I just got off the phone with a friend in Latakia.  He says no attack on any military base or arsenal took place in rural Latakia.  He also says that Syria does not store its missiles in warehouses just so the Zionists can simply bomb them.  Our missiles. Yakhonts, S-300s and Scuds are hidden underground or in caves along the coast of Syria.  The entire story is bound to be exposed soon.  Interestingly, the only sources publishing anything about this are the “usual suspects” or the “usual gang of idiots”: Reuters, AP and the NYT.  Needless to say, all sources quoted are “anonymous”.  What a joke.

Khaan Al-Jawz:  An attempt by Jabhat Al-Nusra freaks to infiltrate from areas on the Turkish border past Al-Rubay’ah met with disaster when SAA and militia pulled the noose around the Islamist hypocrite mercenaries of the Jabhat Al-Nusra and killed every one of them:

‘Abdullah Al-Ahmad
Ayman Sharaabaati
Ahmad Al-Sayyed ‘Ali
‘Abu ‘Ubayda Al-Baakistaani” (PAKISTANI PIG FARMER)

Al-Qassab:  North Latakia near Turkey.  2 creeping, crawling dung beetles were stomped out of existence by alert police:

Jameel ‘Aasheq
Burhaan Tufayli

Al-Durra: Also in the north:

Wasseem Ahmad
Muhammad Sulaymaani

Al-‘Utayma:  No details.

Waadi Shaykhoon:  Same area.  SAA pins down a pack of rats and kills 4 of them.  Could not inspect bodies because too many snipers inhabit the area near the Turkish border.

Al-Qasaatel Al-Shamsiyya:  Roving militia spotted a van with unusual looking passengers and tried to effect a stop. The rats opened fire.  One militia member carried an RPG (probably one seized from a rat stash) and burned the rodents alive behind the van.  1 was identified because his paperwork was in a protective wallet:

‘Abdul-Mun’im Qumayjer

 MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE HAPPY DEATH OF KAMAAL HAMAAMI OF THE FAKE SYRIAN ARMY.  According to Juhayna News, Kamaal Hamaami, a leading ape in the FSA command who is also known by 2 competing noms de guerre, “Abu Baasel Al-Laadhiqaani” and “Abu Basseer Al-Laadhiqaani”, was on his way to have a Ramadhan breaking of the fast dinner with members of his own “Al-‘Azeez Ibn ‘Abdul-Salaam Battalion” in Nab’ Al-Murr (The Bitter Water Spring) in the Turkmen Mountains when he found himself and his 4 companions stopped by insects belonging to the “Islamic State of Mesopotamia and the Levant”.

“You are not permitted to pass this point by order of Commander Abu Ayman“, said one armed ape to the doomed FSA rat leader.

According to a source quoted by JP news,  the hapless FSA freak responded by saying: “Have you come to our country to help or hinder?”  (Lit. “or be a burden to us?”).

Abu Ayman Al-Baghdaadi, the Iraqi ape Islamist leader, appeared and confronted Hamaami.  Like something out of an AI movie, Abu Ayman screams out: “You are an agent of ‘Uqaab Saqr, it is your destiny to die, oh infidel!” At that point, Hamaami ordered all his men to drop their arms and said: “Since we are brothers, we are unarmed.”  What a nimrod!  Apparently, the Islamist freak rodent leader didn’t care about the graceful language and shouted:  “Witness ye, for I am the killer of Abu Basseer!”  Whereat he shot him in the chest and killed him.  Others opened fire on his comrades and wounded them all.

The reference is to a meeting that took place in Turkey between ‘Uqaab Saqr (son of a real prostitute and cuckold father.  I know one of her lovers personally – ZH) and members of the FSA command.  But Lu’ayy Miqdaad, spokesrodent for the FSA denies Saqr ever attended any such meeting.  He also issued a dark warning to the Islamist mercenaries that they must turn over the killers or face an unspecified reaction.  Yawn.  Our version is the only true one.  You can read it in yesterday’s post.  Wael says that the JP quotes typical FSA folderol.

AL-RAQQA:  In a story linked to the one about Hamaami’s death in Latakia Province, here’s one for the comedy file:  The Islamic State of Mesopotamia and the Levant, now at war with the FSA, has arrested all 22 FSA members at Tal Abyadh near the Turkish border after the latter suspended all work on a electrical power station contributed by an unnamed foreign government.  Behead them!  I can’t wait for more embarrassing abominations.


We wrote yesterday about 11 rodents being killed in an operation by the SAA in Basanqool.  We did not know that the rat pack which was exterminated was the very last in that town.  Basanqool is now free of all rodents.  Good show.  Keep up the good work!

