Deus le Volt!

The campaign here is massive, but, so is the task.  Any Syrian province bordering on Turkey’s southern flank will be prone to not only porosity but the schizophrenic leadership of Erdoghan which loudly trumpets its redirecting suspected Jihadists away from the front while secretly letting them in to continue Saudi Arabia’s repugnant Wahhabist idiocies.  Erdoghan’s war crimes are so open and obvious that one would think the Syrian government could use its vast resources to bring this criminal to justice.  But, to this day, the Syrian Foreign Ministry has balked, dropped the ball and let Erdoghan get away with a mild admonition.  Sadly, the Syrian delegation to the U.N. led by Dr. Bashar Al-Jaafari,  has also given the Turk recreant a lot of slack.  It appears that only Dr. Haytham Al-Mannaa’ in Paris is willing to suffer the ordeal, and he, a mere civilian.

It should be clear that the vicious, heretical apes of Saudi Arabia have lost whatever minds they may have had and are involved in a suicidal quest to destroy Syria. Their efforts are being supported by Britain and France, and to a lesser extent, the U.S.  Pretense to “changing course” and “fearing spillover” are merely phrases designed to deflect accusations of complicity in the carnage.  In the end, the facts are incontrovertible:  Britain, more so than any other country, remains committed to the “failed state” scenario.
France, not to be outdone, is determined to get its thumbs on the natural gas reservoirs in the Eastern Mediterranean.  This former colonial oppressor, needs to have its ships sunk in our waters and its sailors skinned alive on our shores.  Deus le Volt!

But the allies of Syria have not wavered; Russia, especially, wallowing in unexpected adulation after having reasserted its hegemonic powers, not seen since the fall of the former Soviet Union.  Iran, too, bathing in the perfumed waters of acceptance as rueful former enemies begin the ignominious task of cajoling and inveigling the Vilaayateh-Fagheeh in Tehran.  Iraq, mindful of the mess the Saudis can create with their money, has tiptoed into the Assad camp despite fears of the Ba’ath and its durability.  Lebanon, a state without a government, a society without any glue, religions without spiritual purpose and a president who is as useless as a torn codpiece teeters and totters between Saad Hariri’s treason and Hizbollah’s incorruptible devotion to the causes of God and Syria.

And there are hints that new allies may be arriving.  As preposterous as it sounds, Saleem Idrees who heads some amorphous agency called the High Military Council of the Free Syrian Army is chafing at the collar, champing at the bit, chewing a bitter cud, chucking his cookies at the idea that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has all those weapons and the credibility he was never able to garner – he being nothing more than a soldier-academic better suited to playing Scrabble or Euchre with stuffed shirts of the established gentry in Aleppo’s hookah parlors or bath houses.  But, who knows, he might yet avoid the firing squad by advertising his fealty to the Palace and his animadversion to anything that stinks of Saudi monkey smegma.

But the Syrian Army keeps fighting:

Al-Judayda:  SAA took control of a warehouse with rockets and launchers.  Killed 2 rodents.

Kuwayris:  Similar story with SAA invading a nest and killing 3 rats, taking 9 prisoners and seizing rockets and launchers.

Thermal Station area:  Firefight with no details.

Al-Naqqaareen:  Liberated area with some remnant skunks skulking about.  4 killed:

Qaassem Daweeshaa
Jum’ah Al-Shahroor
Muhammad Al-Hinta
Hilaal Jawhar

Central Prison:  Oh, it just won’t end.  No details.

Al-Kindi Hospital:  The ISIS attacked and lost 66 rats here in a wild and wooly battle involving 2 exploding trucks which the enemy tried to use to break the area’s defenses.  This tactic, used effectively against SAA and NDF at Ma’loolaa, is now well-undestood.  According to Wael, the SAA did not even ask questions as 2 trucks loaded with TNT and C-4 approached from the north.  Our soldiers opened fire at a distance of 500 meters igniting the trucks and roasting the pick-ups and vans following behind them.  This might be the last time they try this tactic on the SAA.  The body count is continuing.  Many carcasses are burned beyond recognition or are dismembered horribly.

