Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation, former head of KGB in East Germany, and a very brilliant fellow, gives Bandar Bin Sultan the “smile of death” during their meeting in Moscow.  Bandar’s resemblance to apes is startling……Putin agrees.

“If you see the lion bare its fangs, do not assume the lion is smiling”

That line from the poem, a madih or encomium, by Al-Mutanabbi (915-965 C.E.) in praise of his patron, Sayf Al-Dawla Al-Hamadaani, is instructive about appearances. 

Bandar Bin Sultan is desperate.  He has been given 8 months to resolve the foreign policy disaster of Syria or else.  It is similar to the Emperor Shaddam IV telling his nephew, Raban, to finish the problem on Arakis or spend the rest of his life in a “pain amplifier”.  Even the Navigators said the same thing to the Emperor.  Well.  What does he do now?

The Saudi former ambassador to Washington; a popinjay who regularly sported tight-fitting blue jeans to articulate his simian origins or to announce his “modernity” when in Crawford, Texas, meeting his favorite miscreant-devil, sharing a scotch with a chimp’s smile among neo-conservative Jews in the Beltway who sniggered at him pitilessly when his back was turned, finally came to Moscow in one last ditch attempt to change the way the Ruskies view Assad.  Putin knew the Saudis were desperate.  But what were they desperate over?

If the desperation was over Iranian triumph, well, that could be understood given the bigoted mind-set of Wahhabists; their 4,000-year old Arabian cultural stagnation and complete abhorrence of creativity; their passion for conformity, even in dress which has not changed for 4,000 years or more.  Totally understandable from a deviant psychological point of view. 

But desperation over a Russian victory?  Then, they came to the wrong place.  Putin smells victory in Syria. His generals are telling him the Assad government is on its way to a major victory with Russian help.  He is not going to give that up because some ape from Arabia comes in with a promise to act on a contract that was signed years ago.  Russians don’t trust the Arabs, especially the ones with money for something they never earned – oil.  Russians also don’t trust Arabs who pretend to eschew alcohol.  That would be very un-Russian.

But, then, why would a president of  a superpower publicly rendezvous with a head of some National Security Council?  From a diplomatic point of view, there is no parallelism.  As far as etiquette and protocol are concerned, it’s like Queen Elizabeth meeting Ziad to discuss American baseball’s influence on Hibernian work ethics.

A question which pops up is why a former spook like Putin, whose expertise in spycraft is uncontroverted, would openly meet with another spook whose only qualifications are partying in Washington D.C. with American notables and hiring thugs to fight in Syria. My old friend, Thomas G,  in Sofia, Bulgaria, thinks Putin wanted to embarrass the Saudis.  His view is that Putin was delighted that the ruling Saudi clan was bereft of any more ideas other than outright bribery to save what was left of their foreign policy in the Near East.  In fact, when coupled with the sudden absence of Arabia’s stuttering, muttering, bumbling, stumbling, grumbling, lisping, stammering dipsomaniacal Foreign Minister, Saud Al-Faysal, from the diplomatic scene, one can only assume that Bandar has been given the “idiot’s errand” with a warning not to fail.  Vlad must have been just delighted to make him do exactly that given the ancient concept of “odium figulinum” that dominates so much of professional life.  Putin wanted to see Bandar beheaded.

We have discussed before Russia’s reemergence as a global power with the ability to project its reach into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean.  Putin is aware of the U.S. being hobbled by an onerous national debt with a population enervated by all the war-mongering from mostly draft-dodging septuagenarians or Neo-Conservative agents of the Zionist Abomination.  He sees the Saudis as landlords whose tenements are infested with termites – whose holdings are verging on foreclosure – with a future guaranteed by bail deposited with Europeans who despise them for their vulturine ways, their dissolute, rube-like manners – their superficially obvious emptiness.  Putin does not deal with losers.

In our opinion, and we side with Thomas G, we also believe Putin was sending an ugly message to that rat collector in the White House.  The message is Snowden isn’t going anywhere.  It makes no difference if the entire Snowden affair is like “fleecing a pig, a lot of squealing, but no wool” as Vlad famously said recently to a reporter.  What is important is that the Russian President is telling the world that Russia doesn’t have to do anything to please the self-perceived Yankee bear-tamer.  Russia does not have to tolerate sanctions imposed on its citizens by a country which claims to uphold the rule of law, liberal application of its constitutional tenets and respect human rights, when, in truth, the U.S. violates international law every day by trying to overthrow a sitting government in Syria, conveniently ignoring the coup in Egypt, committing extra-judicial assassinations, eavesdropping on its own citizens without court order, operating a concentration camp on Guantanamo Bay and black prisons elsewhere… and the list goes on and on.  The bear is not as dumb as he looks.  Don’t miscalculate when you deal with the bear!

Bandar had no more cards to play but bribery.  “We’ll give you 15 billion if you dump Assad.”  That’s it.  But Putin doesn’t think 15 billion is a lot when one considers the value of Russia’s planned foray into the world of  megapowerdom.  The natural gas from Iran-to-Iraq-to-Syria will catapult Russian-Iranian economic relations far beyond the pittance offered by the scruffy monkey who just visited Moscow.  When Europe is on its knees looking to the East for energy, Putin knows that at the epicenter of his strategy is the Russian triumph in Syria.  No billions offered by Scarabian, simian-shaped merds, toadstools and footstools can ever match that.  Watch that Putin smile very carefully.  ZAF

It’s a good rule not to bribe a bear.  He might just eat your hand too and save the rest for later.  


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