The war against the Syrian government and people, motivated by a desire to stanch the growth of Iranian influence and to block the evolution of a true “Opposition Front” in the war against the Zionist cancer,  has taken on some very subtle characteristics, some of which are anchored in reality and some in a fantasy world where human perception acts like flypaper, catching absurdities and digesting it.  In the beginning, the CIA psyops people and MI6 psycho-babble wordsmiths disseminated a string of adjectives and adverbs which were all designed to “create” an “atmosphere”.  It was not very different from Poe’s style: not much substance, but great atmospherics.

“He is illegitimate”; “He has lost his legitimacy”; “He has only a few weeks before his regime collapses”; “A major defection took place today”; “12 Syrian officers crossed the border into Turkey”; “He is embattled”; “He is surrounded”.  “He is now living on a Russian ship off the coast of Latakia”.  “He has sent his family to Russia.”  “His inner circle has been decimated”.  “He cannot count on party regulars any longer”.  And the list goes on and on, ad nauseam.  The masculine third person pronoun refers to, naturally, Dr. Bashar Al-Assad.  But the expressions, unleashed so blithely by the Western media, were well-studied symbols designed to be absorbed subliminally by an ovine population.  The idea was to prepare Americans and Brits for another foreign imbroglio.  It just couldn’t work. No matter how sophisticated the technique, people, weary of diplobabble and Pentagon gibberish,  could not be convinced to take the plunge into another Wonderland.    

With all due respect to Lewis Carroll, Americans and most westerners, have tired of the same story involving white rabbits and liquefascient looking glasses.   

But more than mere preparation of a people for increased misery, the propaganda had the natural effect of buoying up the sagging morale of the terrorist mercenaries, many of whom obtained their daily field reports from disjointed Western reports, some spouting pure nonsense from Amman or Beirut, with language that seemingly placed the writers at the scene of the event.  In truth, reports from AP and Reuters, especially those by Khaled Oweiss, a Qatari-paid catamite loser and Al-Qaeda sympathizer whose own sister (or wife) was just gang-raped by Qatar’s Al-Qaeda heroes in Syria, quoted consistently discredited, nay, humiliated news sources such as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights,  a creation of the British Foreign Office, operating out of Coventry, England, of all things, or the non-existent Local Coordinating Committees who claim to have sources inside Syria.

Both SOHR and LCC have absolutely nobody!  We now know how Rami Abdul-Rahman, a non de plume for a Syrian convict, gets his news. He has no sources in Syria.  I know this because people involved in security have told me that nary a soul will speak to him out of fear of being exposed as Quislings or snitches.  All telephonic communications, e-mails, wire contacts, and the like, are monitored by MI and GS.  The system in place today in Syria is top-of-the-line software that SOHR cannot evade.

Instead, SOHR receives deliberately skewed data from both the FSA in Apaydin or Guvecci and from MI6 terrorist-enablers in Incirlik.  The news is intentionally designed to boost FSA and J.N. morale, cast aspersions on the SAA while causing the Syrian government to expend time and effort to brace against a canard or red herring.  And so we come to the so-called 4th Zionist air raid on Latakia.

The reports make no sense.  The American disclosure is even less rational.  Let it be known, once and for all, that Syria has had both the S-300 anti-aircraft missiles (Pantsyr, too) and Yakhont anti-ship missiles for at least 8 years.  No secret here.  According to the reports being lobbed at us at by (guess who) Reuters, the attack was on a Russian ship delivering Yakhonts in Latakia for eventual transfer to Hezbollah.  But, the Lebanese organization has anti-ship missiles from Iran already.  They have used them successfully in Lebanon during the July 2006 war with the Zionist enemy!  And since when does Russia deliver Russian-manufactured missiles to Hezbollah?  This is all beginning to smell as badly as 20 year-old Camembert cheese.  Smells almost as bad as Wahhabist “thawbs”. 

All our readers should be made aware that the U.S. is constantly trying to belittle the Syrian defense systems, be they ground-to-air or ground-to-sea.  General Dempsey hasn’t fallen for the nonsense, why should we?



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