DER’AH: Don’t let anybody tell you the rats are gaining ground anywhere in Syria. One example is Der’ah where the J.N., FSA and ISIS have taken a drubbing so severe it is only possible to regain lost territory if you have a U.S.-led invasion.

Nawaa:  These flies were swatted down the day before yesterday by the SAA:

Muhammad ‘Awadh Muhssen Al-Sa’eedi
‘Adnaan Ahmad Abu-Shihaab

Al-Mu’allaqa:  A unit of NDF spotted a car carrying suspected militant rodents.  When they gestured for the car to stop, it flew by them.  They opened fire and the car, a KIA, came to a stop.  The passengers opened fire on the NDF.  That was a big mistake.  The rodents are all in Hell now:

Saari Al-Ghunaymi
Hassan Al-Mahaameed
Muhannad Shaykh-‘Ali

Al-Mulayha West:  Rotten day for mobile rodents.  Too hot to move around.  These were caught by drone surveillance and put to death prior to their descent into Lucifer’s Infernal Lounge and Massage Parlor:

Bilaal Yahyaa Al-Saalem
‘Alaa’ Mansoor Al-Tallaa’
‘Issa Mansoor Al-Masaalima
Muhammad Ahmad Al-Masaalima
Mu’tassem Fawwaaz Damaara
Muhammad Ismaa’eel Al-Jaamoos

SyrPer conveys its appreciation to the Al-Masaamlima clan for so blithely ridding the world of its own noisome progeny.  Good show.  Keep up the good work.

Al-Za’roora:  A typically stupid attack on well-fortified SAA checkpoints meant a permanent visit to St. Mephisto’s Hospice:

Iskandar Al-Khaateb
‘Umar Abu-Ghinwa
Hassan Al-Khawjaa

Another 3 were taken prisoner.

Al-Rafeed:  A town I know from the 1973 October War.  These hyenas dropped down near Al-Qunaytra:

Saleem Al-Jum’aat
Shaaher Hamdaan

Tafass near the Women’s Art School:  Creeping-crawling jackals had to face the Devil’s meat-hook:

“Abu-Jinaah Al-Saydaawi” (LEBANTEEZIAN FRUIT FLY)
Mubaarak ‘Ali Sulaymaan
Mahmoud Hussayn Al-Jundi

Another 7 surrendered and are now warbling Vivaldi arias.

Ghadeer Al-Bustaan:  28 rats belonging to the FSA surrender en masse to the NDF and negotiate for the Amnesty Program.  Tired of being shot at by SAA and militia snipers, these jackals decided to see what it would be like to spend about 20 years in the Syrian Penal System.  I suppose it’s better than death…….mmmmmmm………..not really.  All their weapons were confiscated to be used by NDF.  Monzer reports the weapons and ammo were all supplied by BANDAR KAPTAIN CAPTAGON!  THANK YOU, SO MUCH FOR THE BEAUTIFUL GIFT.

Umm Al-Lawqiss:  Fighting with no details.

‘Adwaan:  Ditto.

Al-Shaykh Sa’ad:  Ditto.   

Al-Haara:  Attack on a checkpoint again.  No luck.  12 light assault rifles and lots of ammo were seized.

Mustafaa Jaleel Al-Anf  (Man! What a nose on that carcass.)
Riyaadh Muhammad Al-Sha’aar
Mu’tazz Hassan Al-Tuwayni

Jaassem:  Skirmish with no details.

Nimer:  A Jordanian weasel was sniped by an alert NDF officer:

‘Adnaan Moussaa Hunayfer



Shab’ah:  Recently deloused area is being searched with a fine-tooth comb.  The day before yesterday, security services found 15 anti-tank missiles and an entire abandoned nest with very advanced communications equipment.  The remant rodents who once occupied this nest were spotted on the eastern margins of the area and were killed quickly:

Ma’moon Jazaayerli
Ahmad Al-Mukhlif
‘Afeef Mahsoob
Talaal Al-Ahmad
Kaassem Khudhr
“Abu Al-Jood” (Id pending)
Ra’faat Al-Humsi

‘Arbeen:  A weapons cache being guarded by one rodent left one rodent dead:

 ‘Abdu ‘Abdul-Haadi

 Farms between Shab’ah and Dayr Al-‘Assaafeer:  A group of crawling grubs was wiped out:

Ghayth Al-Biqaa’iy
Hussaam Al-Tha’labaaya  (Yeah! A real fox.)

The other 4 were wounded and taken prisoner.  Dayr Al-‘Assaafeer is now completely rat-free.

Doumaa at Al-Dayriyya N.E.:  SAA wipes out an entire group of J.N. slugs.  No names available. Monzer says they were all foreign with no papers.

Hutayt Al-Turkmaan:  Now completely rat-free and safe for habitation.  6 rats belonging to the J.N. were wiped out fully and finally.  No details.
SYRIAN ARMY KILLS JORDANIAN TERRORIST RAT LEADER IN BARZA AFTER UNCOVERING 4 TUNNELS.  THE RAT?  ‘ALI MUSAAMARA, JORDANIAN HOG PIMPLE AND PROFESSIONAL CHILD MOLESTER.  He’s now in his favorite sty with other Jordanian porkers.  SAA announced major advances in Barza yesterday.  It’ll be over soon.

Al-Nabak:  A pesky suicide bomber tried to enter the town at the Industrial Park and was detected immediately.  He never made it and went up in flames.  No injury other than to his car.


