Lt. Gen. Talaal Tlaas, Deputy Defense Minister, addresses Syrians on Army Day in Damascus.  It goes to show you, you can’t keep a good family down even if one or two bring shame on it.  I’m referring to Manaaf and ‘Abdul-Razzaaq.  ZAF

 Al-Nabak:  Savages belonging to American-supplied groups like the “Lions of Allah Brigade” and “The Heirs of the Messenger Battalions” were jointly put into a shuttle and shot downward to Satan’s Cooking Academy.  Near the Al-Qalamoon Hospital,   the SAA foiled an attempt by these packs of hyenas to ignite 2 remote-controlled IEDs, weighing 15-25kgs.  (SANA)  Monzer reports 14 dead bodies counted by police.  Only 6 could be positively identified.  The rest, according to him, are believed to be foreigners, probably Jordanian.

Saleem Junayn
Nooreddeen ‘Ali Faakhoori
Badr Sa ‘adullah
Muhammad Ghaaleb
Muhammad Shuwaykaani
Saa’eb Rustum

Barza:  Militia and police killed 8 rats belonging to the “Battalions of the Spoils of War (Anfaal)” and “The Heirs of the Messenger Battalions”.  Only this rodent has been identified by SANA:

‘Abdul-Rahmaan Reemaa

Babeelaa:  Good firefight brings great results:

Kamaal Muhammad Al-Shoomaan
Mustafaa Zamar
Muhammad ‘Ali Ajmaan
Husaam Nijim
Suhayl Biktaashi
Yusuf Khudhoor

Daarayaa:  At the Four Seasons, the SAA and security killed these hyenas (SANA):

Saamer Muhammad Deeb Rajab
‘Abdul-Salaam Al-‘Asraawi

Al-Qaaboon:  SAA put these ogres to death:

Ma’moon ‘Ali Abtahi
‘Abu-Shirwaal” (Id pending.  Identified by local)
‘Umar Mahmoud Darweesh

Al-Dhiyaabiyya:  No details about an incident from either SANA or Monzer.

‘Aaliya Farms:  The “Brigades of the Batallions of the Regiments of the Guiding Light (Al-Hudaa)” (yawn) were annihilated by tank fire and infantry:

Muhammad Al-Habboosh
Yaasser Shammaama (Satan likes cantaloupe)
Ramzi Mahmoud

Another 4 could not be identified and are assumed to be foreign.

‘Adraa Town:  An entire nest of roaches was uncovered and decimated.  6 insects killed and all weapons seized for use against traitors.  No names available yet.

Harastaa at the School Complex, SAA killed several creeping microbes:

Ghiyaath Al-‘Abed
Khayri Sharaf
Yusuf ‘Izzu Hamdaan

2 others did not have valid papers and were not identified.

Harastaa also, at the International Highway in the western farms, 3 IEDs were dismantled and all explosives save for use against the Hashemite regime.  No more details. (SANA)

Al-Qastal:  SAA ran over these pathetic little ape dwarfs:

‘Abdul-Lateef Baymoon
Muhammad Khayr Al-Ruwwaas
Sameeh Al-Maghribi

Jawbar:  The “Battalions of Allah’s Lions” (yawn) took a beating at the Al-Manaasher Roundabout all the way to the Parliament Roundabout.  A 23mm machine gun was destroyed and this intestinal parasite was snuffed out:

Mu’een Sa’eed Al-Nahhaas
‘Abdul-Kareem ‘Ali Al-Hoori 
Kifaah Hussayn Abu-Rushdi

Hawsh Al-Qubayba Village:  Coyote scavengers tried to infiltrate this town after their annihilation in Al-Ghazlaaniyya.  It turned out the villagers had formed a committee to stop these predators and informed the Ministry of the Interior.  It didn’t take long for SAA units nearby to receive word of the infestation and 27 confirmed carcasses are reported.  It appears that the scavengers were remnants from the slaughterfest nearby at the granaries and were headed to Hutaytat Al-Turkmaan where they would have had an even more disturbing reception.  No names available. 

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