The flag goes up in a liberated Al-Hujjayra

After a series of remarkable successes in Al-Subayna and Ghazaal, the SAA cleaned out Al-Hujjayra in a matter of 8 hours with a strike that shocked the defending rats forcing them to retreat in large numbers toward their last bastion in Al-Hajar Al-Aswad where SyrPer promises you they will be exterminated.  Hundreds of FSA rodents have already surrendered, the exact number unknown as of the present.  But, it is clear that the morale of these scavengers is at rock bottom while that of the SAA is riding the high winds.

قواتنا المسلحة تعلن السيطرة على بلدة حجيرة وحي غربة في ريف دمشق

There can be no doubt any longer that the trend of this war is heading in the direction of a complete rout of the Islamist murderers.  All of Bandar Bin Satan’s (Thanks, Hussein) efforts including the arming and training of 50,000 troops in Jordan will amount to nothing – notwithstanding the big surprise.  If 200,000 armed rodents from every specie of terrorist broke before the Syrian army, what do you think is going to happen to the sissies in Al-Mafraq?
SAA infantry found reams of Al-Qaeda’s black flags all over Al-Hujjayra, especially in the many tunnels they had dug and the warehouses in Al-Ghurba.  Amazingly, this time, even the die-hard Jihadists surrendered in  the hundreds while others were deliberately allowed to sneak into Al-Hajar Al-Aswad where Lt. General Ayoub plans to bury them alive.
Weapons were seized with values in the millions.  SANA will very likely exhibit some of these expensive instruments of terror.  WE WANT TO THANK BOTH PRINCE FATSO OF CATARRH AND PRINCE BANDAR OF SAUDI SCARABIA FOR THEIR GENEROSITY IN ARMING A FULL DIVISION OF OUR MILITIAS AND NDF FORCES.

 The Syrian army has regained the town of Hajira, south of the capital Damascus.
(File photo from Alalam)

Hizirmaa in the area of Al-Nishaabiyya:  50 confirmed rats killed or arrested here while the SAA destroyed 3 pick-up trucks festooned with the usual 23mm machine gun cannon. 

Jisrayn:  To the east.  A warehouse used to manufacture missiles was invaded and all materiel seized.


Marj Al-Sultaan:  Another home-made missile factory was taken under control and 17 rodents killed with 29 surrendering:
Ahmad Al-Sibaa’iy
Baassem Qawaadira
Anees Al-Sakhiy
Muhammad Hamaadaa
Moussaa Al-Yahyaa
Taamer Zaydoon
Muwaffaq Shihaada
Khaleel Yaman
Muhammad Ziyaada
Ghayth Al-Shahhaal
Talaal Shoomaan
Ali Abu-Al-Lawz
Habeeb Ghissn
No more names were received.
Al-‘Aaliya Farms:  Confirmed 22 rodents killed by SAA and Ba’ath militia.
Barza:  You will be hearing great news about this place.  No details today about on-going operations.
Qareena Farms:  Jabhat Al-Nusra formerly infested this place near Yabrood:
Daarayyaa:  At the Bakery Roundabout, 5 rats killed.
Al-Qaaboon:  Near the Police Department Dispatch Building, a warehouse was taken down and all weapons seized.  Nice cache, by the way.
Al-Subayna at the margins:  2 rodent mindermasts (that’s masterminds) were quickly sent to Lucifer’s Laundromat and Charnel House:
Izzaat Ibraaheem
Ahmad Hooriyya
Karm Al-Rassaass:  In the Doumaa area.  A van with ammo and weapons was stopped and all contents seized for use against the House of Saud.  All 3 rats surrendered.
Al-Shaamiya:  Fighting with no details.
Bayt Sahm:  At the Al-Baraa’ Mosque, another weapons cache was found in a shed.  Nice.
Harastaa:  East of the Police Hospital, 6 rats were put on the red-eye to Hell, Michigan.
Al-Dilba Farms:  A series of operations are underway.  Good hunting.
Hutaytat Al-Turkmaan:  Already liberated but with some desperate desperadoes running around:
Muhyi-Al-Deen Sarraaf
Ahmad Qatanju
Waheed Barhoom
Sa’ad Mustafaa
‘Abdul-Khaaleq Al-‘Assaal
Mahdi Tuqqu

Hollande covered up the assassination of Sakine Cansiz, and Erdoghan is covering up for this ape:


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