This photo released by the Syrian official news agency SANA, shows Syrian army troops hold up national flags in the town of Qusair, near the Lebanon border, Homs province, Syria, Wednesday, June 5, 2013.

ALEPPO:  CONFIRMED!  157 TERRORISTS BELONGING TO THE FOREIGN SUPPLIED ARMY (FSA) were sacrificed in order to exfiltrate 5 Saudi rodents holed up in Syria’s Aleppo.  One of the rats was the son of an unnamed Saudi businessman and close friend of the “royal” garbage family of Saud.  Here are the details some of which are derived from reporting by Al-‘Alam:

With the announcement of “OPERATION NORTHERN TEMPEST”, foreign terrorists hiding in northern quarters of Aleppo began to feel the noose tighten.  As the Syrian army started to occupy most escape routes, especially at Kafr Hamra and Hanaano, telephone calls from “Saudi-accented” rodents to family in Jedda and Riyadh filled the airwaves.  The message?  “Please, daddy, do what you can to get us out of here before the Syrian Army enters”.  As SyrPer reliably reported to you days ago, the orders are to kill all foreign rats without mercy.  The terrorist mercenaries are aware of this and anticipate no reasonable hope of emerging from the invasion with their skins intact.


Stupid is as stupid looks.  This Dr. Mengele-look-alike, is not of Syrian origin.  His family came from the Balkans during Ottoman times.  We predict his retirement in Bulgaria where he might feel more comfortable.  

According to our sources,  the Al-Alam article is accurate.  Families of the 5 Saudi (or Gulf) blundering apes
contacted their influential friends in the Saudi regime and insisted that steps be taken to remove them safely from Aleppo before the Syrian army moves in for the kill.  It is reported that “Prince” Faisal “the Slobbering Alkie” and foreign minister of S.A.,  personally called “General” Salim Idrees of the Foreign Supplied Army (FSA) in Apaydin and “demanded” that the former Syrian army general “makes sure” to get the Arabian rodents out.  According to Aslan, Idrees was “livid” with anger that he had to devote assets at such a time to extracting lily-livered Arabian filth from the battle zone.  Aslan writes that the demand was followed up with a threat to “stop supplies and support” to Idrees if he failed to take those steps.

In order to get the Saudi and Gulf vermin out, an escape corridor had to be set up just for them.  This meant, given the present circumstances, that sacrifice had to be made in uniformed rats and materiel.  Efforts to enlist the aid of Jabhat Al-Nusra through its affiliate, “Al-Faarooq Brigades” met with failure since the fanatical Islamist thugs refused to aid a bunch of sissies who had originally volunteered to fight with them.  This left the FSA to fend for itself.  According to Aslan, on or about June 16, 2013, FSA opened up some artillery fire to create a diversion so as to give cover to a large operation to extract the filthy, slimy little Ayraab,  rag-headed rodents from Aleppo.

A corridor was temporarily opened through the Hanano Residencies northeast, then northwest through the outer margin of the industrial zone.  In order to make the plan work, the Arabian sissy-terrorists were trussed up in body armor and helmets, stuffed into 2 Mitsubishi vans and spirited helter-skelter out of the city under cover of artillery and darkness.  But, as Idrees well knew, his officers were testing the might of the 4th Armored division including very well-trained Ba’ath Party Youth militia liaised with them and hordes of Military Intelligence agents.  The ride out of Aleppo must have been jolly good fun for the Arab scum as they shivered and urinated in their dishdaashas

Once the operation was over, Aslan reports that 157 rats of the FSA were killed,  of whom 5 were high-value deserters from the SAA acting as field commanders.  The result was disastrous for Saleem Idrees and his feckless, luckless, lustreless army of imbeciles.  He is said to be inconsolable.

Al-Mansoora:  north of the Al-Rusaafa ginning factory in Layramoon, 26 rodents bit the dust and took the carousel straight to Hell:

Ghassaan Qatraqji (?)
Muhammad Jameel 
‘Ali Subh
Hussayn Al-Hakeem
Mustafaa Radhwaani
Muhammad Al-Nazheef
Nijmeddeen ‘Ubaydaat

The rest are not identified. 

Kuwayres Airbase:  No problem killing over 28 rodents trying again to occupy a garage with spare helicopter parts.  How pathetic.  No details.

Al-‘Aamiryya:  Firefight with no details, yet.

Salahuddeen:  An attempt to infiltrate the area met with disaster as militia, police and NDF wiped out the entire unit of rats.  The carcasses are strewn all over, according to Wael and its a hot day.  Nobody sent any info on the scum. Sorry.

Al-Shaykh Khudhr in Aleppo City:  A group of rodents was surrounded and snuffed out.  No details.

Al-Kallaasa:  At the Jamil Mosque, a number of terrorists were killed behind the Al-Haal Souq in Bustaan Al-Qasr.  No details.