Yabrood at the Rimaa Farms:  These muskrats were culled:

Muhammad Al-Jibaawi
Muhammad Burayjaawi
Khaaled Qandah

Zabadaani in the East Hills and at Bloodaan (the famous summer resort),  the police and SAA killed these rats:

Ismaa’eel Shufaani
Hassan Bulaysi
Muhammad Al-Washshaah

The other 5 were foreigners.

Sooq Waadi Baradaa:

Ibraaheem Diyaab

SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE IS ECSTATIC ABOUT THE DEATH OF MOROCCAN BARBARY APE EXCREMENT, MUHAMMAD AL-‘ALAMI’S DEATH ON AUGUST 5, 2013 NEAR DAMASCUS.  He was a releasee from Guantanamo Bay where spent 5 years of his miserable life until the U.S. wanted him to go and fight in Syria.  He belonged to the “Islamic Syria Movement” or “Harakat Shaam Al-Islaam”. Our congratulations to his stinking family of apes.

A video allegedly showing Mohamed Al Alami's funeral was posted online last week

This is the vermin from Morocco whose only claim to fame is that he’s the first Guantanamo prisoner to die and go to Hell in Syria.  Hurray!   He was “eulogized” by Shaykh Abu Ahmad Al-Muhaajer.  We laughed all the way through the video.

Doumaa at Al-‘Aaliya Farms:  6 rodents of the Liwaa’ Al-Islam ate the bad cheese and woke up in Satan’s Nursery:

Yahyaa Al-Da’aass
Kareem Mustafaa
Muhammad Al-Ansaari
‘Ali Khishna
Sameer Abu-Sa’ad
‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Shaaweesh

Daarayyaa:  More old snipers, some completely disoriented from starvation, were sent to Mephisto’s Old Folks Home for Snipers:

Muhammad Al-Khudhari
Muhammad Al-Khateeb

Mu’adhdhamiyya:  Some skirmishing but no details from Monzer.

Al-Qaaboon: At the Al-‘Umari Mosque,  4 rats took the plunge and awakened in Belial’s Bathhouse:

Rafeeq Al-Sanam
Hassan Mustafaa
Ibraaheem ‘Ujayli
Faheem Al-Haddaad

Jawbar:  In the area of the Electric Company, the Middle Corniche and the School Complex, 2 Zionist-manufactured cameras, set up for surveilling SAA movements were discovered and sent to Iran for analysis.  The cameras were bought by Bandar, Kaptain Captagon.  Thank you, ape prince for all the nice gifts.

Harastaa:  At the Water Institute, this rat was exterminated:

Bassaam Qadaadu

Al-‘Ibb Farms:  Another bleak day for the sinful rodent.  This one was found trying to collect supplies for his litter-mates.  He just wouldn’t stop:

Ayman Al-Kishik

Yarmook Palestinian Camp south of Damascus:  Heavy fighting between the PFLP-GC-and coordinating committees against trapped rodents from the FSA.  Many killed.  No details.

Hutaytat Al-Turkmaan:  Fighting going on now as evicted rodents try to return.  No luck.  We’ll have new about this tomorrow.    


Libyan slime weasel and sex Jihadist, “Abu ‘Abdullah Al-Leebi”, (Id pending), was killed yesterday along with 12 other similarly-situated vermin from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Yawn).  You can see him lying down here resting as he awaits the Satanic Subway to Fire Island.  


Al-Jubayla Neighborhood:  Tunnels were unearthed by SAA and security.  Inside were weapons.  Lots of IEDs ready for detonation.  Ammunition plentiful and distributed to our militia.  THANK YOU PRINCE CAPTAGON OF ARABIA!  All huddled rats inside the tunnel were killed when one of our infantrymen slipped them a hand grenade.  So sad.  No names.

In the same neighborhood, alert civilians pointed out a building where rodents were hiding.  Confirmed: 26 rats killed.  Names available tomorrow.

Old Airport:  SAA attacked a rat stronghold and killed 4 rodents and took 6 prisoners.

Falaah Khumoori  (He’s gonna have a good time sipping beer in Hell)
Jawaad Haashem Al-Mawsili

The other 2 could not be identified but were known by their noms des guerres.

Al-Hajaana Street in the City:  FSA and ISIS go at it.  Wael says there were 11 fatalities. No names, obviously.

Mazhloom Village:  Hilarious battle beween FSA (now playing the role of patriot) and ISIS/J.N.  The battle was over who gets to keep oil drilling equipment from the field.  No details, obviously.   


This is a must-read from Anon in Germany.  The jig is up. The cat is out of the bag. Obama is a war criminal trying to slough off his crimes on somebody else:

If Bandar is half-black, now did he wind up in his position?  Read this about Saudi racism:

Russia thinks its being blackmailed.  Don’t worry Mr. Lavrov.  Let the Yakhonts fly:

Watch Cameron pretend he is not supporter of Jihadist terrorism:

The people of Montenegro know they have a rat in their midst.  He must be thrown out:

Hollywood meets Zionist media:  watch the Telegraph spew out hilarious nonsense about Syria’s “Dirty Dozen”:

I got this good article about American machinations from United Front:

Mike in Strasbourg sends this article showing how grateful the Zionist rat army is for the European nations did for their miserable Settler State:

Moon of Alabama takes its turn about the CW in Syria.  Thanks, to Anon:

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