Ra’s Al-Maqta’ on the Areeha-Latakia Road, 3 rats were shot by SAA trying to abandon their positions and flee toward the safety of Erdoghan’s Turkey:

Hussayn Abu Manna

The other 2 were not Syrian.

Mu’tarem:  Reports indicate major advances in this rural area. I have no details.

Binnish:  At the Industrial Zone Northwest of the town,  confirmed 7 rats dispatched to Lucifer’s Laboratories:

Khaaled ‘Abdul-Hameed Sumaysem
Anas ‘Ali Judaydi
Ahmad ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Maadhi
Hassan Muhammad Tuwayq
Mustafaa Ahmad Al-Reesha
“Abu-Al-Fa’s” (Owner of the axe.  My. My. Id pending)

8 rats were wounded and taken prisoner.  



AL-QAABOON:  Cleansed of the dirty Islamist Fake Muslim Garbage, at last.  The Al-Qaeda franchise: “Free Qaasyoon Batallion” was annihilated last night by brilliant militia fighters:

Ahmad Abu ‘Adhdhaan
Muhammad Al-‘Abbaassi
Khaleel Dubayraan
‘Abdul-Mu’izz Khuzrum
‘Ali Al-Sayyid
Mukhtaar Haddaad  

AL-QAABOON INDUSTRIAL: 300-400 meter-long tunnel found, 1.5 meters wide and 4-6 meters in depth. Inside were electric fencings and IEDs.  THANK YOU, KING ZOMBIEBRAIN OF ARABIA.

 العثور على نفقين في القابون وحرستا بطول من 300 إلى 400م

JAWBAR: At the Parliament Roundabout,  SAA killed 30 rats:

‘Umar Yusuf Makki
‘Ammaar Ahmad Jum’ah
Muhammad ‘Ali Salaah
Hassan ‘Ali Kissirwaani
Muwaffaq Raateb Al-Deemaas
Mugheera Shamlaani
Abdul-‘Azeez Ahmad Al-Jaassem
Muhammad ‘Abdul-Wahhaab ‘Umayra
Khaaled Muhammad ‘Asali      

Monzer cannot get the rest of the names.

Also in Jawbar, at the Al-Manaasher Roundabout, SAA killed these:

Muhammad Al-Saleem (Well, he ain’t so hale and hardy any more.  Rat leader of first pack.)
“Shaaker” (Id pending. Rat leader of second pack. SANA)

While searching the area after killing these rodents, the SAA came upon a “POISON GAS FACTORY” supplied by the war criminal SAUDI REGIME OF APES:

The chlorine based toxic chemicals had Saudi Arabia stamped all over them.  Now, when will Dr. Bashar Al-Ja’afari bring this before the U.N.S.C.?  Huh?

Barza:  Near the Educational Satellite Center, SAA and police surrounded quivering slime-eating sewer rats and killed these:

Sayyaah Al-Habbool (Gosh! What an idiot.  A/k/a: “Hamaami”, doesn’t augur well.)
Jabboor ‘Ali Samhaat
Ja’afar Al-Idlibi

4 IEDs were uncovered with payloads between 15-25 kgs with remote triggers. 

Dayr Salmaan in the East Ghouta:  

Iyaad Shaaheen
Muhammad Hunaydi

Hujjayra:  South of Damascus, these rodents were expelled from existence:

Saamer Al-Nijim
Iyaad Turkmaani

Al-Hajar Al-Aswad: Also, South Damascus, the “Al-Faateh Al-Naasser Brigade” (J.N.Yawn)  went down to abject defeat along with their cesspool-spawned rat leader:

“Abu Al-‘Abbaas” (id pending)
Zuhayr Shahhaal

Another 6 could not be identified.

‘Aliyah Farms:  In Douma:  A pack of rats tried to awkwardly avoid arrest and wound up at Mickey’s Mouse’s Funeral Home:

Yahyaa Zaytoon
Khaaled Halaawa

Daarayyaa:  In Al-‘Alaali, more clean-up as starving rodents come out of the stonework only to face the Grim Reaper:

“Mahmood” (a/k/a Abu Ameen.  By a curious coincidence, Ziad, your editor is also called Abu Ameen)
Ahmad Al-Da’aas
“Muhannad” (a/k/a “Abu Al-Noor”, the Father of Light is now the Urchin of Darkness)
Reehaan Farms:  1 suicide bomber all dressed up in his Sunday-goin’-to-meetin’-clothes was shot to death but managed to detonate his bomb.  His body parts are now fertilizer.  No name.

‘Arbeen:  2 killed. No names. 