Al-Saakhoor Quarter:  Near the Sa’ad Ibn Mu’aadh Mosque in Bustaan Al-Baashaa.  Lots of weapons seized with 13 rats confirmed killed.  No details.  BUT THANKS, PRINCE PORKY OF QATAR FOR THE NICE GIFTS.



Al-Sukkariyya:  In a dawn raid, SAA hit a nest of sleeping, Arabian rodents and their Syrian catamites:

‘Awadh Al-Ramli  (SAUDI DUNG)
Jaassem Al-‘Ajami  (SAUDI PUSTULE)
Ja’afar Baleelaa
Saadeq Al-Shoofaani
Tahseen Bushnaaq


Al-Shabraq:  A firefight with uninspired rodents nets this group:

Shaadi ‘Aatallah Al-Na’saan  (He was sleeping when it all happened)
‘Abdul-Qaader Al-Hassanayn

Seessoon:  Lots of weapons seized.  THANK YOU, OBAMA!!  OH, AND PRINCE FATSO, OF COURSE!!

Hassan Ismaa’eel Al-Maardeeni
Qusayy Abu-Nawaaaf
Faysal Al-Deek

4 others were taken prisoner.

Taseel:  Weapons and rats.  No details.

Jilleen:  Ditto.

Der’ah City:  Police killed this rodent:

Baassel Mustafaa Al-Qutayfaan

Der’ah West Rural (SANA):

34 anti-tank land mines were uncovered and dismantled.  The mines were new and provided by Americans through Jordanian traitors.  A rat was found in the area and refused to surrender:

Muhammad Al-Kharyoosh.    

IDLIB:  Fighting in all these areas:

Hallooz:  My deceased mother-in-law’s home town now almost rat-free.  6 confirmed dead rodents.

Al-‘Aaliya:  No details.

Al-Jaanoodiyya:  No details.

Majdalyaa:  8 dead rodents.  All foreign.

Taa’oom:  No details.

Taftanaaz:  No details.

Saraaqeb:  Almost finished.

Ma’arratmassreen:  No details.

Sarja:  No details.

Zaradnaa:  No details.

Slideshow image

In Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan area:

Al-Tamaani’ah:  2 rodents killed trying to steal back a cache of drugs:

‘Abdul-Lateef Maghribi
Suhayl Wanass

Jarjanaaz:  Another town with a Hittite name:  Confirmed 7 dead rats near a culvert.  No details.

Al-Tahh:  No details.  Firefight.  Good results.  AFI.


Jawbar:  Near the Great Mosque, the SAA sent these scurrying little vermin straight down to the main drain pipe in Hades:

Saamer Juhaa
Na’eem Al-Ajdhab (Indeed, he is)
‘Umar Al-Hawwaash
Muhammad Shu’ayb

JABHAT AL-NUSRA RAT-LEADER PROMISES NEVER TO FIGHT ISRAELIS IF THEY CHOOSE TO HELP THE RODENTS IN THEIR WAR TO OUST A POPULAR AND SECULAR PRESIDENT. That’s right, folks, “Abu Ja’afar” (Yawn) said that from the Golan Heights where he will probably be laid to rest soon enough.  Isn’t it great to know that these “liberators” of Syria are just Zionist spies?  

Abu Ja’afar Al-Jawlaani seen here in a recent photo.  (Reuters)

Syrian Army in complete control of all the mountains west of Halboon in the area of Al-Tall.  Good show!

Al-Bahdaliyya:  Syrian army establishes complete control and kills these last remnant nutrias:

Hassan Ibraaheem Al-Numayri (var. Al-Nameeri)
Dhallaal Mutlaq (What a name!!  Absolutely misleading!)
‘Abdul-Salaam Al-Mu’ajjil (He was in a rush to go to Hell)

Dayr Salmaan in the East Ghouta:  We killed these rabid skunks last night:

Ramzi ‘Abdul-Rahmaan
Saamer Al-Hazaqi
Ahmad Suwaydaan 
Fareed Al-Muqaddam

Al-Bayaadh Village in the area of East Ghazlaaniyya, SAA and militia killed these scuzzy scavengers:

Abu-Al-Layth Al-Shab’aani (id pending. Believed to be non-Syrian)
Mu’tassem Mash’alaani
Hussayn Rizqallah

‘Arbeen:  Almost Ratten-Rein:

Taareq Al-Zayn
‘Ali ‘Uraabi


Not much news from here after the triumph at Al-Qusayr.

Talaf in in Al-Hoola:  Monzer reports that there was some firefight without details.  Wael did not mention this item also published by SANA.

Hilmat Qaarra-Hawwaara in Joosiyya area in rural Homs.  SAA seizes brand new 23mm machine gun. THANKS TO PRINCE PUSTULE OF QATAR.

Al-Qibab Rest Area west of East Qasr Al-Hayr in Tadmur (Palmyra), a heavy machine gun and 2 booby trapped cars were seized.  No details. 

