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For his part, the terrorist, ‘Ali Haytham Al-Saaleh, said:

“The one nicknamed the “Shafra” (tran. “Razor”)  is I,  who is from the town of Ya’foor and I work in smuggling.  One time, Abu Al-Layl came over to me, his name is Muhammad Shuqayr, in the company of another person and requisitioned from me a procurement of weapons for the group comprised of Iyaad Al-Nu’maan, Ahmad Ali ‘Uthmaan, Khaaled Al-Nu’maan and Ahmad Al-Rushdaan.

The terrorist Al-Saaleh went on:  “We would transport quantities of rifles, ammunition and explosive material to Qudsiyyaa, Qatanaa, Ya’foor and Al-Qadam which used to come from Lebanon by way of Hurayra Village and Kufayr Al-Zayt.  With me was Muhammad Muraad, ‘Ali Ibraaheem Nadeem who was nicknamed ‘Abu Shaadi’ and Muhammad ‘Izzeddeen; and we used to put the weapons in secret hiding places in cars and would transport them for money.”

The terrorist Al-Saaleh stated: “After some time, Iyaad introduced me to ‘Ali Abu-Jaad who had a warehouse where he used to receive explosive material from Lebanon like sticks of TNT and silver nitrate for preparation of bombs and we used to transport them to him in exchange for amounts between 10 to 15 thousand Syrian liras.  Ahmad ‘Ali ‘Uthmaan used to distribute them in Qudsiyyaa and Qatanaa.”

The terrorist Al-Saaleh added:  “After a while, they requested that I move bombs from Ra’s Al-‘Ayn to Al-Sabboora where Iyaad Al-Nu’maan and Hassan Sidqa prepared them in the orchards, their weight ranging between 30 to 35 kilograms.  After they made their way to Qudsiyyaa, they asked me to transport more, so, I transported to them (bombs), more than twenty times, and each time there were 5 to 6 bombs.”

And the terrorist Al-Saaleh said:  “After a time, they asked me to come to Qudsiyyaa to take over one of the checkpoints.  When we got down from the car near one of the checkpoints,  the soldiers opened fire on us and Hassan was shot in the leg.  The operation was a failure so we escaped toward the outskirts (of the city) and the next day, I returned to the town with Khaaled while Hassan and Iyaad stayed on the outskirts.”

The terrorist Al-Saaleh added:  “During our ambush of a car with Qaassem Sidqa and Ahmad Al-Rushdaan  under the command of Nawwaaf,  a car approached in the direction of (our) brigade which was above our town, and the guys stopped it.  Then the car moved because it suspected that the checkpoint wasn’t natural.  So, we fired at it from behind and one passenger was struck and later died while a second person was shot in the foot when he tried to escape.  When I approached the Jeep I found inside it a woman so I immediately took my distance and we escaped.”        

The terrorist Al-Saaleh said:  “After a half an hour we met in Qaassem Sidqa’s house where we discussed what happened.  Nawwaaf said that what happened was a mistake because he thought they were from the army.  But, after the operation,  we took the personal effects which were in their possession and after some time, Iyaad came to me and gave me a sack in which there were laser discs and a detonation device so I could get it to Nawwaaf  (Hassaan Al-Nu’maani).  I gave the sack to him three days before he was arrested.”    

The terrorist Al-Saaleh added:  “After that, a person called “Abu Jaassem”, an ameer in Jabhat Al-Nusra,  talked to me.  He requested that I meet up with him in Kafr Qawq Village.  When I met up with him, he asked me to monitor Mish’aan Al-Jabboori’s Farm in Ya’foor.  I told him that the roads were closed and that there was a detachment and checkpoint nearby.  So, he asked me to monitor it from a distance to know if anything was inside it.  But, after three days of monitoring it, I saw nothing.”

The terrorist Al-Saaleh stated: “I undertook to ask about Al-Jabboori from a person who worked in real estate on the pretense that there was a customer who wanted to buy the villa which he owned.  A person informed me that he was in Lebanon.  I reported that to Abu Jaassem and he asked me to make sure.  When I returned to ask the same person a second time about Al-Jabboori, he said that he was in Jordan.  So, Abu Jaassem asked for me and told me that a car would be rigged with explosives and that it would be detonated by way of my martyrdom in order to assassinate Al-Jabboori.  After a time, I was arrested.”

For his part, the terrorist Khaaled ‘Issaam Al-Lasheen said:  “I’m from Ya’foor and I’m 27 years old.  I work in smuggling from the area of Dayr Al-‘Ashaayer in Lebanon to Syria where we used to smuggle blankets and shortening-type products from Lebanon to Syria.  We used to smuggle fuel in the other direction.”

The terrorist Khaaled added:  “I got to know the one called ‘Ali Haytham Al-Saaleh who was nicknamed the “Razor” who used to work with us and we rented a red Ford car from someone named Muhammad Al-Najjaaar and we smuggled in it 9 rifles and cartridges and 2,500 bullets from Kufayr Al-Zayt Town by hiding them underneath the seat located next to the driver.  Then, the one called ‘Ali transported them to his home in Ra’s Al-‘Ayn.  Likewise, we smuggled three loads of weapons from Qudsiyyaa including 10 armed men on the third load.”

The terrorist Khaaled said:  “When we were transporting weapons and armed men, we met up with two young fellows from the Al-Booshi family and a person called Hussaam Abu Al-Hawwaa who contacted some people in Qudsiyyaa in order that they engage in a firefight with a checkpoint located at the entrance to the city so as to make it easier to us to infiltrate it.”

