January 26, 2014 – ALEPPO.  With fresh troops arriving, the battle for the area of the Central Prison is intensifying with evidence mounting that the rats are trying to quit the area and shift emphasis over to Idlib.  The SAA is not letting that happen.  The area is being enveloped as we write.













Salaahuddeen Quarter:  At Al-Khudhr Street, SAA and security killed 28 vermin belonging to the Liwaa` Al-Islam.  I have received no names, yet.



Al-Kallaasa:  Fighting with no details.


Karm Al-Maysser:  Ditto.


Al-Marja:  Security agents invade a warehouse and find a treasure trove of weapons and mostly ammunition.  All will be sent to NDF.



Karm Al-Maysser:  Skirmish between security and 2 rats.  Rats all killed:


Mu’een Da’bool

Mustafaa Jalaaleddeen


Al-Sha’aar:  Clean-up.


Hanaanu:  At the Youth Residencies, a return of some rats necessitated an appropriate response.  The students dorms are now clear.  9 dead rodents counted with 11 taken prisoner in various conditions of health.



Al-Saaliheen:  Fighting with no details.


CENTRAL PRISON:  81 CONFIRMED RATS KILLED AS INFANTRY MOVES IN ON A CONCENTRATION OF J.N. RODENTS near a former nest.  The army surrounded the pests in Jubayla, closed off all escape corridors and killed them all.  All were foreigners as determined by MI intercepts.  Wael reports that soldiers could hear Chechen and Russian spoken.  Disaster for J.N.



SYRIAN ARMY KILLS 101 RATS AND ANNOUNCES FULL CONTROL OVER THE FOLLOWING AREAS NEAR KARAM AL-QASR: Al-Mirandi Building, Oil Processing Facility and all areas now north of Al-Nayrab Airbase.  Brigade 80 did the heavy work.


Aadam ‘Adwaan

Murhij ‘Abdul-Kareem

‘Ali Ja’noon

Taareq Ahmad

Muhammad Subaylaati

Sadeer Al-Lahhaam

‘Awni Haamed

Mustafaa Al-Zahra

Muhammad Sa’ab

Fu’aad Fallooh

Misbaah Al-‘Abed

‘Ali Al-Turk

Majeed Naasser

Sa’adedden Jallool

Na’eem Al-Khaateb


The rest have not been identified.  There are Saudi rodents among them.


Karm Al-Jazmaati: Fighting with no details. (See map above)


Karm Hawmad:  Ditto.


Al-Turaab:  Ditto.


Al-Shahhaadeen Quarter (Beggars’ Quarter):  In Al-Shaykh Sa’eed, security killed 5 rodents after initiating a sudden raid.  Caught them sleeping and dispatched them all as they reached for their weapons.  NDF played a role here by taking sniper positions.



Tal Museebeen north of Huraytaan:  More troops arriving as ‘Anadaan become more imminent.  At SyrPer, we are certain that the so-called opposition in Montreaux is aware of these developments.  There is nothing the Saudis can do to stop this.  Once ‘Anadaan is liberated, the fate of the rats is sealed in Aleppo.



Ma’aarat Al-Arteeq:  A truck carrying a huge amount of weapons and ammuntion was intercepted by SAA and NDF.  All 6 rats inside it were killed.  This was Liwaa` Al-Islam which has been most unlucky over the last few days.  So sorry.



Dayr Haafer:  4 pick-up trucks with the usual Doschkas were attacked by NDF and destroyed.  No details.


القضاء على 17 إرهابياً مما يسمى


Al-Muslimiyya:  5 vans loaded with weapons bought by Saudi Arabian apes were either stopped or destroyed in this painful operation for the rat terrorists.



Al-Mansoora Village:  An attempt to infiltrate into large SAA-controlled Al-Layramoon was another disaster for J.N.  19 rodents counted dead. All foreign.



Baab Al-Nayrab:  At the Al-Haawooz Roundabout, 11 rats killed.  All foreigners.  No Syrians in this Liwaa` Al-Islam group. See map for Karam Al-Qasr above.


Khaan Al-‘Asal:  SAA siezed 52 vehicles belonging to J.N. and FSA here.



Kuwayris Village: Fighting with no details.


‘Arbeed:  Ditto.


Al-Judayda:  Ditto.


Al-Shaykh Najjaar Industrial Area:  Liberated a few days ago by SAA.  Some remant rodents got a hankering for another drubbing and got exactly what they wanted.  5 killed.


Huraytaan: 8 rodents killed from the J.N.  All foreign.


Haddaadeen: South Aleppo. Confirmed 12 rats killed by SAA and SAF.



Khawaabi` Al-‘Asal: (The Casks of Honey).  Nice name.  4 killed and 12 taken prisoner.


Al-Saakhoor:  In Aleppo City. No details.


Al-Firdaws: It wasn’t Paradise for the 9 rodents killed here yesterday with the help of local citizens.



Qaadhi ‘Askar:  No details.


Al-Sayyid ‘Ali Village at the Qasr Al-Waali Restaurant, police arrested 7 rats who had no life left in them.  More and more are surrendering.


Al-A’zhamiyya Quarter in the City:  Confirmed 17 buzzards put down.  All belonged to the laughable Liwaa` Al-Tawheed. (The Brigade of Monotheism) Yawn.


‘Ayn Jaara:  3 flatbeds with machine guns seized.  Amazingly, all 17 rodents in the convoy surrendered and asked for consideration under the Amnesty Law 2013/70.




Al-Rubay’ah:  A developing story in this town to the north and close to the border with the Turks.  19 confirmed rat deaths.  Of those, 2 were Iraqis, 1 from the Emirates and one Lebanteezian. Names will be made available later.











































































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Hi Ziad,
thanks for more web link to wikimapia, situation is more clear, You are doing great work !!!

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long live the SAA, long live the fantastically heroic people of Syria, long live Dr. Bashar the extraordinary leader. the conspiracy is entering its third year, the conspirators have done all that they could do, and yet the SAA stands tall and proud, advancing on every front. the conspirators must be very depressed having squandered so many billions and lost countless herds of wahabi cannon fodder, with no real gains save destruction and bloodshed. keep up the good work Ziad, and team, all the best to you as usual as well as all the best to the charging SAA and… Read more »
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Mr Fadel, how can I send you a donation? maybe via paypal.. as a syrian I support you and the SAA 110%

South Auckland
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