Baab Hood:  The Syrian Army has now advanced into 80% of Baab Hood and there is no realistic way for the rat terrorists to stop the complete annihilation of their positions.  Yesterday, Wael reports that 44 of their rodents jumped ship and demanded implementation of the amnesty program.  According to their statements, the remaining vermin terrorists are all foreigners, many from Lebanon with some Tunisians and Scarabians.
Their deaths will be appropriate.
An infiltration out of Baab Hood and into Al-Waleediyya School and the Personal Records Building was foiled 2 days ago by alert NDF who opened a volley of intense fire forcing the escaping rodents to return to hopeless positions.   NDF claims confirmed 3 dead rodents.  Nobody wants to pick up their carcasses.
Syrian infantrymen enjoy a relaxing Turkey Shoot near Al-Ghazlaaniyya.
Al-Rastan:  Fighting all the time with few reports.
Al-Karamiyya Village:  Militia and security were monitoring this hamlet for some days.  When the rats began to assemble a missile launch pad, Militia attacked the rats in the area of Al-Mashrafa and killed the following FSA criminals:
Ahmad Kamaal Saydaawi
Mustafaa Al-Haadi
Muhammad Sa’eed Zarad
Jawaad Mu’aadh Jaaber
Another 2 were taken prisoner.
Dayr Fool:  Fighting with no details.
Bayt Al-Raashed Farms – Talbeesa:  Ditto.
Keeseen:  Brilliant SAA ambush of 2 seemingly innocent civilian cars netted 4 prisoners loaded with maps, and cars filled with ammunition heading for Baab Hood.  No luck.  
Hissin: Christian town in the Tal Kalakh area.  Soon to be rid of rats.
Al-Zaara:  Tal Kalakh area.  This nest of remnant rats had no luck yesterday.  Our commander refused an offer of surrender and safe passage to Lebanon.  Here are all the rodents with their names just before the descent into the bowels of Erebus:
Majdeddeen Hussayn ‘Abood
Saleem Muhammad Qarnabaa
Dhiyaa’ Jameel Ahmad
Mahmoud ‘Abdul-Fattaah Hassoona
Another 2 bodies remain unidentified.  They look foreign.
Al-Ghantu:  Wael confirms 7 killed and 3 taken prisoner.  There is still fighting.  No names.
Keesseen-Al-Raashidiyya area.  Fighting with no details.
Aqrab Road-Taldahab: 6 cars seized with weapons.  No fighting. The rats surrendered and are warbling.
Taldu:  In the Al-Hoola, a warehouse was inspected and guess what?  That’s right.  It was loaded with military grade TNT and some C-4, probably courtesy of the former Prince of Pigs, Prince Fatso himself.  Nice gift to be used to kill Saudi Scarabians.
مقتل وإصابة عدد من الإرهابيين بانفجار سيارة أثناء تفخيخها في دير الزور
 Al-Daar Al-Kabeera:  Fighting with no details.  Clean-up.

Tal Kalakh:  They’re up to it again.  An attempt to infiltrate the SAR from Lebanon via Al-Mat-hooma failed miserably thanks to very competent border police.  No details.

Kafr Laahaa:  Fighting and clean-up with no details.

Al-Rastan:  At the Al-‘Umari Mosque, SAA ambushed creeping-crawling-critters and sent them on an SST straight to Hell.  No names of the 9 carcasses.  Investigation by SAFI.

Umm Sharshooh:  Clean-up with the Orkin Man. No names.

Al-Sa’n:  A warehouse at Karam Shamsi Farms is investigated and missiles manufactured by Zionists and bought by Saudi Scarabians are found.  Thanks, for the nice gift which will be sent back to Riyadh by air.

Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah:  Fighting and 4 confirmed rats killed as they huddled inside a citizen’s home after robbing him of everything he ever owned.  Here are Obama’s heroes:

Muhammad Adeeb Al-Hilu (He was a real sweetheart)
Nazeeh Khaleel Abu-Shanab (Big moustache)
Mahmoud ‘Ali-Hassan
The third could not be identified.

Al-Qaraabees:  2 confirmed dead rats.  No other details.

Al-Warsha: Fighting and no details.

Talbeesa at the Cultural Center East.  A large number of carcasses were counted but no details.

‘Ayn Al-Danaaneer Checkpoint:  Another miserable failure.  Wael says the rats were Tunisians or Libyans but no names are available.  One was carrying something indicating his name was “Abu-Al-Mukhtaar Al-Leebi”.  But nothing is certain.      

Maqrab:  No details about an incident there. 

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