Enjoy our map of the scene as you delectate over dead rats:

Via Wikimapia:

The SAA, Ba’ath Party militias and NDF sparkled as they trounced ISIS Saudi-ape-supported groups of troglodytes at the following towns:

Burj Al-Hayaat (Tower of Life)SAA drones spotted these cannibals skulking around the orchards surrounding this little hamlet.  When the orders came in to attack, all ducks were in a row:

“Abu ‘Uqba Al-Leebi” (LIBYAN DONKEY NOSTRIL DROPPING.  Id pending)
Muhammad Al-Hallaaq
“Abu Sayyaaf” (FILIPINO OR INDONESIAN.  Id pending)
‘Ali Al-‘Ajeeb

Another 3 could not be identified.

مقتل عشرات الإرهابيين معظمهم من جنسيات غير سورية في ريف اللاذقية

Al-Durra:  No details.  Wael says 16 rats went down here but none carried papers and are assumed to be ISIS foreigners.

Dooreen and Kafr Dilba:  In the area of Salmaa. Wild and wooly events led to this:

“Abu ‘Alaa’ Al-Laadhiqaani” (Id pending)
Rasheed Far’oon
“Al-Burghi” (Id pending. It means “The screw”.  He is a screwball!)
Al-Lagham (Id pending.  It means “land mine”.)   
“Abu ‘Uthmaan Al-Nabaki” (Rat leader. Id pending. Blew up like a balloon in his van)
“Abu Khaaled Al-Ghazzaawi (PALESTEEZIAN DOUCHE BAG)
‘Adnaan Salloom
Sufyaan Salloom


Maaher Al-Sankari (He’s now plumbing the depths in the Eternal Main Sewer)
‘Aamer Haashem
Khaaled ‘Abdul-Kareem
Salaah Ikraami
‘Aamer Al-Dawaji
“Abu Maajed Al-‘Uthmaan” (Rat leader)
Qaassem Al-‘Ali
Habeeb ‘Abdul-Jabbaar
Haani Mahfouzh
‘Abdul-Qaader Al-Humsi
Sameer Al-Haashem

Another 33 could not be identified.

Al-Shahroora:  SAA artillery shells landed directly on their convoy of 4 vans and a flatbed with machine gun.   The appraisal of the scene is still going on.  All appear to be foreigners.

Ghammaam:  Fighting between J.N. and NDF:

‘Awni Hussayn
Mahmoud Baladi
Taqiy-Al-Deen Al-Dabbaas
Tammaam Mustafaa
Hassan Baqdoonis (Another sprig of parsley for our picnic in Hell)
Muhammad Jamaaleddeen

Another 2 could not be identified.  They were deliberately incinerated with flares or phosphorous hand grenades.  This is becoming very common to cover up foreign rodents.

Bayt Haleeba and Jabal Al-Nawba in the far north:  Fighting with no details.

Dayr Hanna:  These ape pedophiles and cannibals were gunned down by NDF and citizens:

Ahmad Hussayn Nawfal
Faarooq Al-Saaleh
Mahmoud Nasreddeen
Milhim Al-Shihaabiyya

Another 4 were taken prisoner in different states of life.

Al-Sawda:  In the Al-Rubay’ah area.  Confirmed 14 dead rats.  11 surrendered.  They were all FSA



Al-Shaykh Miskeen (Var. Shimiskeen):  SAA clashed with a pack of Saudi-funded rodents and killed 6 while taking 7 prisoner:

Ibraaheem Al-Naabulusi
Faarooq Al-Kafeel
Mahmoud Al-Dardari
“Abu Saleem” (Id pending)
“Abu Hassaan” (Id pending)
“‘Ali Abu-‘Abdul-Fattaah” (Id pending)

Al-Naasiriyya:  Perfect ambush laid for rats produced this harvest:

‘Ammaar Muhammad Al-‘Awadh 
Baassel Lu’ayy Al-Faa’oori
‘Umar Shihaab Al-Ya’qoob

‘Itmaan:  Fighting Bandar’s rats, NDF and militia take these down:

Ahmad Al-Faakhoori (Good show for the Al-Faakhooris. 2 dead in 2 days.  You can do better.)
Khaaled Abu-Lutfi 
Sultaan ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Ma’aayita 

All 3 in this list are JORDANIAN FLEA GRUBS.

Al-Naaziheen Refugee Camp in Der’ah:  Cowardly rodents tried to evade capture but whose miserable souls were collected by SATAN!:

Ahmad ‘Abdullah Al-Raheel (of the “Battalion of the Sword of God”. Yawn)
Waleed Ismaa’eel Al-Khalaf (of the Battalion of Al-Mu’tassem Billaah. Double Yawn)

Dam Road:  I’ll be damned, these vermin just went: Poof!  

