بينهم سعودي.. قواتنا المسلحة تطارد الإرهابيين وتقضي على عدد منهم في حلب وريفها


There is a news blackout in Aleppo except for SyrPer.  We are getting reports of large-scale artillery and missile barrages on the areas of ‘Andaan, Al-Saakhoor and Hanaano.  It appears the strategy is to force the rats southward into areas controlled by SAA and militia.  Wael reports that the rodent mercenaries are taking direct hits and losing hundreds every day.  Their actual number might have been close to 10,000 in both northern Aleppo and the countryside.  But the attrition rate is high and our losses are comparatively lower due to new equipment and tactics.  Morale is way up as there is a feeling spreading among the troops that this is the terrorists’ Alamo, their Masada……their last hurrah.

North of the Central Prison area,  a sudden attack by expert militia caught the rodents unawares.  By the time they recovered it was too late.  A mortar was seized.  Here are the carcasses reported by Wael:

Muhammad Zu’ayyen
Mustafaa Jahfeel
Aadam Abu-Ghazaala
Mufeed Hajal
Raadhi Mansoor
Ahmad Al-Taqi

Another 4 could not be identified.  

Also, SAA confiscated 2 usable anti-aircraft cannons near the Al-Sayf Factory.  

Another army unit near the prison, destroyed a rat nest at the Heelaan Cemetery near the Al-Balaakaa Restaurant where a notorious sniper was killed.

Bani Zayd:  SAA seized or destroyed mortars used by rats to kill citizens in the Ashrafiyya and Al-Siryaan Quarters.

Bustaan Al-Baashaa:  Near the Water Institute and Daar Al-Mu’allimeen, 4 mortars were confiscated after killing 16 rodents.  All were foreigners.

Also, at the Institute for Enhancement of Seeds, east of the Bus Station at Layramoon and Al-Jandool Roundabout,  SAA seized a P-10 cannon.

New Warehouse north of Hospitality Hill near Handaraat, a mortar and 2 anti-aircraft heavy machine guns were taken in.   THANK YOU, PRINCE PUDGY OF QATAR.  GEE, WE HOPE YOUR KIDNEY CANCER IS GETTING WORSE.


Al-Hameediyya:  NDF killed this scavenger and his pack:

Khaaled Ibraaheem
Hassan Al-Karam
Zaaher Qudwa

Syrian Army advances into Al-Rushdiyya Quarter and kills 13 rodents in a firefight.  No details.

Al-‘Ummaal Quarter:  A firefight nets this fat rat:

‘Alaa’ Hassan

T-2 Oil Station:

Kirmaan ‘Ubayd Al-Aswad
Raagheb Saaraa


Al-Nashwa Al-Gharbiyya Checkpoint:  NDF and guards repel attack by rodents.  NDF arrests 11 rats belonging to Al-Faarooq Brigade.  Wael notes that it is becoming easier to take prisoners indicating that morale among the mercenaries is way down. 


Taftanaaz:  38 rats killed north of the village with 10 taken prisoner:

‘Ali Al-Sayyid-‘Ali
Muhammad Shalaash
‘Abdul-Rahmaan ‘Eesa
Haytham Madfoona
As’ad Khalaf
Mahmoud Al-Khalaf

All others are suspected of being foreign or were carrying papers belonging to refugees in Turkey.

Binnish:  2 killed.  No details.

Sarjaa:  4 killed and 1 wounded prisoner:

‘Ataa’ Humaydaan
Rajaa Ammoon
Zaaher Muhammad

The last one could not be identified.

Jabal Al-Arba’een:  A firefight nets 6 dead rodents, a heavy machine gun and a mortar.  THANK YOU, PRINCE FATSO.

Shaykh Bahr:  Wael received a report that militia killed 9 rats.  No confirmed.

Hazaanu:  Ambush killed 3 rats in a van heading out from Taftanaaz:

Raam Hamdaan:  2 confirmed dead rats.

Tal Manas:  5 dead rats and 3 taken prisoner after surrendering.

Al-Hameediyya:  A firefight with no details.  DECLARED SAFE FOR CITIZENS TO RETURN.

Umm Jareen:  8 rodents took the night-flight to the 4th Circle courtesy of Prince Fatso.  Wael likes to joke that the weapons the NDF is using today are captured from the rats themselves.  No details.  DECLARED RAT-FREE AND SAFE FOR CITIZENS TO RETURN.

In the area of Jisr Al-Shughoor:

Al-Qinya:  2 dead.

Al-Naajiya:  No details.

Ihsim:  6 carcasses after sharpshooters took them down while they were setting up a mortar:

Bilaal Qunayjer
Habeeb Hillaani
Muhammad Daagher

The remaining 3 were not identified.

Mu’tarem:  No details.

Ma’arratmassreen:  Still fighting there although I expected all nests to have been destroyed by now.  No details about another fierce firefight.

Abu-Al-Dhuhoor:  Near the airbase.  8 rats killed.  No details.

Nahla:  No news.  A firefight.

Kafr Shalaayaa:  SAA encircled group of rats carrying heavy weapons and killed them all.  Total: 11 rodents.

