Every year since 2011, our publication recognized excellence in lying.  Oh, and it’s not ordinary lying;  it must be Rabelaisian!  In order to meet the strict requirements laid down by the eponymous Mr. Blair, whose own achievements in all forms of prevarication are internationally recognized and envied by the best pick-pockets, cat burglars, embezzlers and war criminals, the lying must be on a “massive scale” and designed to dupe the most “innocent” amongst us.

“Cross my heart and hope to die”.  Well, Mr. Blair, we wish you’d just do the latter and spare us any more of your genocidal shenanigans. 
It’s not easy covering up war crimes with impassioned pleas for Christian mercy and understanding.  It’s even harder to keep a straight face while burning Iraqi towns into ash and sniping Iraqi men and women as they walk down the streets of Basra to shop.  It takes a real maestro to do all that, convert to Catholicism and then pick up some fat checks from Saudi apes after currying favor with them by appealing to the public for the support of the British campaign to oust the Syrian president.  Urging violations of international law and the commission of war crimes is the bailiwick of hardened terrorists….right?………….and therein lies the biggest lie of all. 
(A hush comes over the crowd at Madison Square Gardens)
Pillay seen here with her heroes of the Jabhat Al-Nusra in an artist’s rendering of their happy encounter
Already winning the Hindu-American “Chaiwallah of the Year” trophy for “unending  and unselfish Woggish servility” to the white man, and having bestowed upon her the “TOILET BRUSH OF KALI”, Pillay is obviously headed for bigger and better things once she leaves the post of U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights which she has occupied since 2008 despite her inability to do anything but lie.  She has already disclosed her intent to work in Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president as her chief chambermaid.  She proudly hangs her toilet brush award on her wall next to her law degree from Harvard:


But, Ms. Pillay is not only famous as a Wog, she is also the great granddaughter of the immortal poetess, Edna St. Vincent Pillay.  She is, moreover, a world-class liar and dissimulator.  Renowned for her ability to invent numbers out of whole cloth, she amazes the Western press with the number of Syrian fatalities in the on-going insurgency there.  Unwilling to admit that the Islamist “freedom-fighters” are killing innocent civilians by the tens of thousands, she prefers instead to point her fingers at the government even though everyone knows she’s lying. But, she does it with such panache! …..  And why shouldn’t she lie?  She is getting a nifty pension from the U.S. and an even niftier emolument from the Saudi Arabian cockroaches.      
“How many dead today, Ms. Pillay?”
“Oh, what was it?  I think we’ll make it 121,000. Okay?”
Rami Abdul-Rahmaan, seen here receiving instructions from his handlers in the MI6 and watching his real “news source”, Al-Jazeera. 
This guy is slick.  A liar extraordinaire who has been nominated each year since 2011 for Liar of the Year.  His claim to fame is a lie he has communicated like a virus.  You see, here is one liar whose lies are spread by others.  For example, whenever he is quoted in the Western Press, the quote is preceded by: “According to the Syrian Observatory, which relies on a network of sources inside Syria…….”  blah, blah and blah. The problem is he has no sources inside Syria.  His sources are in Doha, Qatar, which is the original fabricating factory, MI6 at Vauxhall Cross with its team of fiction-fakers from Industrial Light and Magic, William Hague’s Foreign Ministry (a/k/a Disneyland-on-Avon) and his trusty Ouija Board.      
Abdul-Rahmaan supports the Islamist terrorists wreaking havoc inside his homeland but insists he is an adherent of the well-known Damascene commentator and opposition activist , Michel Kilo, a card-carrying communist and professional hypocrite.  What Islamist terrorists have to do with a communist of the Oleg Kolakovski school is anyone’s guess, unless, of course, you work for MI6, where anything can happen.

His lies are legion.  Always proclaiming some new barbarous assault on civilian centers as an “act of liberation” by the cannibals he secretly abets, he has been wrong on virtually everything.  In this regard, he might fare admirably with Joshua Landis as “Dr. Pangloss of the Year” because underlying all his lies is the knowledge that he is keeping a mere impression alive, even though that impression is inevitably going the way of the hoola-hoop.  By the way, even his name is a lie.       