Dayr Haafer:  To the East.  SAA killed a number of rats.  No details.

Al-Mansoora, Bayaanoon, Baabees, Tallat Al-Ghaali, Al-Haadher Road, Al-Bakkaara Crossing, Tal-‘Azzaan, Kafr Daa’el, ‘Ibteen and Al-Shaykh Sa’eed all saw action yesterday as SAA forces continue the pressure.  No details.

Al-Marja:  Fighting with no details today.

Huraytaan, Castillo, Al-Nayrab to the East,  West Al-Baab, Al-Layramoon, Handaraat all saw action with details to come.

City:  Fighting in Al-Layramoon, Al-Shaykh Lutfi, Bustaan Al-Qasr, Handaraat.           

Al-Ashrafiyya:  The SAA annihilated a group of criminals pretending to be revolutionaries in this area extending to Salaahuddeen on Al-Dhabeet St. at the Vegetable Market.  No details.

Al-Nabak Farms on the East and West:  a group calling itself the Sword of Islam Detachment (Sariyyat Sayf Al-Islam) was kiboshed here:

Ghassaan Khawlandi
Ahmad Harru
‘Abdul-Mawlaa Al-Ghazaal

Another 4 could not be identified.

North Al-Nabak:  In the Al-Sahl area near the Kuwaiti Building west of Yabrood Bridge.  Heavy fighting with no details.

Qaarra Farms: Remnant rodents of the J.N. were killed:

Sa’doon Hassan-‘Ali

Al-Zabadaani:  In the East Mountains:

Shaaher Khaytu
Bilaal ‘Awwaad
Mulhem Seessaan
Wadee’ Al-Ahmad

Reemaa Farms:  Fighting with no details.

Dayr Salmaan:  Ditto.

Equestrian Club:  Huge battle with reports of over 50 dead rodents.  Battle evolving. More news tomorrow.

Al-‘Abbaada:  This group was the “Kateebat Ansaar Al-Sharee’ah” or the “Brigade of Supporters of Islamic Canonical Law” (yawn):

Mahroos Ward (a/k/a “Abu Sulaymaan”, rat leader)
“Abu ‘Ali” (leader of the Sword of Islam Detachment, yawn)

Another 11 were taken prisoner.

Yaldaa:  South rural Damascus:

‘Abdu Ghandoor
Waleed ‘Ali

Daarayyaa:  East of the Sayyida Sukayna (Ruqayyaa) Shrine at the Bakery Roundabout, 3 rats were killed  and 14 prisoners were taken by SAA.  No names.

Daarayyaa:  Also at the Association Neighborhood, the SAA killed 4 snipers holed up in 2 buildings.  No names.

Al-Shaamiyya area:

Khaaled Barakaat

‘Aaliya Farms in Doumaa:  A nest with weapons and ammo was destroyed:



Jamaal Al-Masri
Hishaam Al-Hanash (What a snake!)

Zamalkaa – ‘Arbeen Junction:  Clash ended finally in ‘Arbeen:

Rajab ‘Ubayd
Ahmad Hareer

Al-Qaaboon:  At the Al-Hassan Mosque.  A continuing siege by SAA of a J.N. hideout.


City:  At Jawrat Al-Shiyyaah, SAA is fighting a running battle with remnant cockroaches.  No details. 

Via Wikimapia:
City:  At the Nizaar Qabbaani Roundabout, SAA found and destroyed a tunnel 60 meters long extending into Al-Qaraabees.   

Al-Qaraabees:  Fighting with a group calling itself, “Brigade for the Unification of the South”, sounds like something out of the Confederacy.  No details.

Talbeesa:  Fighting with no details.  This is just clean-up now.

Hoosh Hajju:  Fighting with no details.


Here’s a good one about the assassination of Al-Laqqees in Beirut:


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