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The Syrian Army appears invincible as tactics, weapons and policies are coming together in a remarkable synergism.

Dayr Al-‘Assaafeer (Monastery of the Birds):  One of our readers reported that 400 members of the Dir’ Al-‘Aasima (Shield of the Capital) surrendered yesterday to the SAA.  I heard something to this effect but remain cautious until Monzer gives me a confirmation.  He writes that he too heard of some act of mass surrender, but his information is sketchy.  Apparently, the Syrian government is not playing this up too much although it certainly would be devastating to the morale of J.N. rodents.  Lets follow up on this.

مقتل عدة إرهابيين بعبوة ناسفة.. واستهداف ما يسمى كتائب

Barza:  An attempted infiltration from the orchards into the Satellite Education Building went awry when SAA spotters pointed it out and the pack of rats found itself stuck in a cul de sac.  These were the carcasses:

Adeeb Al-Jamr
Mustafaa Ahmad
‘Awni Fathallah
Nooreddeen Hishma
‘Abdul-Kareem Qumayjar
‘Ali Al-Kadeesh  
Hussayn Rizqa
Along with the rats came a very sizable cache of weapons and ammunition which were immediately distributed to militia holding rear positions.  THANK YOU BANDAR BIN BABOON FOR THE KIND GIFT.

Al-Qaaboon:  SAA seized Zionist-manufactured missiles and killed 4 rats:

“Abu Zaydaan Al-Shaami” (Id pending)
Bilaal Shamseddeen
Hussayn Muhammad
Haareth Qadri

Abu Al-Shaamaat:  East of Al-Dhumayr.  A 23mm machine gun cannon was confiscated and 3 rodents arrested.  They put up no fight after being given an option by NDF.  NDF seized a 14.5mm cannon, assault rifles and 1 RPG with 2 rockets.

Al-Dilba and Hutaytat Turkmaan:  Mop-up got us these vermin:

Bashshaar Keeli
Rafeeq Al-Jumbaaz
Ameer Fidhdhu

Al-Seen-Tadmur Road:  2 flatbeds with 1 Doschka and 1 14.5mm machine gun cannon were destroyed and 11 rodents killed.  All were foreign and belonged to J.N. “Liwaa’ Al-Islam”.

‘Arna:  An attack on an SAA checkpoint got all 4 rats killed.  Only one identified.  The others appeared to be foreign:

Mustafaa Hassan ‘Awadhallah

Jawbar:  At the Teachers’ Tower east of the Central Corniche and at the Public Utilities Building, 8 rats killed. There are very few vermin left here.  The ones who remained behind are apparently local.  No names available.

Zamalkaa Junction:  SAA killed 5 rodents:

Saaleh Shihaada
Jameel Sa’ad
Bilaal Moussaa    

The other 2 have not been identified and appear foreign.

Harastaa east of the Police Hospital and at the Secondary School Roundabout, 2 rats were surrounded and given a chance to surrender.  They took too long and wound up on the Satan Island Ferry:

Muhyi-Al-Deen Al-Farawaati
Subhi Mukhliss

‘Arbeen:  A bulldozer was seized near the Ghubayr Mosque at the School Complex east of the Salaahuddeen Mosque.  This area is south of the Shammoot Auto Company located in Harastaa.  The pack or rats called itself  “Regiment of the Muslim Arsenal”.  Sounds like some London football team.  2 were killed:

Muhammad ‘Asfoor
“Abu Khaaled” (Id pending) 

East Al-Shifooniyya:  In the Ghouta.  3 rats killed.  8 surrendered.

Muhammad Al-Ajwah
Diyaab Al-Shawwaa

Al-Qaasimiyya:  In the East Ghoutaa, 3 insects stamped out.  No names,

Daarayyaa:  A large number of small operations to clean out the area.  3 rats killed at the Sukayna Shrine and 2 at the 4 Seasons:

Mahmoud Al-Rifaa’iy
Muhammad Ka’ood
Shaaher Al-Khaleel

No other names.

Al-Subayna:  NDF killed this lowly creature along with his 6 foreign litter-mates.  All foreign.  2 taken prisoner in moderate condition:

“Saaleh” (Id pending)

‘Aaliya Farms in Doumaa:  SAA and militia crush pack of rodents in 3 trucks loaded with weapons and ammo:

Jamaal Khibya
Mu’een Al-‘Ulabi

No other names available 

Al-Mulayha Farms: 

Nooreddeen Saadeq

Rankoos and at Al-Saqiy Farms north of Al-Nabak:  Heavy fighting with aircraft involved. No details.

Reemaa Farms and Koo’ Al-Jarass (Bell Curve):  Heavy fighting.  No details.

Al-Nabak:  East of Immigration and Passport Building.  A pack of J.N. rodents were dispatched to their favorite Cheese Factory in Hell.  16 confirmed killed and 23 taken prisoner.  Big victory for SAA.

Yabrood:  J.N. caught trying to slither away in vans.  20 killed.  Drugs seized in large quantities.

Mish’al Abu-Shunayr

Sameer Huqooq
Ahmad Huqooq
Ma’an Ballaat

Jihaad Al-Mutayni
‘Aaref Khaleefa
‘Abdul-Raheem Sarafandi

‘Adraa:  Fighting.  This rodent went down:

Yaaseen Siryaweel (?)

Tal Al-Sawwaan:  2 rodents killed.  Believed to be North African. No names.

Al-Shaalit southwest of ‘Adraa:  Fighting with no details.

Al-Dilba Farms:  In the area of Al-Nishaabiyya.  5 rodents killed when SAA attacked a nest.  No names.

Zibdeen:  Weapons seized in on-going operation.  No details.

I can’t keep up with the amount of info coming in at 3:30 p.m.  I will have to blog the rest tomorrow. Ziad


Anon. sends this report about the CW event in Ghouta.  Keep it for your files:

Nice article about the sudden epiphany in Europe.  You mean they might come back?

WILE E. COYOTE MOMENT:  Thanks to Anonymous:

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