Syrian Perspective’s sources in Latakia and Damascus confirm that the Syrian Arab Army, with support from the Air Force,  killed 6 Turkish active duty officers and 6 Fake Syrian Army (FSA) commanders including one named, Ahmad ‘Assaaf, a leading figure in the unit called “Dir’ Al-Shamaal درع الشمال or “Northern Shield”. 

According to media sources, an American reporter, illegally inside Syria, was also part of the group.  Wael says the Turks were probably there for Intel reasons.  The fact that they were deep inside Syrian territory at a town called Ma’ssaraan (which we reported to you the day before as the scene of fighting with a promise for detailed breakdowns of rat-stats) indicates that the Turks are hankering for war with both Syria and Iran. Ma’ssaraan is just outside Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan.  (See map below in center/lower)

Wael would only say that the Turks were killed by SAF fighter-bombers as they congregated in a shed with FSA fellow rodents.  The Syrian government is keeping mum about this out of fear that the embarrassment to Ankara could ignite retaliatory measures.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.


انفجار مصنع للعبوات الناسفة.. ومقتل متزعم ما يسمى

The lunar landscape around ‘Adraa underlines the loneliness of rodent death.  These carcasses will probably never be identified and no rat family will come forward to claim them.  Many are from foreign countries and will wind up as footnotes in someone’s biography, i.e. “my cousin Ben left to fight in Syria and never returned……”  Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.

Yarmouk Camp:

تطهير أحياء في مخيم اليرموك من الإرهابيين وإنذارهم بالاستسلام أو الانسحاب

Palestinian Popular Committees cleaned up whole areas of the northern camp yesterday after savage battles in which the PFLP-GC played a major role.  The committees issued a final warning to all remaining rats to “get out or die”.  We prefer the latter.

Barza: The luckless Liwaa’ Al-Islaam (yawn) was the subject of much liquidation yesterday as a pack of its rats was cornered and dispatched.  Weapons were both destroyed and seized.

‘Eed Al-‘Ashshi
Muqbel Sulaymaan
Khayreddeen Al-Warda
‘Ali Tahhaan
Rajaa Abu-Ashraf
Zayn Mashlab

Another 7 could not be identified and presumed foreign.

Al-Qaaboon:  A mother lode of weapons, drugs and communication equipment destroyed and seized in a firefight the rats cannot win.  Monzer has received no names from this area.

Jawbar:  A tunnel complete with cameras for surveillance is uncovered and was loaded with IEDs.  All C-4 and explosives will be used to kill Saudi rats when the time is right.

‘Adraa:  The carcass-count from yesterday’s annihilation of the rats is now 75 and climbing.  No names though.  Good show.

DAMASCUS’ ATTORNEY GENERAL FOR TERRORIST ACTIVITIES announced yesterday, through the offices of the Ministry of the Interior, that a man named “F.S.” had been arrested and charged with violation of Crim. Code 635 and 641 in that he practiced “Deceit and Larceny” and also, Section 19 of Syr. Crim. Code 4 and 7 (2012) in that he helped to “finance and promote terrorism”.

He had been suspected for weeks.  He is also a judge in the Terrorism Court.  He was arrested while trying to destroy what his pursuers knew were incriminating documents.  Before he could put them to flames while suspecting he was being watched,  agents of General Security pounced on him and confiscated the entire damning package.

The documents contained open requests from families of terrorists for more money from Saudi Arabia.  F.S. had been given access codes to permit communication with Saudi-ape-spooks in Jordan.  It also contained the names of former judges in the court.  It also showed that he was “reviewing” cases before him which he intended to dismiss as part of his work for his terroristic principals in Arabia and Washington. Among the papers were “visitation passes” he was going to approve to allow families of imprisoned rats to see their mephitic spawn.

Monzer ways he is now “warbling” eloquently as any former judge would.  Death sentence for him.  Now!


Mu-Hassan:  This town’s name in Syrian and Mesopotamian dialect is “not so good”.  It certainly is not very good for rodents. SAA proved that yesterday by killing these crawling vermin:

Ahmad Al-Haaj
Zuhayr ‘Ilayyaan
Ameen Al-Jaassem
Mansoor Badri

Al-Siyaasiyya Bridge at the entryway into the city:  A car loaded with weapons was stopped and its passengers killed when they chose to resist arrest.  Some nice rifles and hand grenades were taken for distribution to our militias.  THANK YOU, KING IMBECILE OF SAUDI SCARABIA.