Engel, seen here with some winos who were picked up in Los Angeles for this photo, pretends he is the prisoner of some mysterious Syrian group.  At first they were terrorists.  But, then, he changed his mind and went along with the Mossad narrative: they were Assad’s agents.  Actually, they were nobody but some production team working for Shepperton Studios outside London collecting wages from Syrian Danny.

Engel is dyslexic, apoplectic, neurasthenic, polyseptic and one of the media’s biggest fibbers.  He dreams of movies recounting his exploits with gigantic orchestras playing background music conducted by Jerry Goldsmith or John Williams.  He is captured by savage terrorists threatening him with decapitation but is saved by honorable locals who spirit him back to hearth and home in the Zionist east side of Manhattan.
He speaks Egyptian Arabic!  You should hear him, it’s a howl! One can only imagine that with the other stalwarts of the New York Times (Robert Ford, Andrew Tabler, Elizabeth O’Bagy, e.g.), who are inevitably credited by that yellow rag with being “fluent” in Arabic (tee hee hee), you could have a veritable autistic rap session at some D.C. coffee house with this group of charlatans.  A laugh riot, really.

Engel will not stop lying and is committed to lies as a life’s calling.  Wherever he is found pontificating to his anchor in New York City about the “liberal” and “secular freedom fighting youth” of this or that place, he will pretend to be totally on their side without regard to any crimes they may be committing.  He, also, folds the whole story into the biggest omelet of lies in his culinary repertoire: He is a Zionist sayan whose only loyalty is to his Khazar Settler State.


Dressed in “mufti” here (no joke), the president appears almost serene as he contemplates new abominations to foist on the American public
Some believe he is the Antichrist.  Some think he’s just a Chicago gutter rat who made good in the White Man’s World.  Some think he’s a closet Muslim fundamentalist Trojan Horse who got into the White House in order to promote Zionist/Islamist/Saudi/Masonic/Soros Mumbo-Jumboism.  We do not agree.

The overwhelming view of Mr. Obama is that he has only one religion with himself at the very center.  It’s Obama Humanism at its most absurd and cockalorical. Self-worship no more embarrassing, really,  than self-deification by decree. The Emperor Caligula did it.  So did the transplanted Syrian quacko Elagabalus.  Every dysfunctional psycho from Saddam to David Koresh has longed to live that ultimate lie.  And in living it and breathing its life-sustaining oxygen, you have less and less qualms about lying to everybody else. Lying becomes the fuel to power the brightest star. 

Obama’s lying is global.  It’s not only Obamacare, peekabooing at his own citizens or closing down some American Devil’s Island in Cuba.  It’s the entire pretense from day one.  It’s the aurally-pleasing ritual of listening to platitudes tarted up like little doses of spiced cake slathered with Swiss chocolate and crowned by a Maraschino cherry.  It’s the image of change – of revolution – packaged into a man unique not only because of his skin color, but, also, by the way he mesmerizes (read: snookers) his apostles – his flock (indeed) and leads them into the world of sameness untouched by the primal promises of transformation; the covenant to follow a different drummer or to just “do something outside the Beltway”. Yawn. Mediocrity as transmogrification.

Obama claims to be against terrorism.  But he lies.  He aids and abets terrorists daily and openly.  But, he lies even more when he occasionally flies a trial balloon such as classifying the Jabhat Al-Nusra as a “terrorist organization” even though, five will get you one, that it’s his own CIA which is supplying the J.N. with its weapons paid for by the Kingdom of Lies, Saudi Arabia.

This man is special.  A true liar in the spirit of Tony Blair.  Or Josef Goebbels.


Woodruff sneers incredulously at a guest who suggested that Bashar Al-Assad was a “medical doctor”.  She later rolled her eyeballs when the guest stated that not “all war crimes are committed by Assad”.  She then gagged and threw spitballs at the guest when he told her the polls all show Assad to be popular among Syrian refugees.

