The American threat to attack Syria based on the trumped up allegation of Chemical Weapons has vanished for the following very good reasons:

1.  The Russians are not bluffing when it comes to this one area of the Near East they consider part and parcel of their “sphere of influence”;

2.  The Russians aren’t bluffing because they have a large fleet of battleships off the coast of Syria and  they have supplied the Syrian military with S-300 (and recently, possibly, under Russian control, S-400s), Iskandar missiles, Yakhont anti-ship cruise missiles and all the maintenance and replacements the SAA needs to carry on with the task of crushing the American-led opposition;

3.  The American people, Congress and the world are skeptical about American reasoning for going to war;

4.  No credible ally in NATO now exists to buttress the campaign against Dr. Assad;

5.  The CW argument is beginning to fall apart as more evidence is adduced by independent investigators showing that it was the American-sponsored-and-supported terrorists who used the gas in each and every instance in Syria;

6.  The American economy cannot withstand another possible war, not to mention the huge increase in oil prices, if and when the U.S. decides to enter the fray in Syria;

7.  Iran will not stand idly by and will take action against American stooges in the Gulf. Remember, there is a mutual defense pact tying the countries together;

8.  Attacking Syria is a war crime as set out in several protocols and the U.N. Charter.  There is no chance that the Security Council will permit a Chapter 7 resolution to pass given Russia’s and China’s vetoes;

9.  Obama’s own “Doctrine” as outlined in a previous post in SyrPer (Zoogle it) militates against wars not fought through proxies (a la Libya, Somalia or Mali); 

10.  The American military establishment does not want this war and fears military reversals given the missile technology available to the Syrians and the danger of an ‘incident’ with the Russians.

11.  There is the likely scenario that an American attack on Syria will not only result in civilian deaths but in a crackpot declaration of war by the same Islamist Jihadist terrorist mercenaries the U.S. was banking on to overthrow Dr. Assad.

For those who fretfully argued that an attack was imminent,  there is reason to breathe a sigh of relief.  For those armchair Zionist puppets in Washington’s “Think Tanks” who beat the drums of war in order to appease their Zionist masters, there are plenty of subjects now to justify finger-pointing and vilifying this scoundrel president in the Western Media.

The United States goofed in Syria because of a classic shortcoming that is often not recognized because the   U.S. suffers woefully from it:  IGNORANCE!

In 2007, when rogues like Robert Ford, Bandar Bin Sultan, Hamad Bin Jassem,  Pierre Brochand (DGSE),  John Scarlett (MI6) and a host of Zionist swindlers sat down to plot the unseating of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad, they did so for 2 overarching reasons:

1.  Syria and Iran signed a Mutual Defense Treaty in June 2006 which bound the two countries together in a pact of “continuity of purpose” and a “Charter of Resistance”;

2.  In July 2006,  the Zionist Settler State attacked Hizbollah and destroyed much of South Lebanon’s infrastructure.  But, and I mean “But!”, the Zionist Entity’s vaunted military was utterly defeated in a war that lasted 32 days.  No matter how much the West tried to assuage their wounded pride by using euphemisms like “stalemate” or “indecisive”,  the fact was that the Zionist military was crushed at the hands of a well-equipped, well-disciplined and determined militia armed with over 40,000 missiles.  Most of the missiles were designed and manufactured in Syria.


This man terrifies the Scarabs of Scarabia. His honesty and integrity is poison to them.  They can’t bribe him or break him with the murder of his son.  To Syrian Perspective, he is a saint.

It became obvious to the military observers in the West that the Iranian-Syrian-Hizbollah axis could actually field a military powerful enough to not only defeat the Zionist Abomination, but to also, destroy it as a state.  The lessons everyone learned from the 2006 War was that tanks and ships are obsolete if mobile commandos have anti-tank missiles capable of bursting a Merkava like a balloon of helium with one salvo, or, a missile manufactured in Iran could knock out a Zionist tub like the one off the coast of Sidon.  Oh Brave New World that has such missiles in it.

The Saudis and Qataris were motivated by an obsession with Iranian/Shi’i hegemony in the Gulf.  Yet, something else also pushed them to join in the illegal war against Syria:  the need to preserve the Zionist Entity which protected them and provided them with valuable Intel about their enemies.  Also, you must not forget, that Saudi money in Europe and the U.S. is managed by Zionist bankers who don’t let the Saudi apes forget for whom they work – and the Saudis don’t forget.

The Western Alliance was motivated by a similar fear.  That fear was also global – because under Putin’s stewardship, Russia was not moving toward the West (as had been hoped when Gorbachev was misguiding the U.S.S.R.) but away toward China and Iran.  Putin, ever the KGB Spionmeister, still had the East German touch.  He was another Yuri Andropov, but much more subtle.  He never disclosed openly his lucrative relationship with the Syrian High Command and only transferred technology to them in a manner so surreptitious that to this day we don’t know exactly what the Syrian military has in its bag of tricks.

So many of my readers in Europe and Australia tell me about Zionist influence and how it is deep-seated and pervasive.  I, of course, know about it here in the U.S.  Its perfidious, insidious nature must be left for historians to chronicle and explain – yet – it is there and it manipulates nations to do the bidding of a tiny, useless little tumor, built on mythological fantasies and relentless guilt – neither of which will vanish because it is in the promulgation of the myth and the constant repetition of the Jewish Passion Play in Europe that the Zionist Giftigkeit is made immune and impenetrable. 