Al-Shaykh Yaaseen:  Firefight with no details.

Al-Hameediyya:  Ditto.

Al-Rushdiyya:  An ambush by militia resulted in 2 rodents dead and 6 taken prisoner:

‘Abbaas Khaz’am
Mustafaa Humaydaan

Al-Huwayqa:  No details about another firefight.  Wael heard 3 rats were killed. No confirmation.


City:  A large explosion of poorly rigged IEDs vaporized these identifiable scum:

Ahmad Khaleel Al-Daagher
Mu’tazz Jallaad
Yahyaa Muhammad

There were other carcasses which could not be identified for obvious reasons.

Dakar Town:  An attack on a military checkpoint proved fruitless when SAA infantrymen fired back.  Monzer reports 5 rats killed.  Some escaped.

Nawaa:  The leader of “Martyrs of Al-Yarmouk Brigade” was killed along with his litter-mates in this skillfully planned ambush:

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Muhammad Al-Ta’aani
‘Abdul-Salaam Mukhayber
Ghassaan Faarooqi
Shurahbeel Al-Mahaasina
‘Adheedh Ya’rub

Another 4 could not be identified.  3 were taken wounded and captive.

Al-Soora:  Firefight with 2 rats killed.  No names.

Al-Hiraak:  Locals helped to point out rat nests and the SAA did not disappoint. All were foreign mercenaries except this traitor:

‘Afeef Hussayn Al-Khayyaat

East Al-Maleeha:  Fighting with no details.

Basr Al-Hareer:  Ditto.

Shaykh-Miskeen: (Var. Dial. Shmishkeen):  Ditto.

Saydaa:  Old news.  4 dead rats.

Umm Al-Lawqis:  7 rats confirmed killed by SAA infantry and snipers:

Muneeb Hassan Sultaaniyya
Muhammad Zakariyyaa
Saati’ Qaddoom
Hussayn Sa’aada

The other 2 were not identified.

Abu-Madaraat:  No details about fighting.

Jaasser:  Ditto.


Al-Rastan:  At the Siryaan Cemetery, 4 rats hid behind gravestones they thought would protect them against bullets.  They did, until they were shot from behind the stones.

Haytham Al-Jabboori 
Haaroon Abu-Shihaada
Mahmoud Nooreddeen
“Abu-‘Inaad” (The stubborn one.  Id pending)

Al-Zaara:  A perfect ambush nets these rodents:

Ahmad Khaleel Qahwaji (now he’s having coffee with Beelzebub)
Radhwaan Hazarfaan
Muhammad Abu-Ghilla
‘Abdul-Hameed Jirbaasi
Sameeh Dallool

5 more could not be identified.  3 taken prisoner but wounded.

Al-Mashjar:  No details from SANA or Wael.

Khirbat Dayr Salaam: Ditto.

Al-Sama’leel: Ditto.  But hints of some good rat-stats soon.

Al-Naassiriyya:  Ditto.

Tadmur: (Palmyra):  SAA foils American-inspired effort to plant 3 IEDs east of Al-Tabaabeer on the Homs-Palmyra Highway.  No details about the 8 rats killed.

Baab Hood:  First inhabitants coming back in to check out the damage done by rats.  Good show.

Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah:  Fighting.

Al-Hameediyya:  Ditto.

Al-Warsha, Al-Qusoor, Al-Qaraabees near the irrigation pump, Al-Hissin, Al-Zaara Orchards and Kafr Laahaa, all saw fighting yesterday but the situation is very dynamic and nobody can get details.

SAA marksmen take aim at adders slithering through the fields around Homs City.  

Syrian Army Kills 6 Turkish Officers, Terrorist Commander in Reef Idlib


Here’s a good article from World Tribune by an insightful writer. Sad story to be told, though:

This EU action is very meaningless because the armed wing of Hizbullah has no assets to speak of.  The EU will pay for this, however, in losing good will it might have gotten elsewhere:


Thanks to our friend in Canada. Ziad

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