-Shaykh Abu Hudhayfa” (id pending)
“Al-Shaykh Abu Hamza”

11 others were taken wounded as prisoners.

Al-Shabraq:  7 killed.  Only 1 identified:

Shurahbeel Al-Humayri

Hayt:  Firefight.  No details.

Sahm Al-Jawlaan:  SAA killed 6 rodents.  Only this one carried papers:

Muhammad ‘Abdullah Al-Dubaysh (suspected Emirates monkey dropping)

Seessoon:  3 killed.  No details.


Jamaal ‘Abdul-Haadi
Zayd Siraajeddeen
Mustafaa Jabaabira

Taseel:  SANA reports fighting but gives no details.

Al-Shajara: SANA again.  But no details.

Jilleen:  Ditto.

Naafi’ah:  Monzer reports an ambush professionally set by NDF for a van containing 6 rats.  An RPG hit the van head on and turned it into a roaster oven.  The bodies could not be positively identified.  

Al-‘Aaliya:  2 dead.  No details. SANA.

Tafass:  Bad news for American-trained rodents.  No details.

Tal Shihaab:  SAA and militia killed these:

Mu’ayyad Mahmoud ‘Umyaan
Khaaled ‘Umyaan
Muhammad Abaazeed
‘Abdullah Yunus Abaazeed

Damascus-Der’ah Highway:  2 IEDs dismantled, each with 3-40 kgs C-4 payload close to Jabal Al-Zift and targeting civilian pedestrians.

Muhijja Town:  There is a story about rats traveling in a rented cab followed by 2 KIAs.  Everybody in the cars were killed.  THANKS TO PRINCE FATSO OF QATAR, HERE IS THE TAKE:

20 AK47s
2 RPG launchers
Brochures and booklets about how Allah supports the Jabhat Al-Nusra
Laser discs loaded with propaganda about J.N.
2 IEDs

No identification possible on all 9 rodents.  All foreign.

DAMASCUS:  It’s really bad now for rat populations.  Monzer tells us that explosions are rarely heard now and when they are, it’s a distance away in the East Ghouta.  

Al-Ahmadiyya is now totally secure.  The population is invited to return.  Yesterday, the SAA killed these remnant rats:

Nazhaat Al-Dawkhi
Muhammad Al-Abtah

The SAA also confiscated a brand new 23mm AA heavy machine gun cannon and other heavy guns courtesy of PRINCE FATSO OF QATAR.

‘Aaliya Farms in Douma:

Muhammad Kahhaal
Khaaled ‘Alloosh

Al-Zabadaani in the West Neighborhoods:

‘Ali Abu-Duha
Sulaymaan Al-Teenaawi (rat leader)

Babeela:  The “Martyrs of Babeela Brigade” (yawn) lost these suckers:

‘Aamer Rashwaan
Maaher ‘Assood

In a second operation in the same area (SANA), militia took down:

“Usaamaa” (id pending)

Jawbar:  At the soap factory,  18 rats killed in a spectacular raid catching them all unawares.  Weapons and ammo were seized along with grenades and drugs.  THANKS, PRINCE FATSO.   Here are the only named carcasses:

Abdul-Ghanee Al-Farraash
Hassan Hammooda
Hussayn ‘Abdul-Noor
Nadeem Al-Qijja
‘Awadh Fathullaah

Barza Farms:

Ahmad Al-Khishin 

Loads of weapon were seized.  No more details.  THANKS, PRINCE IDIOT OF QATAR.


Hayy Al-Rusaafa:  Returned to the people. All rodents nests destroyed.

Old Airport, Al-Sinaa’a, Al-‘Ummaal, all secure and rat-free.

Hawjat Saker Quarter of the city:  4 rats killed as they cowered in a little garret.  No details.

A group of Jabhat Al-Nusra nutcases tried to infiltrate from East Al-Huwayqa to West Al-Huwayqa but ran into crack militia from the Ba’ath Party.  10 rats were killed.  I have no names yet.

Huwayja Al-Muree’iyya:  A nice new 23mm machine gun was taken.  My, what will PRINCE FATSO think of next?


Al-Rastan:  (a city that should be levelled) The SAA killed these.