Hussayn ‘Areedha
Muhammad Rashaad
Ahmad Abu-Jawda
Kamaal Sabri
‘Abdul-‘Azeez Fu’aad

The rest were not detailed.

Al-Jaanoodiyya Crossroads:  3 killed.  No details.


Remote-controlled IEDs and mines uncovered and dismantled at Kafr Shamsayn Road between Dayr-Al-‘Adas and Simleen/Jaassem.  



Well, we closed all their routes into Al-Qusayr, so they’re going back to another cul de sac at Tal Kalakh.  Yesterday, a group of about 50 rodents on motorcycles and inside vans tried to infiltrate from Al-Taahoona in Lebanon.  They were massacred.  Wael reports 14 confirmed dead; 10 possible direct hits and believed to be fatal; 20+ wounded.  No names available due to terrain and snipers.  

Taldo:  12 killed and 12 taken prisoner.

Taldahab:  25 confirmed dead in a standoff which the rats could not win.  A direct hit from artillery did most of the killing.

Kafr Laahaa:  Fighting with no details.

Lower Al-Rastan:  No details but some fighting.

Palmyra (Tadmur) at Al-Tayfoor:  SAA surrounds skunks trying to prepare a remote IED with 200kgs payload.  No such luck.  All 6 were killed.  No names.


SAA fought rats on the Al-Rastan-to-Harbnafsu Road.  No details.


30 RODENTS KILLED AT 17TH BRIGADE.  A group styled “Islamic Raqqa Brigade” (yawn) were sent to Hades by the SAA. No names other than this one, yet:

Ahmad Al-Jaraad (The locust!!)


Slideshow image

At Barza, the SAA seized these nicely arranged instruments of death. THANK YOU, PRINCE FATSO.
DOUMA:  In the East Ghouta, at the Industrial Park, a mortar with much ammo was seized.  A sniper rifle was also found.

‘Adraa Town:  SAA killed these rats in a safehouse:

Zuhayr Al-Nabaki
Muhammad Hassan
Mahdi Shihaab

Al-Maleeha:  Southeast of the Tamiko Corporation, the SAA killed these hyenas:

Bakr Al-Sagheer
Hussayn ‘Abdul-Kareem
Taareq Al-‘Arees

‘Arbeen:  Security killed this monkey:

Muhyi-Al-Deen Taalah

Halboon:  Trapped like a rat, this one couldn’t get to the bathroom window and out:

Sayfuddeen Quwayder

Another unit in the area seized assault rifles, grenades, ammunition at the eastern farms around Barza.
Killed, trying to defend Prince Pedophile’s treasure:

Hishaam Al-Hinnaawi

Daarayyaa:  3 IEDs about 30kgs that the rodents wanted to plant at the Bakery Roundabout.




Looks like monopoly money to me.  No really, this was a mother lode of financial instruments uncovered by security in Banyaas.   

Security Forces at the Hayy Al-Maydaan in Banyaas uncovered a network of 10 tunnels dug by moles belonging to Al-Qaeda.  There was also a warehouse that hid much ammunition.  Weapons were of “Israeli”
and American manufacture.  3 rats were caught (see below) and prepared humanely for the trip to Mephistopheles’ Hospice for the Doomed.  Here’s a breakdown of what was found:


Pin the tail of the donkey.  Boy, I’m sure they wished they never got into this mess.

Documents for transfer of money to UAE and foreign banks
NATO sniper rifle
39 Assault Rifles
Zionist-manufactured bombs
American-manufactured bombs
A kit for making IEDs
165 pounds of C-4
Shock grenades
Hand grenades for armor
20,000 rounds of ammunition!!
Military uniforms
Gun barrels
Masks with Al-Qaeda logos on them
Hospital paraphernalia including painkillers and assorted drugs
Discs mixed together but all containing combat reenactments  
Identification documents
Forged passports
Forged military college degrees
Stamps for forgeries
Hashish (hey, all work and no play make Ali a dull boy)
Arabic and foreign currencies
Mottoes concerning Qatar



Al-Shahroora:  17 foreign terrorists were killed.  Many had been blown to smithereens by artillery and missiles.  What a mess.


Muhammad ‘Abdul-Salaam (LIBYAN APE DROPPING)
Sakhr Misraata (LIBYAN GRUB)
Khattaab Zintaan (LIBYAN FECAL PILE)
“Abu Zubayda” (Id. pending. LIBYAN PUS-SUCKER) 
“Abu ‘Umar” (Id. pending.  LIBYAN MONKEY BOIL)

Bayt Ablaq:  2 killed.  No details. (SANA)

Waadi Al-Shaykhaan:  The “Ahraar Al-Shaam Brigades” (yawn) took it hard:

‘Umar Bakkoora
‘Umar Al-Tibaani
‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Shaykh
Hamdi Abu-Reesh

Khirbat Soolaas and Bayt Faares:  An attempt by rats to infiltrate these villages was not successful:

Abu Muhammad Qabbaaru (Id pending)
Abu Hamza (Id pending)


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