The terrorist Khaaled added:  “There were around 50 fighters who engaged in combat with the checkpoint and they got us into Qudsiyyaa.  Two from the Al-Booshi family remained on the other side in order to distract the checkpoint as we were entering.  However, they were both killed in the firefight.”

The terrorist Khaaled stated:  “Hassan got us into the area of Al-Amal Plaza in Qudsiyyaa and we waited in one of the orchards whilst he went to obtain bedding and food for us.  He asked us to stay until dawn when the situation would calm down.”

The terrorist Khaaled added: “The next day they took us out to the plaza and they distributed to us weapons.  There was a person there called Abu ‘Ali accompanied by two individuals and he distributed to us black banners on which was written: “There is no God but God”. لا إله إلا الله
And the terrorist Khaaled said:  “We were shocked by the army’s attack  on us at the first section of the Al-Amal Plaza and we engaged in combat with it.  With us was a person called Muhammad Sidqa who was nicknamed “Khanjoor”.  He was the paternal first cousin of the one called Hassan, the ameer of a group belonging to the Jabhat Al-Nusra.  He brought all his acquaintances in order to rescue the fighters in Qudsiyyaa because, as he said, ‘they were our brothers’.”

Whereas the terrorist Mahmoud Mamdooh Al-Lasheen said:  I was born in Ya’foor in 1983 and work in the marble factory.  One day I went to visit my relative Nawwaaf Al-Nu’maani and he received me.  He was carrying in his hand a device to detonate an IED.”

The terrorist Mahmoud added: “The next day, Nawwaaf contacted me and said that there was a group whom we had to transport from Kafr Qawq to Ya’foor and I had the duty of picking them up in Ya’foor to transport them to another group in Al-Saboora.  That was for the price of 3 thousand liras for each person.  I did that and I transported them via an old dirt road.”

The terrorist Mahmoud said: “After that,  Nawwaaf contacted me and requested that I work with the group in exchange for money.  I agreed because I was unemployed .  He then took me, after a while, to Ra’s Al-‘Ayn and introduced me to another group in Ahmad ‘Uthmaan’s home and among them were Ismaa’eel Al-Nu’maan, Khaaled Al-Nu’maan, Hassan Sidqa and Iyaad Al-Nu’maan.”       
The terrorist Mahmoud added:  “I took off after a while to Qudsiyyaa, where we planned our assault on the Al-Safsaaf checkpoint, accompanied by Nawwaaf and we met up with Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Shara’iy, who was responsible for fatwaas in the area, and ‘Abdul-Kareem Ghandoor, leader of a group in Qudsiyyaa.  Iyaad Al-Nu’maani was also with us along with Ahmad Ismaa’eel Al-Nu’maan and Hassan Sidqa.  We attacked it the next day but could not take it over so we retreated.”               

And the terrorist Mahmoud said:  “Nawwaaf asked me to secure the road to Al-Bajjaain order to block the arrival of help to the army.  So, I contacted my brother-in-law ‘Alaa’ Shaaheen to secure a place for that in Al-Sabboora which was essentially a farm to which we transported explosive material and undertook assembly of IEDs there.  We planted an IED near the International School and an IED at the junction of Al-Bajjaa’ but the army was able to (control)-detonate the two IEDs.”

Whereas the terrorist ‘Alaa’-Al-Deen Shaaheen said:  “I was born in Ya’foor in 1988 and worked in construction.  One day, my brother-in-law, Mahmoud Al-Lasheen, came to me and offered me membership in a group with which he operated and he asked me to secure an outermost place for it and a person who worked in auto collision repair. (Trans: metal work or blacksmithing)”

The terrorist Shaaheen added : “I secured the place which was my most distant field from Ya’foor and secured the metal worker.”

For his part, the terrorist ‘Abdul-Kareem Ghandoor” said:  “I was born in Qudsiyyaa in 1977.  When I was seated on the farm,  ‘Abdul-‘Azeez Ghandoor came to me and said: ‘I have formed an armed group’ and he asked me to join it.  He gave me an automatic rifle and 3 magazines.”

The terrorist ‘Abdul-Kareem went on:  “We set up a checkpoint near the beer brewery and we stopped two passenger buses and kidnapped two soldiers and transported them to a villa near the Toumaan gas station between Qudsiyyaa and Al-Haamma where we put them in the cellar.”      

The terrorist ‘Abdul-Kareem said:  “We repeated the same operation the next day and kidnapped two other soldiers and likewise assaulted one of the checkpoints near Al-Safsaaf and Al-Masaaken and Al-Ruwsaas and near the Al-‘Uraad Casino.   

From his side, the terrorist Muhammad Raslaan Zayn Al-‘Arab said:  “I am from Kafr Qawq Village in the Damascus countryside and work as a taxi driver for hire.  After my wife’s maternal uncle, Muhammad Ahmad Al-Nu’maan, got out of Saydnaayaa Prison, after spending 7 years there,  he began to form a group to follow him and I joined it.  We were 40 in number in his group and most were from Qatanaa.

The terrorist Zayn Al-‘Arab added:  “The members of the group used to communicate directly with him every day.  The began by carrying weapons and they formed the Hudhayfa Bin Al-Yamaan Bridgade.  I used transport whatever weapons, money and other things they needed from Kafr Qawq to Qatanaa.  ‘Aamer Al-Shaykh who was nicknamed Abu ‘Ubayda used to receive everything I transported.”

Translated by Ziad Abu Fadel, Esq., Michigan Supreme Court certified interpreter/translator for Arabic and English.  This entire text may be used by all patriots and supporters of the Syrian government and people with the proviso that any such use shall attribute the text to Ziad Abu      


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