We shocked the world last year by naming him 2012 WAR CRIMINAL OF THE YEAR.  We are forced to shock the world again.  There is no one who can match him when it comes to pure, slick, unctuous, sleazy, inscrutable infamy. This pedigreed huckster can sell you kimche and make you think it’s custard pudding.  No one man has sold his honor more completely to the Devil than this charlatan with a tattoo on his backside that reads: “I Love Langley”.  He doesn’t work for the United Nations.  He never did.  Once he signed that contract with Old Scratch, he worked for the Forces of Darkness, a vocation at which he excelled when it came to lying, deception, conspiracy, backstabbing and pettifogging.  He is none other than the squinty, squid-like, skewering, unscoured scum-laden Squire of Squat, 
BAN KI MOON       
Descended from a very long line of East Asian highwaymen, mountebanks and frauds, he reigns with his cousin, the Good Reverend Sun Myung Moon in a Bi-Polar World of chicanery unparalleled in the modern history of man and rodent.  Known to favor lucre so much he thinks “lucrative” is a derivative of the word “licorice”, a flavor he savors the way jackals delectate over human blood, he displays more maleficence than purported war criminal of the Sudan, President Omar Bashir, at the Titus Andronicus Universal Theater of Carnage.  Bashir is like the crocodile – killing here and there to the aghast exclamations of dyspeptic audiences. But, Ban Ki Moon kills like the mosquito. He swarms in the millions and takes millions to their deaths while no soul even notices; no one even stirs to swat him down.

From the beginning of the Syrian crisis, he never wavered in his support for the U.S. and NATO’s positions.  Although he knew fully well that efforts to oust the sitting leader of a member state was a war crime under the U.N. Charter and numerous international protocols such as General Assembly Resolution 378/B(V), he seconded demands for “political transition”, a stance hardly consistent with the objective and neutral obligations of a Secretary General.  His loyalty to Mammon ever in full blossom, he persisted in hushing up Anglo-American-French violations of international law – their war-mongering, war-drum-beating, sabotaging, terrorism-enabling and arming of the most virulent strain of plague-carrying rodent ever seen in human history.  In so doing, he is responsible for the deaths of a hundred thousand Syrians!  He is the war criminal, par excellence.       

Like Navi Pillay, whose chaiwallah status as Hillary Clinton’s, then,  and now John Kerry’s chambermaid,  has been immortalized in SyrPer,  this oriental honey-dipper brings shame to the great people of Korea just as Pillay demeans all those from the Indian sub-continent whether they migrated to South Africa or not.  Ban’s murderous “look-the-other-way” approach to American, Saudi-Qatari and NATO war crimes make him even more culpable, more slathered with the blood of innocents, more neck-deep in human horror than all the other felons from Robert Ford, Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy, Francois Hollande, Hamad and Bandar combined — all the way to that  shameless twit, David Cameron.  
Ban is never photographed away from a podium with the U.N. logo behind him.  If he was, he’d look like this:

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