Bandar Bin Sultan, simian supremo of Saudi “intelligence” took an upper-cut under the jaw and found himself awakened in the abattoir where skilled artisans make wonderful sausages out of monkey meat.  Bandar is livid.  He’s been betrayed by the American people and their president – or so he might think.  

It’s time for me to start revealing certain facts:  Bandar, as a character, is universally despised, even by his own allies, the Zionists.  He swaggers too much – too much, really, like a drunken man who teeters and totters after hearing his rich uncle died leaving him patrimony sufficient to cover all debts, past and future.  His efforts to appear Western, as he slugs down whiskey and branch water with the Bush’s, using inappropriate American idioms without regard to their jarring qualities to the refined ear, are unctuous, sleazy, nay – soulless.  If anyone is pleased about Bandar’s disaster, it’s probably Barack Hussein Obama, who had to put up with his constant telephone calls.  Bandar Bin Sultan is now in detention awaiting the principal’s decision to suspend him or eject him permanently.  Or is the swordsman being roused for another swipe at Bandar’s hairy neck?


His breezy style, backed up by billions of unearned Saudi dollars, is best exemplified in this photo where he and G.W. plan some new atrocity in Iraq. 

Bandar was given a few months to resolve the Syrian file:  his job was to engineer a new offensive to occupy Damascus with American-trained terrorists in Jordan under cover of a U.S. bombing campaign publicly touted to be nothing more than a “limited” missile attack targeting Assad’s ability to “use chemical weapons against his own people”.  My friend, John Esq., wrote a thoughtful indictment of that entire canard yesterday from a legal point of view and exposed its moral bankruptcy.  But, I wrote just as trenchantly last month that Bandar, himself,  engineered the Ghouta incident as part of a “grand strategy” to give the U.S. the necessary justification to commit more war crimes in the name of democracy, freedom, justice and the American way.

Bandar is not a military man.  He never cared about the issues which motivated General Dempsey.  Bandar, like Cameron and Hollande (none of whom are militarily savvy) could not factor in something the general knew quite well:  Syria had the ability to turn the operation into a disaster.  But Bandar couldn’t care less about that because his head was on the block and the sharpened blade only needed a little gravity before it separated his chimp’s head from the rest of the hairy ball of chemically useless suet inside the ritzy blue jeans and sport coats he preferred to wear around white people.  Tempus fugit.  

Kerry did Bandar in.  Unaware of the great British expression:  “It is best to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re an idiot, rather than to open it, and therewith remove all doubt,”  Kerry blustered in London about Dr. Assad having to give up his chemical weapons.  When Sergei Lavrov heard that, he already knew that the good doctor would have no qualms about it since the quality of new Syrian weapons coupled with substantial alliances had rendered his chemical weapons obsolete.  Syria, Russia and Iran started to call Kerry’s bluff.  Kerry’s staff came out of the woodwork to allege that the remarks were “hypothetical” or “off the cuff”, but the damage to Bandar had been done. If the problem was chemical weapons,  then, “let’s get rid of them”.  People should seem happy.  Right?

Wrong.  The deserter-traitor general Saleem Idrees of the FSA is even more irate than Bandar. All the Arabian ape has to worry about is how sharp the axe which decapitates him.  Idrees had something more to ponder: how dull will be the blade?  Here is a rat with no place to go and a warrant waiting for treason, desertion, murder, sedition and so many more ugly arraignments.  Talk about the proverbial “no place to go”.

But Bandar has to face new charges also in Russia.  He already admitted to suborning terrorist acts there given his admitted control of the Chechen Islamist terrorists – an admission he made to President Vladimir Putin (of all people) last month right in his presence- and – he insulted the president with a cheap offer to bribe him by honoring some contract for 15 billion dollars worth of weapons.  Putin told him to go fish.

As a thought, it could be said that David Cameron was spared this time around, although he was among the most shame-faced scoundrels in the whole group.  His House of Commons granted him a respite from scandal by refusing to support his plan to, once again, put Britain in the American juggernaut path to disaster – the old “American Poodle” analogy.

Hollande also may have scored a few points by not having to prove to everybody that the French are nothing more than a bag of gas.  Hollande, arguably France’s most unpopular leader since Hitler, had nothing to offer any military campaign.  The one frigate the French sent to the Eastern Mediterranean would have been sunk in a New York minute by Syrian anti-aircraft cannons.  Who would waste a Yakhont missile on a French bateau pour touristes?  But, at least, he can now fulminate and make irrational demands of Dr. Assad – all to an empty opera house.

The biggest loser was not Obama (he may come out of this unscathed);  and it isn’t even Mileikowski (a/k/a Netanyahu).  Note Erdoghan, whose perfervid obsession with Dr. Assad reminds one of Les Miserables or the old television show, The Fugitive, might still avoid a public pillory if he just pretends he wasn’t serious about those tanks on the Syrian border.  No!  The biggest loser is THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!!

That’s right folks.  So-called journalists like Judy Woodruff (SyrPer’s LIAR OF THE YEAR NOMINEE FOR 2013), Charlie Rose (hypocrite propagandist and professional dilettante), NBC anchor Brian Williams (stern-faced schlockmeister and closet terrorist maven) and virtually all carnival barkers for these blue-ribbon news shows are complicit with the BBC, Der Spiegel, NYT, WP, Rupert Murdoch, the Telegraph and all the other miserable excuses for news outlets in strangling what is left of the honorable profession of journalism.  With Americans having no more than 23% faith in these villains, it is a matter of time before the percentage goes down to nothing along with their stocks.

And that’s just a hint of the drubbing this rascal is going to get when the word is out that he’s nothing but a bag man for the jewelers in Tel Aviv.  Charlie Rose – scoundrel.

Dr. Assad’s greatest victory so far might his undoing of the Western media.  No one man since W.R. Hearst has anschlagged  the newspapers with such finality.  That the American public didn’t buy into the government’s narrative despite a deluge of diplo-speak, gibberish, pig-Latin, pettifogging and outright fabrication (remember Anderson Cooper) is proof that the jig is up.  Even the jib is up!  These notorious knaves and miscreants have no one to blame but themselves.  Promoting Al-Qaeda as “liberator”, “dissenter”, “rebel”, “democracy-loving activist”?  I mean, they must have been thinking the American public wasn’t people but, instead, a mess of smelt.

Finally, the word is out.  Bandar’s multifarious, serpentine scheme to raise the flag of Al-Qaeda over Damascus and to unseat Dr. Assad has gone the way of so many other mislaid plans.  In any battle between a monkey and a Siberian grizzly bear, odds are on the latter.  I’m taking bets now.  ZAF   


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