مقتل عدد من الإرهابيين جنوب السيدة زينت في ريف دمشق
A Syrian army captain instructs his officers and NCOs about the next step in Bahdaliyya.


Dayr Haafer:  (SANA)  2 gangs of Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorist rodents fought a wild battle over industrial machinery stolen from this area and wound up killing 12 of their own and wounding over 19.

At Mannagh:  Near the airbase, the SAA and militia killed 6 rodents.  According to Wael, these are the only names which were confirmed:

Baheej Mustafaa
Ahmad Hassanzaad
Waleed Qaramaanli

Bayaanoon:  At the entrance to the town, SAA killed a SAUDI monkey and his group of apes near the Water Department at the Al-Maydaan/Bustaan Al-Baashaa intersection.  SAA confiscated a damaged mortar not beyond repair. 

‘Akel (?) ‘Abdullah “Akel (?) SAUDI MONKEY DROPPINGS. Bizarre name.)
‘Abdul-Saboor Iskamlaji
Muhammad Mustafaa Haaj Mustafaa
Muhammad Taaher Mardalalli
Ahmad Fayyaadh Al-Naasser

Layramoon:  SAA and militia seize an anti-aircraft machine gun and kill 1 rodent.  No details.

Also, at Layramoon, east of the Interstate Transport Station, rats were found using the garage to attack two residential areas: Al-Ashrafiyya and Al-Siryaan.  All 7 rats were killed.  Only one has been identified:

Also, at Layramoon, an attempt to infiltrate from Bani Zayd met with disaster for rats.  Confirmed 4 dead.  Others may have escaped.

Mustafaa Dunyaa

Al-Jazmaati Roundabout:  A mortar was destroyed near the Al-Jarboo’ Building.  Another mortar was confiscated in good condition along with a 23mm machine gun cannon, 9 heavy and medium machine guns.

Al-Saakhoor:  At the Ba’eedeen Roundabout and the area of Al-Saakhoor, the Jabhat Al-Nusra got hit hard with artillery, machine gun fire, grenades and bayonets.  Of the counted 29 rodents in this group belonging to “Al-Faarooq Brigade”, nobody survived.  No details yet because the government is keeping hush-hush over these events.

Central Prison to the north and north of Mannagh Town near the Two Suns Bakeries on the Idlib-Aleppo Highway:  SAA wiped out a unit of J.N. rats to the tune of 11 with 4 taken wounded.

Al-Mansoora Road near the Sa’ad Pharmaceutical Factory, 2 mortars were destroyed (shame!) and 3 rodents were sent to the Lord of the Flies.  No names.

Kafr Naahaa Road:  In Khaan Al-‘Asal, 3 heavy machine guns seized.  No details. (SANA)

 Forces loyal to President Bashar Assad on the outskirts of Aleppo.  /Reuters

(Reuters)  Elements of the 6th Mechanized Armored division head south to Aleppo to bomb the daylights out of the mercenary rats infesting this great city.



Al-Ahmadiyya is now completely rat-free, Ratten-Loose, and our army is inviting all residents to return.

Sayyida Zaynab Shrine in Southern Damascus:  a bunch of rats from the American-supported Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorism franchise was annihilated as it tried to commit acts of sabotage against this Shi’i shrine.  Local Iraqi and Lebanese volunteers chased the rats away and the SAA followed them to Bahdaliyya. 

Halboon in the area of Al-Tal (‘Abdullah Al-Ahmar’s home town):  These rats from the “Khaaled Ibn Al-Waleed Brigades” (yawn) were killed:

‘Abdullah Al-Mahoos (Possibly “Mahwas”.  SAUDI PEST AND PLAGUE CARRYING GREEN MONKEY)
Mus’ab Fatlaawi
‘Ali Sanawbar (Mr. Pine Nuts!. Also known as “Abu Muhyi-Al-Deen. Yawn)
Sameer Abu-Hanash

Al-Ahmadiyya Farms:  In the East Ghouta, the SAA killed these running hyenas:

Maalek Jayroodiyya
Anwar Muhammad
Sayfuddeen Al-Akhras

 And by the way, a 23mm heavy AA machine gun cannon was seized and given to militia. THANK YOU PRINCE FATSO.  A FUTURE THANKS TO OBAMA.

Babeelaa:  Lots of weapons bought by the Fat Prince of Poop seized.  Also, SAA confirmed the death of this rodent:

Muhammad Yunus
Wi’aam Al-Jabbaar
Hassan Idrees

‘Arbeen:   At the Al-‘Uthmaan Mosque, 2 rodents bit the dust and 2 were taken wounded.

Jawbar: In a second operation near the Al-Mustafaa Mosque, another 3 went down.  But, SANA provides no details and Monzer sent none.

Harastaa:  A sniper was killed.  This hyena operated near the International Highway and aimed at drivers and transport trucks.  He was hunted down and killed in his safe house where the SAA also found an unused mortar:

‘Abu Sa’eed” (id pending for this sniper)
‘Abdul-Ghanee Al-Laalaa  (He was simply Lala)

تفكيك ألغام إسرائيلية الصنع في ريف درعا


Der’ah at the Jilleen Roundabout, the SAA and security put down these fleeing rodents:

Sabaah Jaleela
Maajed Idlibi
‘Abdul-Kareem Mashlaawi
Zaayed Al-Zaroo

Also found among these scum-bags was a treasure-trove of Israeli manufactured remote-controlled land mines with 30kg payloads.  Traitors!!

Here they are, rotting in the sun after a day of mayhem and collaboration with Zionism.


Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah:  In the direction of City Center,  militia did their job by killing 2 scurrying rodents carrying an AK47 and phosphorous hand grenades.  All fall down.  No names.

Old Al-Wa’er Neighborhood: a tunnel in the direction of the Ghouta Gardens heading to Homs City was uncovered and destroyed.

Keeseen, Al-Khaalidiyya and Al-Qaraabees: All clean-up with 3 confirmed dead rodents.

Some fighting in Palmyra.  Nothing of note.  Homs is becoming inaccessible to rodents.  Yay!


If you need proof that the Muslim Brotherhood is a grouping of reactionary traitors and tools of Britain, read this about Morsi the Ape:

But, of course, Merkel, Die Hundin vom Teufel, does not call on Erdoghan to step down:

This operation is very suspicious and smells of Saad Hariri:

Laugh your heads off at this piece based entirely on a fraud organization called the SOHR in England, run by a convicted felon and professional liar.  Let me ask this question:  Why does Al-Akhbar in Lebanon need some British crook to tell it what is happening in Damascus?  NGO?  Right.

Great article by Global Research exposes a plan for U.S. to use chemical weapons and blame it on Syria.  The propaganda is unbelievable:

Astonishing stupidity:  A crown prince, Salman, who suffers from dementia; a king who is two-feet in his grave with the intelligence of a simian imbecile; and a director of intelligence who is dead:

Obama desperately wants to be a war criminal president.  This is the last straw:

Global Research on point about Israeli meddling:

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