Halboon near the foot of the mountain range,  the SAA confiscated enough assault rifles and ammo to arm an entire regiment of our militia.  THANK YOU, KING  MORON OF ARABIA:

‘Umar Fidhdha Al-Taweel (Silver turned to base metal in Hell)
Taareq ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Mu’ti

Doumaa:  In the East Ghouta at the Martyrs’ Roundabout, SAA killed these circumambulating freaks:

Khaaled Ward-Al-Shaam (Damascene Rose?  Now Fecal Weed of Erebus)
Muhammad Al-Sammaaan
Saami Shuwayner (?)

‘Adraa Town:  5 rats downed at the Electric Converter.  No details. Yet.

Al-Qaassimiyya:  Police killed this vermin:

Ahmad Al-Ahmad

Lt. Gen. and Defense Minister, Fahd Jaassem Al-Furayj, addresses his captains as the Chief of the Syrian General Staff, Lt. Gen. ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayyoob, looks on approvingly.  (File photo)


A picture taken on June 8, 2013, shows Syrian army soldiers gathering ammunition from a tunnel in th
A Syrian soldier unearths weapons stored by rodents in this tunnel in Khaalidiyya, Homs.  Just part of the clean-up.  (Al-Alam) 

Khaalidiyya:  Clean-up and tunnel searches mark the entire operation now.  Some pockets of resistance here and there.  But, nothing that will last more than 24 hours.  The area has been devastated by these traitorous rats.

Baab Hood:  Almost finished here.  Wael says that the number of IEDs planted by the cowardly mercenary Islamist rodent filth makes all operations slow.

Waadi Al-Saayeh:  2 rats on motorcycles killed after being ordered to stop.  Motorcycles in good condition:

Rabee’ Muhammad Majdalaani
‘Abdul-Sattaar Hassan Al-Bakht (Not so lucky now, though)

Al-Qussoor and Al-Massaabigh: No details about fighting.

Harbnafsuh:  IEDs dismantled.

Daar Al-Kabeera:  Near Al-Rastan.  4 rats killed.  No details.

Talbeesa:  An IED factory found and destroyed.  Lots of C-4 for use against Saudis.

‘Izzu Mustafaa Suwayss
Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Hussayn

Bayt Hajju:  Fighting with no details.

South Al-Mashjar:  Ditto.

Al-‘Aamiriyya:  Ditto.

Bayt Qaswaat:  Ditto.

‘Uyoon Hussayn:  Huge IED factory found and all explosives seized for use against Saudi Arabia.

Keesseen:  Another IED factory.  Not as big.

Al-Rastan:  An IED factory with full complement of rats is destroyed:

‘Abdullah Al-Qaasimi (SAUDI CHANCRE)
Ayham ‘Assaafeeri
Muhammad Al-Taqs (How’s the weather in Hell?)
Marwaan Mansoor
Daawood Marzooq
Taaleb Ahmad-Hassan
Thaabet Abu-Laylaa
Saamer Ayyoob
‘Ammaar Moussaa (a/k/a “Abu Salaam”)

Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah at the Islamic Charity Building in the direction of the mosque,  4 rats are killed and 4 taken prisoner.

Baab Al-Sibaa’:  Big battle with big numbers, but no details.

Al-Hissn:  The Krak De Chevaliers town, small battle with nice rewards. No details.

That’s the citadel everybody tells you about.  Good ‘Araq too.  

Al-Zaara:  Near Tal-Kalakh, this one little rat took the slide down to Old Cootie:

‘Abdul-Razzaaq Al-Ameeri

PALMYRA:  A checkpoint was attacked by rats.  They were foiled.  Weapons seized. No details.

Al-Marwaha Village near Palmyra (Tadmur), no details.

 Al-‘Abbaasiyya:  Enough cars and motorcycles to open a dealership. THANK YOU, KING ZOMBIE!   

Al-Shaykh Sulaymaan Al-Kuwayti Farms:  Near Palmyra. No details.


CENTRAL PRISON:  The rats are trying to the 139th time to storm this prison which is now so well-reinforced that Ghengiz Khan’s Golden Horde would have to spend 6 years trying to storm it. This time, the Jabhat Al-Nusra social-rejects tried the northern wall.  While all this was taking place,  the SAA destroyed a 57mm cannon.  The siege was called off until the 140th time tomorrow.  Yawn.
Daarat ‘Izza:  A convoy of trucks loaded with goodies for our militias and NDF was intercepted, stopped and annihilated by both SAA and SAF.  No details on fatalities.
Tal Rif’at:  At the municipal building, 6 rats confirmed dead and 5 taken prisoner. 
A reader sent this article in and I’m going to showcase it as an example of how stories get all snarled in misinformation:
Nick Griffin throws light on the Jihadists in Syria in this short video sent by one of our readers. Very interesting:

Great 1/2 hour long video about overthrowing governments courtesy of CIA and MI6:

 When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s ………………….
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