Anybody who thought John Forbes Kerry, America’s Secretary of State, was anything but a failed actor and aging gigolo to homely dowagers, was in for a surprise when he opened his mouth in London and actually, but inadvertently, came up with something almost clever:  If the Syrian government put its vaunted stockpile of chemical weapons under U.N. supervision, it would avoid having to sink 5 American ships in the Mediterranean.
One can almost imagine Sergei Lavrov’s ears twitching with astonishment.  Yes, Kerry gave the Russians a great way out of also having to participate in another American catastrophe – this one created not by American politicians, but by the frustrated chimpanzees of Saudi Arabia, the leeches of the Zionist Khazar settler state and an Islamist Turkish nincompoop counting his last hours on a Syrian rosary.
Sure he’s smiling.  He was just told he won Wimbledon because his opponent pulled a hamstring.  Lavrov feigned indifference to Dr. Assad’s longevity in office, but, in truth, all Russian plans are pinioned on our favorite opthamologist’s survival.  

Even former general, professed traitor and despicable deserter, Adnan Sillu, once involved in Syria’s WMD program admitted last year that the Syrian program was meant to be a “deterrent” to the Zionist Abomination’s own not-so-secret nuclear arsenal.  Well, it requires no genius to figure out that the Russian Federation could give Syria solid assurances that in the event the Zionist junta unleashed a nuclear barrage on Damascus, Russia would reply with an existential bombardment that would turn Palestine into a plane of silica.  Not so abstruse.  Even Iran, which is now collaborating with Moscow diplomatically, has a mutual defense pact with Syria that would also involve the same fate for all those Polish settlers.

And so, now, with American senators defying the American people’s stated abhorrence of all new entanglements in the Islamic World, John Forbes Kerry, accidentally stumbles on a solution to satisfy everybody but his allies:  Prince Bandar Bin Sultan (reportedly furious), Benjamin Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu, yawn), Ahmad Jarbaa, Syrian-Saudi catamite and pimp, and the Caliph of Cockadoodledoo, Recep Tayyip Erdoghan.

I just can’t tell you, though, how disappointed I am that we might not see those Yakhonts slamming into the hull of the U.S.S. Ramage.  That Obama could escape the judgment of destiny so cheaply is testament to his Affirmative Action life theme:  he’s been given a pass every time.  And so it is, today.  But the SAA is on DefCon-5 status.  I know that for a fact.  Missiles are at the ready and the warheads are bursting at the seams.  They want targets.


Ma’loolaa:  More stats coming in about the battle on Saturday with 159 carcasses counted: 

Salaam ‘Abdul-Kareem
Hassan Mutaawi’

Muhammad Habbooshi
Sameer Hassanayn
Riyaadh Makram
Qaassem Abu-Dilla
Na’eem Al-Kaylaani
Sa’ad Istwaani
Faysal Baayirli
Maaher Al-Jayroodi
Murtadhaa Faanoos
Talaal Subbayr
Khaleel Al-Hoot
Muhammad Dhiyaa’
Tal’aat Al-Zaayer
Muhammad Al-Ghilla
Raa’ed Al-Mahmoud
Faheem Makhzoom
‘Abdul-Sattaar Haddad
Jihaad Al-Rahma
Mustafaa Zayyaat
Nadeem Ahmad
Hilaal Abu-Furja

The rest appear to be foreigners, mostly Chechen and Iraqi.

Tal Kalakh – SAA foiled another miserably executed infiltration by lemmings from Haalaat and ‘Uyoon Al-Sha’ra in the Lebanon.  Big disaster with spotters counting 27 rat carcasses.  No names.

Hawsh Shamsi and Hawsh Ibaazha at Al-Sa’en:  9 cars with weapons sent by Saudi Arabia were attacked by militia and NDF.  No details available.

SAA ambush at Al-Ruhayba with rats trying to snake out of Al-Qutayfa met with disaster and a hail of bullets.  According to Monzer, SAA killed 14 rats with 5 wounded and warbling. No names, yet.

If you ever need a good laugh or need to have your faith in mankind’s despicableness proven pat,  read Jennifer Rubin.  This virago with the brain of a narcotized slug rails against Obama in the WP:

This is in German.  Tageschau.  The “opposition” insists on a military attack:

Obama’s popularity is waning because he won’t listen to his own constituents.  He listens, instead, to Bandar Bin Sultan, simian pedophile and fellow issue of miscegenation:

John Esq. sends this logical assessment of the mess created by Obama.  Even Mike Rogers is doubtful: 

More from John Esq. regarding Dr. Assad’s involvement in any chemical weapons:


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