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SyrPer can confirm that an armed branch of the Fake Syrian Army (FSA) has declared its secession from the imaginary “umbrella” command structure led by war criminal, deserter and child molester, Saleem Idrees.
The group, calling itself the “Dir’ Al-Jabal Brigade”, (Shield of the Mountain) announced its departure from the rat fold two days ago in a video aired on many web sites.  There is a call for prosecuting commanders in the FSA for torturing and  abusing innocent Syrian civilians.  Others have speculated that the FSA’s “tight” connection to Zionist intelligence and Jabhat Al-Nusra is the real reason behind the defection.  Some of the brigades involved were those of “Ma’azzaat, Tahreer, Kafr Nijim, Dayr Al-Saraatem, Dayr Al-Ma’rra, Kafr Laataa and Sariyyat Al-Nahla”.    

Jisr Al-Shughoor:  This bigoted town in the center of the Ghaab is being cleaned up as we write.  SAA sappers have dismantled over 100 IEDs and untold numbers of land mines which the rats planted without regard to the movement of civilians.  These roads around Jisr Al-Shughor are now clear and safe.

In a police actiion outside the city just east of Halloodh, SAA intercepted a moving pack of bearded rodents and killed them all as they tried to take the Ghaab-Homs road south.  No luck.


Dead rodents have been identified as:

Ghaaleb Siraajeddeen
Anwar Abu-‘Ujub
Muhammad Al-Saalem
Khudhr Ahmadzaada
Hassan Al-Lawzi

Another 2 were taken prisoner. 

In the Jabal Al-Zaawiya area, there are reports of heavy fighting in a battle the SAA has poured hundreds of troops.  I have no details yet.  Wael promises to keep us abreast of events as soon as information arrives while he is in Al-Haffa.   

Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan:  It is clear that rat leaders find no purpose in continuing to fight for this devastated town that is the birthplace of my hero, Abu Al-‘Alaa’ Al-Ma’arri, the writer who inspired Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy”.  SAA units attacked rats inside from the east yesterday.  I have no details other than a short sentence regarding the SAA destroying a nest of rodents there.

In thinking about some of the more degenerate readers who have come out of the cracks in the sewer wall, who could possibly rationalize the beheading of a bust of one of Islam’s greatest thinkers?  This is the bust of Abu Al-‘Alaa’ Al-Ma’rri. 

Al-Jaanoodiyya:  Fighting.  2 names sent by Wael:

Hassan ‘Ali Sa’ood
‘Abdullah Al-Muraadi

Jiftillak: Confirmed 3 dead rats and 7 surrendering.  No names.

Bizaaboor:  Fighting.  No details.

Haajj Hammood Farms:  Carcasses of rodents are all over this largely abandoned farm area.  Wael writes that as SAA search for dead rats,  they find putrefacted carcasses everywhere.  Great fertilizer. No details.

Binnish:  Fighting but no details.  Wael expects the MoD to announce this area safe and secure, very soon.

Tal Salmu a few miles southwest of the airbase near Abu Dhuhoor:  No details.

Kafr Jaales:  No details.

Jabal Al-Ar’ba’een:  Ditto.

Majdalyaa:  Ditto.

Taftanaaz:  Near the airbase, SAA killed 1 rat and took 4 prisoners.

Saraaqeb:  Fighting. No details.

Kafr Roomaa:  Ditto.


Our friend, Dimitri, from Hellas, sends this article that demonstrates the old adage: “What goes around, comes around”:

Our Canadian friend sends this about Robert Ford and Egypt.  Is something wrong with Kerry? 

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