The Iran/Syrian Mutual Defense Treaty and Hizbollah’s redoubtable performance in July of 2006 made it imperative for the West to break the “Shi’i Crescent” and in so doing, remove the existential threat to the Zionist State and the Iranian hegemonic threat which the Arabians mistakenly took for granted.  The link was Syria where the U.S. had but a few agents; even fewer sympathizers and a handful of disgruntled Sunni officers gnawing on their hatred of minorities.  In order to break the Crescent, Syria had to fall even if it meant assassinating her president, Balkanizing her geographically or sitting cross-armed while whole populations of minorities were exterminated to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner.

America and its allies goofed for the same reasons their ignorance failed them.  The supposition that Syria was an Alawi fiefdom fell as soon as it became obvious that the major actors resisting the American/Saudi plan were Syrian Sunnis and the Ba’ath Party.  But it was not obvious to those who were transfixed by the possibility of attaining the Holy Grail – the overthrow of Bashar Al-Assad.  The plan, which was set in motion as the so-called Arab Spring was ostensibly spreading had a seeming life of its own.  There was no room for modulation or modification.  You had to stick to the plan no matter how ludicrous or defective.

The Plan is now understood. It came in stages of “preferences”.  Obama’s plan, as we understand it, would have been at its most preferred if the early opponents of Dr. Assad had been able to win over the majority of Sunnis to their side.  The fact that Hussayn Harmoush and Riyadh Al-As’ad could not win over more than 4 officers to their side along with some country bumpkins in the reserves only closed one chapter on the list of “preferences”.  Once Harmoush had been lured into capture by Syrian MI where he was displayed on television denouncing the Turks and all his former allies, it became obvious that Preference No. 2 had to be introduced.

The early FSA had nobody.  It required more soldiers because the Syrian population proved it was not ready to rebel. The Syrian army was surprisingly cohesive.  In fact, in poll after poll, Dr. Assad defeated all contenders which must have frustrated the Arabian apes.  A poll paid for by the Qataris proved that Dr. Assad enjoyed popularity reaching 58%, better than Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy.  What to do?

Enter Qatar at the request of the U.S.  Anyone who believes the U.S. did not cooperate with Qatar in enlisting thousands of Jihadist mercenaries is deceiving himself.  Qatar could never have brought so much Salafist brawn into the melee without American skulduggery and support.  Look at the American plot in Benghazi to send weapons via Turkey to the Jabhat Al-Nusra.  That was the  second preference: to augment the capabilities of the FSA with effective forces even if they were, by definition: terrorists.

When that only brought the conflict to a standstill, Obama opted for Preference No. 3:  Train the terrorists yourself and arm them with better weapons in bases in Southern Turkey and Jordan.  But that did not result in any tangible gains for the U.S.  You see, American strategists could not understand that just as the capabilities of the terrorist army were improving, so were the capabilities of the SAA.  In a void, American tactics might have delivered the goods.  But, in a dynamic scenario where your enemy is not sitting still, you have to face the ugly reminder of your invincible ignorance.

When Preference 3 appeared to be losing ground to the SAA and the new militias (NDF), the U.S. and its allies “engineered” several chemical weapons canards designed to give cover to U.S. intervention.  But, even that failed when investigators clearly proved that the CW was used by the Jabhat Al-Nusra or the FSA in Khan Al-‘Asal.  The American strategy must have been based on a complete misreading of the Russian position.  Putin and Lavrov had been sending signals that they did not really care all that much about Assad, signals the Saudi Bandar Bin Sultan tested when he visited Putin in August of 2013.  If the Americans really believed the Russians were indifferent to Assad’s longevity in office, that could justify an American-concocted false-flag scenario which might even gain Chapter 7 credibility and legitimacy.

It might as well be Monopoly money to Putin.  His interest was more in Gazprom’s monopoly than empty Saudi promises.  The Master Spy v. the Fly, at best.  (Photo: courtesy The Ugly Truth). 

But that turned out to be a chimera.  The Russians were indeed committed to Assad’s longevity and would accept nothing else.  There was no only Preference No. 4.  With no France or England ready to implement the Obama Doctrine, and no support for his actions in the Middle East, Obama turned to the CW affair and attempted to weasel out a Chapter 7 Resolution based on Assad’s perceived and trumped-up refusal to cooperate with the U.N.  That also got a fat “Nyet”  relegating him now to the status of one of the most failed presidents in the history of the United States.

But, there is one more reason why the U.S. goofed.  It relied on disgraced, disbelieved, propagandistic mainstream media at a time when the Internet was providing better and more reliable news than PBS, BBC, ABC, NBC, NYT, WP and the rest of the yellow rags populating the world of fake journalism.  The belief was that a constant barrage of disinformation would muster support for Obama’s new Middle East war.  Almost unbearably silly repetitions of mantras in published reports of the NYT used trigger-words like “embattled”, “unpopular”, “autocratic”, “out of touch”, and a million rumors such as: “believed to be living on a Russian ship”; “having sent his wife and children to Russia”; “preparing for a last stand in his home turf of Latakia”……and it just went on and on.  And it might have worked if people were watching.  But, they weren’t. They were at their PCs reading other news from Global Research, NSNBC, Monk Radio, Dr. Rick Staggenborg, Maurice Herman, Pete Santilli and, maybe, Ziad Abu Fadhil of SyrPer.     

Here’s what the U.S. needs to do:  it’s simple.  Get out of the business of manipulating former colonies of the French and the British.  Stop sending ships, boots and tanks to solve your problems. Worry about the U.S. economy.  Understand, that the New Order includes a Russian superpower willing to drag the U.S. into WWIII if it means preserving its core interests.  Be nice to Dr. Assad, you might get a free eye exam. ZAF





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