The meeting with Putin and the recent Western media frenzy over chemical weapons used in the Ghouta are directly interconnected!  We can confirm that Bandar Bin Sultan gave the order to use chemical weapons obtained from Turkey on Syrian civilians as part of a wide-ranging, last-ditch strategy to unseat the president of a member state of the U.N.  Our sources are in Syria and have significant contacts with the Russian Foreign Ministry.  

When Bandar Bin Sultan asked to meet Vladimir Putin – as we said before – this was not going to be some ordinary stopover for tea and blintzes.  That a president of a superpower would deign to meet with an ape like Bandar, who is nothing more than a cheap National Security Advisor for a pre-Bronze Age state like Saudi Arabia, is testament to the fact that Bandar was able to convince the Russian Ministry he had something very important to tell Mr. Putin.  The Russians privately hoped that Bandar was coming to throw in the towel.

We at SyrPer are not suggesting that Bandar told Putin he was authorizing the most recent fabricated event about the use of chemical gasses in the Eastern Ghouta.  Here is what our source tells us he told the Russian president:

We are willing to immediately honor our previous contract for the purchase of 15 billion dollars worth of Russian weapons.  We are willing to work with you to insure a smooth transition in Egypt away from the Muslim Brotherhood.  We are willing to guarantee that any new government in Damascus will honor your lease agreements with Assad concerning port facilities in Tartus for the next 99 years.  All we ask is that you and the Chinese abstain on the next vote at the Security Council to allow a resolution authorizing action to be taken in Syria to protect civilians.”

The meeting took place on July 13, 2013.  The alleged chemical attack on the Eastern Ghouta took place on August 21, 2013.  Our source says that the Saudis were willing to send the money “right away” in order to gain the Russian’s trust.  Amazingly, Putin picked up on something suspicious right away although “he didn’t know specifically what Bandar had in mind”.  He did know that Bandar “was up to no good”.  Putin’s response to the offer is now well-known:  Nyet!  And he was completely negative with regards to Bandar’s offers for generous economic relations if the Russian president would abandon his close relations with the Iranians – offers that also involved Russian control over natural gas production and supply lines from Iran to Syria.

Our source now says that Putin’s most serious concern was Saudi Arabia’s growing relationship with the Mossad.  The planning clearly showed that Saudi Arabia was now deeply involved in planning an attack on Iran which Putin famously believes is a recipe for global disaster.

We have already published the fact that Bandar has been given only 8 months to solve the problem of Syria, i.e. overthrow Dr. Assad’s government.  He has only 6 and 1/2 months left.  

On August 21, 2013, with childishly obvious coordination, indicating planning, the Twitter accounts of a multitude of rat supporters of the cannibal terrorist organizations in Syria exploded in an orgy of disinformation linked, without any doubt, to the Western Press’ hyperbolic, rampage-like, frenzied explosion of reportage clearly meant to justify American and NATO intervention in Syria.  To know how sleazy the West has become, all you have to do is follow the traitor journalist Richard Engel who is an Israeli “Sayan” and “Katsa” for the Zionist Abomination’s Mossad.  Engel’s reporting, more than even the BBC’s or PBS’s Judy Woodruff, reflects, with incredible exactitude, the breadth of the Western Press’ collusion in the war crimes committed by NATO, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey against the government and people of Syria.  


This idiot: a dyslexic Zionist,  bottom-feeding crypto-Nazi, would have been a Mossad “kidon” (or assassin) but for his inability to read anything correctly and chronic stammering whenever around naked women. 

The genie is out of the bottle now.  Russia now knows exactly what Bandar was up to.  While it’s not being reported aggressively in the Eastern Press, and not at all in the Western propaganda media centers, Sergei Lavrov is involved now in his own publicity campaign in Europe trying to convince more rational nations, like Germany, to unfasten themselves from the destructive and obsessive policies of the proven morons of France and Britain.  This might not be difficult as indicators in Germany point to the fact that Berlin is looking at all the preposterous news items with a jaundiced eye.

The bottom line was that the Mossad wanted Bandar to get the Russians to “lighten up” and facilitate an anti-Assad resolution in the S.C.  Once done, legal impediments cited by the Obama Regime as contributory to their unwillingness to commit to military action, would be removed.  Since that is not going to happen, Bandar is now in Phase II of his plan to unseat Dr. Assad with or without overt American support.  He is now hooked up with Erdoghan and the Zionist Abomination.  But they too, are miscalculating and are playing with fire.  The Russians know the plan and so do the Iranians.

But what is now clear is that the Eastern Ghouta chemical attack was planned and organized by the war criminal rodent and ape-offspring, Bandar Bin Sultan.

He smells a rat.


Michael sends this awesome video showing how to wag a dog and how to purvey folderol.  Very important to watch manipulation in the making:

Here’s one sent by one of our readers concerning foreign intervention in Syria.  I also hope the SAA gives them a very warm welcome.  The geographic locations for the SF bases are puzzling:  

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