It was a sure-fire combination: the massive power of the U.S., the history and capabilities of allies, France, the U.K., the EU and the financial backing of Qatar and Saudi Arabia with Egypt and other “Arab-Spring” nations drafting behind the juggernaut that could not be stopped.  How could the U.S. lose?  And how could Assad win?  If you were an odds maker in Vegas, what would you give Assad?  How long?  One month? Two? Three?  The media picked up on this Delphic perseveration.  The CIA and MI6 psyops-psycho-babble-linguists flooded the media world with phrases that became almost perfunctory for every article:  “Oh, he has a little time left”, or “Oh, his days are numbered”.  And the list has already been documented on our blog, sometimes with serious intent and sometimes just to mock the entire constellation of crow-eating dipsomaniacal doofuses who swallowed the entire narrative – anchor, chain and superstructure.

So what went went wrong?  Robert Ford, arguably one of history’s most accursed failures, the former U.S. ambassador to Damascus and Omar Khayyam’s Moving Finger, (or so he thought), had convinced himself that he had every reason to believe his plot to overthrow the Assad government would succeed.  Not only was Assad “isolated” diplomatically, his country was writhing with sectarian spasm occasioned by the convulsions in the Arab World and by decades of one-family rule.  His confidence in the scheme to oust Dr. Assad became down right vulgar as he, during 2011 and until his disgraceful exit from the ambassadorship, openly contacted and connived with anti-government activists to overthrow the government of a sitting member of the United Nations.  At no time in the history of diplomacy has any ambassador ever injected himself into the political life of a foreign country in a manner so unctuous, blatant and sleazy.  But why not?  Or so he thought.  He was backed by the Big Fat Alliance mentioned in the first sentence of this article.

Money. Media. Arms. Support. Clout. Determination. It was all there.  How could the U.S. lose?

That’s right, folks.  Miscalculation Number One: Russia and Putin.  When Ford appeared in Michigan, specifically in Berkley, an enclave hardly worth describing,  to address anti-Assad Sunni perverts and felons, he made his fantasies very clear:  Russia does not help anybody who can’t pay for it.  He said it, en clair, before an audience and recording devices.  The Russians don’t do that anymore.  They have to be paid for any service or merchandise.  The old days of Andropov, Brezhnev and Khruschev were over.  No more free lunches.  No more free rides.  Assad is finished!!  Right?………  Nyet!

Not only has Russia been noticeably conscientious in honoring contracts for weapons systems, they have been actually quite generous in upgrading existing systems; printing Syrian money; contributing to finances; trouncing every effort at the U.N. to persecute the people and government of Syria.

Ford could not understand that the Russians had more at stake here than some port facility in a Biblical town called Tartous.  There was the issue of projected power and Russia’s own reputation as a reliable ally.  There was also the ghost of Libya hovering over all considerations, what with the West’s disingenuous sneak around the Russo-Sino backside on grounds of concocted humanitarian concerns that resulted in the overthrow of a leader of a sitting member government of the U.N – and one that had solid economic ties to Moscow!        

Miscalculation Number Two:  The Iranians would be pleased to dump Assad, keep a rump state alive on life support, but close to Hizbullah, and enjoy improved relations with the West as a result.  Right?  Naakher!  ناخر  The Iranians were completely misread by an incompetent West.  It seems almost impossible – but now inevitable – that American analytical assets, be they in Langley or London, represent a true low point in the history of Yankee brainpower.  The CIA and State all wanted to give the Iranian mindset a certain Metternichian twist; even Machiavellian: All’s fair in love and war.  And, heck, they could have their nuclear program as long as they gave up on Assad.

The Americans were wrong because they had gotten drunk on “megapower” status since the fall of the Soviet Union.  They were the only game in town and it was their way or the highway.  Not to forget that other nations also have memories of American political and military disasters from Korea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Iraq and Afghanistan, to name a few,  the U.S. didn’t just walk among nations, it strutted and swaggered like a besotted wrestler whacking spectators with a bronze champion’s belt, ignoring the sense of outrage they would feel after he sobered up.  Forgetting, also, that American wrestling is a fraud.

Iran actually functions like a real state.  Leaving aside the theocratic system of government, which this author prefers to leave rather than take,  and the Platonic/Farabian character of the political authority, Iran has a plan.  The plan is to usher in a new and modern Islamist state built on Shi’i principals but with the participation of newly enlightened Sunni majority.  Iran would build up its credentials by being more nationalist than Al-Husri; more anti-Zionist than George Habash; more anti-Western than Sayyed Qutb.  Iran would build up her capabilities internally without Western indulgence.  A warning to the Arabians:  we can do it as Shi’i Muslims.  What can you do without your white people or dark-skinned Indians and Filipinos? What can you do by yourselves, oh Keepers of the Holy Shrines of Islam?

Iran’s plan to extend a natural gas pipeline across Iraq and into Syria terrifies the West.  What with Russia’s Gazprom monopolizing this source of energy, the last thing Europe would need is another Eastern beast to further tear up the prissy-viscous flesh of an oh-so-civilized European continent, its perfumed cheeks ruddy from fat rendered in a French saute pan, its satin underwear made by brown children in a country vilified for its zeal to please European sartorial appetites, it’s pompous popinjay political personae primping properly before adoring cameras with that ubermenschlich look.  Rubbish.

But there was another more serious problem that made Ford’s plan unworkable – a certain failure.  It was Syrian Perspective.  Don’t laugh.  Not yet, anyway.  It’s not SyrPer, per se.  No.  It was the obstinate, yea, obdurate love for Syria and its people that would not abide the country’s fall into the maws of rapacious, ravenous wolves.  It is what SyrPer stands for that was emblematic of the unbreakable Syrian soul.  Sure, you could find ignorant Sunni yokels programmed to despise anything but what their miserable imbecile ancestors taught them; and you could martial their hatreds in order to destroy a country.  You could make up any slack with even more ignorant foreign Jihadists. But the one thing you could not do is decapitate the spirit of the nation which is the “beating heart of Arab nationalism”.  That title is not earned easily.  It was earned with blood and pride.  We earned it over the carcasses of French and British oppressors.  We earned it by never surrendering Palestine. Never!

Ford thought, like many, that the Syrian army would splinter into pieces.  Most Alawis would wend their way back to the coast to make new alliances in order to stay alive in a roiling Sunni world of revanchisme. The other “Batini” sects would make their peace with the triumphant, pro-Western, Sunni leadership basking in the approbation of slack-jawed Saudi and Qatari apes.  The Christians would accept dhimmi status with protection from their Russian or French Maman.  But, it didn’t happen like that because Ford, like all WASPs, has to see the world in an ordered way according to, well,  Ford.  It is a Protestant fetish!

The Ba’ath Party, for all its faults, did one thing for which every Syrian must be thankful.  The Ba’ath never conceded defeat to any enemy.  With each generation, Syrians were suckled on the milk of secularism and devotion to the cause of Arabism.  You can go to Arabia and find any squalid bedouin tribe willing to shine your white Caucasian haunches; but not in Syria!  The persona of the loyal Syrian citizen, nurtured on modern thought and service to the dream of Pan-Arabism,  broke the spine of Ford’s Mephistophelian plan.  This is why he no longer exists.  This is why Dr. Assad is the president of the Syrian Arab Republic.  And this is why an Arabian ape will always be just an ape. Ziad Amin Abu Fadel.






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