Firaas ‘Ubaydu
Jihaad Al-Zu’bi
‘Abdullah Qatraawi

Palmyra: (Tadmur)  Security services laid a trap for rats and snared 2 warblers.  Another 2 were killed as they tried to set 2 IEDs next to residences:

Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Jawfi (his name means “underground”.  Well?)
Ahmad Khaaled Al-Rasheed

Two large tanker trucks carrying stolen heavy oil for smuggling were intercepted east of the “industrial zone” of Hasyaa’ heading for Al-Kashf in rural Homs.  Both tankers were destroyed.  According to the 2 arrested rodents, the destination was some hill near Damascus.  Another 3 were killed.  This was an operation undertaken by security services.   

اشتباكات بحي جوبر بريف دمشق ومقتل التونسي «سيف الله الصوفي» في اللاذقية

الجيش السوري يستهدف مسلحين بمحيط وادي الضيف في ريف ادلب


Michael McGee from France sends this uplifting report:
This one from Christoph will hurt Cameron and explain why he is so hell-bent on war crimes.  The British citizen should be made aware of this, courtesy of a former French diplomat.  A must-read for Mark the Brit:

The depth of the plot against Syria is beginning to crystalize:

But Cameron’s plans may be unraveling as British MPs are weighing in about the reduction of U.K. forces:

Resign Erdoghan. Resign.  Look at how the unions are reacting:

Liberal Egyptians expose the MB in Egypt and Morsi’s bandruptcy, both financial and moral:

Nignog Obama brings shame to America with his support of terrorism:

John Esq. sends this about how money is sent to rats in Syria:

John Esq. sends this video of how a Tunisian saw the light: 

John Esq. shows us this video of how Barzeh is being handle.  By an embedded reporter:

If you want to see home-grown Syrian military power, get this from John Esq. and Arabi Souri: 

WP almost tells it like it is: Obama is a war criminal. Thanks, John:

Lew Rockwell can write good comedy about comedians in the WH.  Thanks, John:

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Level 0 - Anonymous

Hello Ziad.

“Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has sought to assuage concerns
over an Assad victory. Ya’alon, a former military chief of staff, said that
as of early June, the Assad regime was in control of no more than 40 percent
of Syria.”

I know they are lying.

Can you tell us how much of SYRIA (in percentage) the Syrian Governement is controlling – right now.

Best regards – Long live Syria.

Dein Freund aus Deutschland.

Level 0 - Anonymous

Hello Ziad! Greetings from Brazil! Again, congratulations for the blog! I’ve been reading the news about the US plans to enforce a no-fly zone over Syria. While the mainstream media is part of their propaganda machine and with this “escalation” talk tries to hide from the public that they have been supporting the terrorists since the start of the war, I would like to know: – How will the direct intervention of the US harm SAA’s recent advance on the battle field?– Should we expect this to turn into a large scale conventional war? I hope the Syrian Army retakes… Read more »

Souri Homsi
Level 0 - Anonymous
Level 0 - Anonymous
Level 0 - Anonymous

I read about the no fly zone, as a precursor to a full scale invasion of sorts. While this could be a bluff after all, one is tempted to contemplate that tactically, Assad could be better off in the bigger strategy of winning this war if he were to give Obama room to back off gracefully & so the superpower is not seen as surrendering in utter defeat. Perhaps this is in the works as manifested by the maneuvers in the Syrian battlefields so colorfully laid out by Ziad day in day out. Perhaps Assad is pushing the envelop, as… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

Sic Semper Tyrannis(A Committee of Correspondence) 17 June 2013Obama’s approaching humiliation over Syria “U.S. President Barack Obama, who arrived in Northern Ireland on Monday, and Russian President Vladimir Putin are expected to hold bilateral talks during the summit, where they will also discuss their opposing views on the situation in Syria. On the even of the summit, Putin accused British Prime Minister David Cameron of betraying humanitarian values by supporting Syrian rebels with “blood on their hands.” Russia and the West have long been at odds over Syria. As the violence continues to escalate in the region President Putin expressed… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous


Gladly. It is this one. The post above comes from it.

The person who runs, Pat Lang, it is a former colonel of the Special Forces with multiple tours in Vietnam. He later worked for the DIA specializing in the M.E. He speaks fluent Arabic.

Level 0 - Anonymous

Best wishes to the courageous SAA! Doing a great job for humankind, thanks alot.