If you think Richard Engel is bad; well, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  You have to see Woodruff from Monday to Friday grimacing at the PBS cameras whenever the subject of the Syrian “regime” comes up.  “Oh, isn’t it horrible!”, she exclaims.  “The freedom-loving opposition met today in democratic Turkey”, she purrs.  “Assad’s thugs committed another atrocity today in blah, blah, blah.”  And it never ends.  She just doesn’t get it.  Even if the terrorists admitted to using CW, it’s always Assad’s fault.

Woodruff’s lies have become a running gag among lie watchers.  Go to the Ann Arbor stalwart, the Brown Jug, for example, any afternoon and listen to the students regale one another with “today’s Woodruffism”.  It’s usually a blatant lie told stone-facedly or with that sad-dog look of dismay she has nearly patented as her very own.          

Artur Schopenhauer, the great German Romantic philosopher, would not be the least surprised if Woodruff won the prize since he once questioned whether females should be allowed to take an oath in court.  But, others might disagree as our readers shall soon see from the actual announcement of the winner.  This was an incredible dark-horse victory for this year’s TONY BLAIR LIAR OF THE YEAR CONTEST:


(Audience cheers with approbation)
“Leave it to Beaver” with a moustache.  Aw, isn’t he cute?  Why nobody could ever suspect this treasonous chamberpot of lies could actually train and command legions of Jihadist terrorists from his own soil.  Nobody?

He arrests Jihadists traveling to fight in Syria.  He orders his newspapers to publicize the arrests.  Jordanian minions appear on television in the Arab World and trumpet their country’s animadversion to terrorism and the ugly war in Syria that is affecting their economy severely.  The King refuses to allow terrorists to operate in his country……..What balderdash.

The King of Jordan, Abdullah bin Antoinette Avril Gardner zawjat Hussein bin Zayn,  is the World’s most prolific liar.  Why, he even makes Tony Blair and David Cameron seem like Little Lord Fauntleroys when it comes to this particular talent. And it is prodigious.

Unless you believe in ghosts, Martian UFOs, dragons, Judge Dredd, Superman or any other creature from the imagination of minds addled by laudanum, you might not believe that the King of Jordan, half-British/half-Arabian-dwarf, is clueless about thousands of terrorists from Saudi Arabia, inter alia, along with CIA contractors and British terrorism enablers, sleeping, eating, drinking and making merry in the Jordanian garrison town of Al-Mafraq.  By listening to this British factotum, you’d think he was really King PlayStation, as As’ad Abu-Khalil regularly describes him.  Is it possible?  Can you not know there is a foreign army stationed on your soil?

This one lie, repeated so often by this consolation-prize monarch, is so puzzlingly inept, so naive, so ingenuous, it requires recognition by all.  This is the LIE OF THE CENTURY!

Everyday, we hear about terrorists crossing the border from Jordan into Syria.  We even hear terrorists describe escaping arrest and injury in Syria by driving their cars to the Al-Ramtha area where they regularly receive medical treatment from Jordanian doctors at hospitals owned by the king himself.  Inter-terrorist communications from Al-Mafraq are daily monitored by Syrian, Russian and Iranian intelligence services.  Is the King feeling all right?  I mean, does he deny Mossad is located inside his country? ……………….You bet your bippy.

No lie is too much for this pygmy-prevaricator.  He is unbelievable.  His bag of tricks is nothing more than a big smile for the cameras and a stern-demeanor when asked about all those photographs of terrorists training, playing, jaunting on the sacred soil of his desert Kingdom of Lies.  No rat deserved this award more than this snake.

King Abdullah shall receive an autographed copy of the Book of Lies by James Moloney:


In addition to that, His Highness, shall also have his name engraved on the wall of “Liar’s Paradise” at the headquarters of Syrian Perspective in Brooklyn, New York.  Good show.  What an honor it must be for the Hashemites to be so included.


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