Fayyaadh ‘Awadhallah
Qusayy Shammoot
Khaleel Al-Muhammad

Old Al-Jarmak:  Fighting with no details.

Abu Gharra:  3 killed and 3 taken prisoner.

Al-Rafeed: Way up in the Golan.  2 rodents sniped as they crawled around.  They aren’t worth checking out.

Al-Za’roora:  Fighting with no details.

Rasm Al-Darb:  No details.

Inkhil:  No details.  A mortar was destroyed.  I guess that’s good.

Sahm Al-Jawlaan:  No details.

‘Ayn Furaykha:  Ditto.

Al-Heeraan:  Fighting with Jihadi organ donors resulted in this mess:

‘Aaref Al-Muraabit
Thaa’er Idrees

4 others surrendered.

Tafass:  Heavy fighting going on with no details.

Abu Katf:  Skirmishing.  No details.

Al-Hammaadeen:  In the City.  2 rodents were pointed out by greedy citizens looking for a reward.  The P.I. people will not reveal any names.

Al-Manshiyya:  Police called for back-up and got it from NDF.  5 rodents were Orkinized:

Sameer Shu’ayb
‘Abdul-Samad ‘Aashoor
Bilaal Al-Moussaa
Muhammad Fahs
Ayyoob ‘Ubayd

National Hospital:  Confirmed 26 rodents of the J.N. killed.  I am supposed to get some names tomorrow. Great victory for SAA and humiliating defeat for Bandar Bin Shaytaan. 

Al-Nabak at the Sheep Market and the East Al-Firdaws Roundabout:  SAA killed 9 rodents and accepted the surrender of 29 rodents.  All FSA.

Rimaa Farms:  11 rats gave up the ghost.  Only 2 names arrived:

‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Turshaan (They see but do not listen)
Mu’een Humayri

Barza:  At the Al-Khaal Pointe:

“Al-‘Ukayd Abu Mustafaa” (Id pending)

Barza:  At the Tishreen Hospital, 19 skunks killed in fighting with SAA.  No names.

Al-Qaaboon:  Near the Great Mosque, a huge store of weapons was uncovered.  According to Monzer, the SAA turned over 40 or more surrendering rodents to the security people.

Al-Qaaboon:  Near the Public Electricity Company on the road to Sadcop (?) Corporation, 18 rat carcasses were collected and 11 surrendered. One of the dead is named:

“Rambo” (Id pending.  It had to happen sooner or later.)

Al-Dilba Farms:  Lots of fighting with no details.

Al-Shaamiyya:  Ditto.

Harastaa:  Area of Cars Auto Company and the Daayaa Auto Company and east of Al-Bayrooni Hospital, SAA and militia killed lots of rats, but I have no details.

Harastaa:  On the southern ring road, SAA destroyed a van with weapons.  2 rodents went up in flames.  No names.  No bodies, apparently.

Baabeelaa:  A little town whose neck is being tightened by resilient SAA infantrymen:

Lu’ayy Yaghmoor
‘Umar Shamaali
Haaroon Naaji

Daarayyaa:  At the Associations’ Quarter and 4 Seasons Quarter, no details about fighting there.  Monzer reports a sniper killed.  No name.

Qaarra:  At the margins.  Remnant rodents killed:

‘Ubayda Al-Shaykh-Yaaseen
Ghassaan ‘Abdul-Malik

Another 4 could not be identified.  IEDs still being dismantled.


p7bnwj7g copy

Al-Madaajin on Ibleen-Al-Baarra Road in the Areeha area:  Wael reports massive loss to rodent Bandar Army.  Major disaster for ISIS.  No names, yet.

Al-Za’laana:  An attack on an SAA checkpoint was repulsed with these carcasses left behind:

Ahmad Subhi Hashshaash (He’s smoking his bong in the other place)
Naafi’ Talaal Barakaat

Kooreen:  SAA laid waste to a truck carrying 2 tons of weapons and ammunition:

Saami Mahdhoom
Mustafaa Al-Hammood

Ma’arbaleed:  Skirmishing with no details. 

Taftanaaz:  An old Hittite town saw a confirmed 18 rodents get killed from ISIS.  There were wounded rodents also but I have no names.  They carried no id with them.

Ma’arrat Al-Nu’maan:  At the Industrial College, a nest of sleeping rodents was startled by the pitter-patter of army boots.  When they awoke, they found themselves in Hell.  All 13 of them.  No names. All foreigners.

Icardia:  At the Center for Agricultural Research on the Idlib-Aleppo Highway.  Wael reports a confirmed 9 dead and 11 taken prisoner.  All FSA.

Tal Salmu:  Fighting with no details.

West Abu-Dhuhoor:  22 confirmed rat carcasses with fighting continuing.  