Al-Tayyiba Al-Sukhna Road in rural Tadmur, SAA killed 7 rats from the “Mu’ta Brigade” (yawn).  No names.

Another boring attempt to infiltrate from Al-Taahoona to Tal-Kalakh meets with abject failure as border guards destroy 7 motorcycles and report over 8 killed.  No details.


Al-Ghaab, Syria’s Bekaa Valley, the SAA foiled an attempted suicide attack using a huge KIA truck loaded with 1.5 tons of TNT, accelerants and C-4 near the Al-Toota Bridge in rural Hama.  Before the truck could arrive at its destination, a military checkpoint with only 3 soldiers,  alert militiamen fired at it when the truck behaved erratically causing a huge conflagration.  The smiling would-be-rat-martyr would find no surprises in Hell as he roasted quickly in his own petard.  No identification on a carcass burned to a crisp.

مقتل 5 إرهابيين ليبيين من
تدمير ثلاث ورش لتصنيع العبوات الناسفة وقذائف الهاون في المنطقة الصناعية بدوما


I hope Cameron enjoys eating crow.  And by the way, does anyone have the impression he is out of touch with reality?  Great performance by Pres. Putin.  Long live Russia:

Fine analysis from Shamus Cook from NSNBC about the Shakespearian flaws in Obama’s personality and how they lead inevitably to disaster:

Great article again from Christoph’s media organ.  A must-read for Anglo-philes, if there are any left after Cameron’s sophomoric stewardship of Britain’s foreign policy:

More enlightened analysis from Ivan Eland of Antiwar:

There is an alternative to Hamas among the Palestinians and it ain’t Abbas:

Very interesting discussion sent by our reader Michel Van Dijk.  It’s about 40 minutes, but worth it. Thank you, Michel

Cameron sees the light and the error of his ways:

This one’s a laugh-a-minute.  Obscure experts indeed!  John Esq. sent this for comic relief:


From our friend in the Netherlands, this nice Allahu Akbar moment:

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Level 0 - Anonymous

God bless you all and prayers and thoughts from Canada.

merkajiu itall
Level 0 - Anonymous

Vip guests were evacuated? or are dead?

Level 0 - Anonymous

FSA colonel blabber mouth.. Before and After .HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! I for one will have a laugh whilst sipping a pint of ale in my local.

God Bless the trigger man and his fellow men.


Level 0 - Anonymous

HiI’m reading your blog for 5 months, I really enjoy it. If you are ever short of metaphors for your blog, here’s a couple (too long to explain why I have them): “The rodents decided to give 5 liters of their blood each following a clash with the SAA”, “they were removed from the world’s population statistics”, “renovation work in hell to increase the available space following the success of the SAA”, “Took the path to the seventh door of Jahannam”, “Going in the fire with Ibliss”, “the garbage men picked them up”,“they passed through a grinder”, “they were cooled… Read more »

Level 0 - Anonymous

About these posh Persian Gulf Arabs that wanted to be evacuated:

-Nusra didn’t want to get involved

-these pricks first needed to call relatives in Jeddah/Riyad to get something going for them

What was their situation in Aleppo? All alone in some villa pretending to be ‘Jihadi’? They weren’t part of some club/gang who could set things up themselves?

Is Nusra independent from Gulf money? Can they say no to Saudi hot shots?

Gr, Michel van Dijk

Level 0 - Anonymous

@ZIAD: Thanks for posting!! This story about the escape attempt of the ‘Arabian sissy-terrorists’ had me constantly LOL! Buahhahaha! Keep up the good work!
Luca K

Level 0 - Anonymous

@Ziad: Just ran into your blog today. Thanks for keeping us informed about the anti-rodentcampaign. Never give in to the “freedom-fighting” scum! Huray for the Russians.

Supporting Dutchman

Level 0 - Anonymous

Been reading your blog for a few weeks here in the USA. When I think how horrible your country is suffering from interlopers I shudder. A Jordian Christian I know always said very good things about your president and the ability of Christians to live side by side with Muslim. I met a Syrian Christian who also praised the government of Syria about 5 years ago. Most people in the USA hate what Obummer is trying to do. He is just trying to distract the American People from the crap his administration has been caught doing. Even, his one time… Read more »

Aussie John
Level 0 - Anonymous

Hi Ziad
I have been following your blog with interest from Australia and I look forward to reading it every day. I do like how you try and inject a bit of humour into what is a very dark subject. I know that there are many Australians fighting along side Al-Qaeda in Syria but the overwhelming majority of Australians do not back those people and I personnely hope that none of them make it back here from Syria. Please keep blogging and telling us what is happening over there hopefully these terrorists will be defeated soon.

Level 0 - Anonymous

Let the FSA go to their 72 virgins! Its a win for them and the SSA! Its good to see them get what they want they love death and to destroy! Let Assad help them make it to a better place! Hope you can win more to see what kind of animals the rebels are! What good are any of them at all? Assad long may you live god Bless you!

mikle abraham
Level 0 - Anonymous

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