Syrian citizens are joining the battle against terrorists.  Syrian Perspective is confirming that citizens in the border town of Hadhar killed 2 of their own in order to prevent any more smuggling of weapons to the terrorist vultures paid for by Bandar and trained by the Americans.  People of Hadhar, Lebanon, have condemned Walid Jumblatt, the war criminal gangster who has facilitated deliveries of light arms to the murderous savages killing Syrian civilians.  The route of the smuggling sponsored by Jumblatt started in Hadhar and ended up in Bayt Hinn via the junction at Shab’ah and ‘Ayha-Raashayyaa.  Akram Shuhayyib, an acolyte of this mountebank Druze “chieftain”, actually requested that the clergy permit arms trafficking through the Al-Sarsaara neighborhood.  No luck, degenerate! 

Jumblatt, twirling his moustache while trying to keep his eyeballs even, suffers from bi-polar disease which explains why he’s always blowing hot and cold.  He fancies himself an intellectual and always reminds you that he reads books.  We doubt that.  (Photo: Daily Star, yuk)

The dead waste material from Hadhar are:

Ghassaan Zayda
Fu’aad Al-Shaa’er


9 rats confirmed departed to the Old Cootie Lounge in Hell after trying to escape behind the Teachers’ Tower:

Muhammad Quraydaani
Hassan Al-Mahmoud 
Naaji Abu-Sukkar
Muhammad Idlibi
Ja’afar Maqbool

The other 3 could not be identified and are believed to be Jordanian or Lebanese.

Zamaalka at the railroad junction:  an entire nest of vermin was exterminated by the Orkin Man.  No details even now.

القضاء على إرهابيين بعضهم من الجنسيتين المغربية والليبية في ريف إدلب

Doumaa:  At the Al-Ash’ari Farms.  3 flatbed trucks were sent to Izraa’eel’s junkyard with 11 rodents:

‘Abdul-Jaleel ‘Aassi
Faares Zammaariyya
‘Ammaar ‘Atiyya
Ahmad Barhooni
Muhammad Al-Tahhaan  
Muhammad Kazdagh
Hassan Mahjoub
Zayneddeen Al-Hakam
Ya’rub Al-Yunusi
Tareef Ahmad
Sa’ad Haddaad

The SAA confiscated 1 23mm machine gun cannon, destroying the other 2, one which was described as a Doschka.  Grenades, ammunition and CAPTAGON were also seized and the former given to our proud militias.  THANK YOU OBAMA. AND THANK YOU, BANDAR BIN ORANGUTAN.

Al-Shifooniyya N.W.:  Fighting but Monzer sends no details.

Al-Mulayha Farms:  Jabhat Al-Nusra counted 14 dead rodents, only one being identified by a letter in his cargo pocket:


The rest could not be identified and are believed to be North African.  Big loss to the zoos of the United States.

Dayr Salmaan – Al-Qaasimiyya Crossroads in the East Ghouta:  Fierce fighting and a confirmed 24 dead rodents.  I received the name of only one carcass on Friday through SANA, but, Monzer sends these names also from that battle:

Anas Badr  (SANA and Monzer)
Mu’een Abu-Qishta (Aw!  Isn’t he sweet!)
Radhwaan Al-Fahhaam (His expertise in hot coals will be most useful in Hell)
Hussayn Muraad
Fu’aad Makaarem
‘Awn Al-Shaykh
‘Abdul-‘Azeez Salloom
Taareq ‘Alam

The rest could not be identified as of Sunday.

Yabrood, on the Al-‘Utayb roadway:  NDF took a pot shot at this turkey:


Qaarra Farms:  Fighting with NDF brought these down:

Muhammad Khawaajaa
‘Ali Tarroub

8 surrendered to NDF and were turned over to PS for the usual rash of pleas.

Yabrood Bridge West at Ayman Al-Tayyib Farms and Tibya Farms west of the bridge and at Dhahrat Al-Sawdaat and Al-Shitaahaat Landing near Jub’adeen,  the SAA trapped over 50 rodents but was able to kill only 17 in a long battle that stretched from Friday afternoon until Saturday night.  We have no details.

Baradaa Valley:  Alert police tried to arrest this fugitive monkey, but he just wouldn’t sit still:

Khaaled Yusuf

Al-Zabadaani Plain:   A major offensive by SAA nets these buzzards:

‘Aassem Murtadhaa Al-Shaaker
Mu’min Baasseel
Husaam ‘Abdu Zahreddeen
Jamaal Al-Taweel

No other names available.

Yaldaa:  A skirmish and this netted this:

Maaher Al-Zhaazhaa  (I associate this family name with some of the best SAAF officers. Sad)

Shab’ah Farms:  Easy shooting and lots of fun:

Muhammad Badr
Waleed Zal’oom

Al-Ruhayba:  Lots of weapons from PRINCE MARMOSET OF ARABIA and these:

‘Abdul-Qaader Kayyaali
Haazem Al-Buhayri

Bayt Sawaa:  MAJOR DISASTER FOR RODENT ARMY TRAINED BY U.S. BUFFOONS. The number killed here in this continuing SAA assault exceeds 60 so far.  An air strike was very helpful as dozens of rats left their slimy hides in the arms of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  I only have received a few names:

Jawdaat Suwaydaani
Basheer ‘Awwaaf
Muhammad Buraydaani
Wajeeh Samhaat
Ahmad Hussayni
‘Umar Abu-Tal’at
‘Abdul-Majeed Al-Salqeeni
Shaaher Mustafaa
Haatem Al-‘Arab

Al-Naasseriyya:  Lots of weapons from Arabia thanks to PRINCE RAT DROPPINGS and this confirmed rodent carcass:

Muhammad Hammaad 

Daarayyaa:  The aging snipers won’t stop dying:

Naasser ‘Alwaani

Zhahr Al-‘Assaafeer and Zhuhoor Al-Subayna and ‘Arsaal Wells northeast of Hawsh Al-‘Arab,  the SAA has confirmed killing 19 rats and taking over 24 prisoner.  No details.


Syria army takes control of strategic Khanasir town.

It has to happen.  With the highway between Aleppo and Central Syria now open, reports are coming in of long truck caravans heading straight to Aleppo with relief supplies.  Oh, the rats will try to intervene and prevent the distribution of these basic necessities, but Wael says that that will be rather difficult as citizens themselves are beginning to arrest and execute the Islamist cannibals.  This is expecially true in the eastern rural areas where tribes still rule.  They are not big on Jabhat Al-Nusra or ISIS.


We reported about Al-Huwaash near ‘Amaar Al-Hissin.  A reader send this so you can see how the heroes of Syria are honored: 
Come and listen to Obama’s war crimes.  This is the result of your murderous policies, Obama:  you are killing the children of Syria: 

Interesting study of missed opportunities from an American point of view.  Of course, it’s all nonsense.:

OH, READERS! ASK YOURSELVES WHO IS THE FIRST PERSON TO TELL YOU THAT BANDAR WAS BEHIND THE AUGUST 21 SARIN GAS ATTACK IN SYRIA.  I knew it was so after that ape met Pres. Putin.  I’m gloating.  I’m amazed Chris Lehmann did not pick up on this earlier:

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