East of Idlib at the “New Al-Ghazaal Factory” with NDF supporting SAA.  7 confirmed rats killed and 16 wounded.  No names.   
Homs is now more clean-up than combat.  Efforts to resupply remnant rodent populations have met with failure.  The reason why the vermin army is threatening to take their battle to Lebanon is because they can’t make any headway in this province.  Moreover, many hundreds of FSA stalwarts have surrendered to take advantage of the Decree 2013/70.  Homs has seen more surrenders than any other province.

Al-Rastan east of the Al-‘Umar Mosque, 18 rodents surrendered to security personnel.

Al-Rastan:  SAA ambush kills rats firing mortar shells at Homs.  All 5 were killed.  No names.

Jabal Al-Kinn:  Escaping 2 flatbeds with machine guns were intercepted here east of Al-Rastan.  The entire crew surrendered to SAA and were turned over to MI.

Al-Mushrifa:  Another boring attack on our outposts was foiled in the area of Talbeesa.  No details.

Al-‘Aamiriyya at the Water Purification Plant near Al-Mushrifa, SAA killed 8 rodents and took 2 prisoner.

Tal ‘Amri:  3 vans with weapons, ammo and rodents was stopped.  The vans were destroyed by RPGs and all 16 rodents were killed in the conflagration.  No names. All foreigners.

South ‘Ayn Hussayn in the Al-Mushrifa area:  2 vans with IEDs exploded after SAA and NDF fired RPGs at them.  No more details from this somewhat off-road area.

Waadi Al-Saayeh in the City:  An attempt to infiltrate into the Al-Sabeel Quarter was foiled.  No details.

Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah:  At the Electricity Transformer, 4 snipers were surrounded and killed.  1 name only appeared today:

Bashshaar Razzooq

Baab Hood:  2 snipers were cornered and killed.  No names.

Baab Hood:  At a building near the Mustafaa Baashaa Mosque, 4 rats were killed.

Talbeesa:  NDF and SAA stopped an infiltration attempt toward the Al-Karaaj (taxi station) checkpoint.  10 confirmed rats were killed with 6 wounded and 13 arrested.

Talbeesa Farms:  A bulldozer was confiscated because it was used to build ramparts.


Industrial Zone:  SAA destroyed 4 vans loaded with weapons originating in Turkey and killed all rodents inside.

Al-Shaykh Najjaar:  Almost the same scenario.  Reports are that a convoy of vans with weapons, drugs and 
telecom equipment was completely annihilated by SAA and militia.  No names.

Aleppo-Al-Raqqa Highway:  A van was spotted by alert infantrymen and that was the end of that.  According to Wael, he heard that 4 cockroaches were killed.  All were foreigners appearing North African. Some of the material inside had markings indicating Saudi Arabian origin.

Central Prison:  Oh, will the saints preserve us?  They keep trying so hard.  This time I can confirm the ISIS took losses in excess of 30 killed.  Nobody wants to risk his neck to id the buggers.

Al-Kindi Hospital:  They actually tried to get into this hospital.  They failed.  No details.

Castillo:  SAA destroyed 3 vans and killed all occupants.

*Just a note:  It is noticeable how frequent this effort to resupply is becoming.  Bandar is certainly behind this in both Turkey and Jordan.  This is a major uptick in action.  I believe the SAA has its own tricks up its sleeve with many Turkish officers now, apparently unofficially, helping SAA.

Khaan Al-‘Asal:  Fighting with no details.

‘Anadaan:  The key to Aleppo.  9 vans carrying supplies were destroyed.

Huraytaan:  20 J.N. hyenas go to Scavenger’s BBQ in an air attack that was so precise Wael says it must have been guided by the rats themselves.   

Africano Restaurant:  I’ve got to find out what kind of fare they serve.  Some fighting. No details.

Al-‘Ays:  No details.

Icardia Building:  Police were suspicious about the activity of a driver and sought to question him.  He ran away and left his car running.  Police wisely requested SAA engineers to test for IED.  What they found instead in the trunk was a load of C-4 and telecom equipment.  The owner of the car reported it stolen a year ago.  There is a hunt on for the rodent driver.

Tallat Al-‘Aani:  North of Nayrab.  Fighting with no details.

Al-Naqqaareen: Efforts by rats to reenter this liberated area were a failure.  Wael says that SAA reported killing 2 and arresting 2 wounded filth purveyors.

Al-Kalllaasa:  An entire group of rats was obliterated by a Shilka.  No details.

Al-Maysir:  No details.

Aleppo in the Old City:  At the ‘Abdul-Hameed Al-Zahraawi School, an attack was foiled.    

Dhahrat Al-Shurfa:  A pick-up and machine gun were destroyed.

Dayr Jamaal and Kafr Naasseh Junction: Fighting with no details.

Al-Layramoon:  Great battle going on right now.  We will evict the ungrateful tenants.


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