Al-Rubay’ah:  We reported this yesterday without the rat-stats.  Here they are.  The Syrian Army went gangbusters on some creeping vermin coming in from Turkey into the abandoned mountain village of Al-Rubay’ah.  The rats fell into a trap and were annihilated:



Usaamaa Al-Nimr


Ja’afar Zaynab (IRAQI PIG SPITTLE)




Another 14 could not be identified.






SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE IS DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCED THE DEATH OF ANOTHER SAUDI MONKEY TERRORIST WHO USED TO PRACTICE “LAW” IN THE KINGDOM OF GLOOM ITSELF:  MU’AADH ‘ALI AL-GHAANEM (may he burn in Hell).  The monkey used to defend terrorists in Saudi Arabia in the criminal courts of Riyaadh and Jedda until his representation went into the realm of the Twilight Zone as he gradually was influenced by the same monkey criminals he was trying to defend.  He stopped “practicing” about 8 months ago and his monkey family lost contact with him about a month and half ago.  Wael read about him and learned that was killed, perhaps, in Saraaqeb in Idlib Province. That has yet to be confirmed.  May he rest in flames.



Nabi Ayyoob Peak:  In the Jibaal Al-Zaawiya area (Syria’s Anti-Lebanon) overlooking the Waadi Al-Ghaab.  SAA clobbered these plague-carrying rodents:




‘Ali Ahmad Al-Shaawish (YEMENI FROG EXCREMENT)

Nooreddeen Muhammad Sirhaani (EGYPTIAN ASP PUS)

Naasser Khalaf Al-Yunus

Jihaad Moussaa Abul-Hassan

Muhammad Khaaled Sirmaani

‘Abdul-Salaam Al-Taabi’


Qastoon:  NDF sniped this crawling vermin:



Khaldoon Al-Baghdaadi 


Darkoosh:  A suicide bomber in a car killed 21 rodents belonging to Liwaa` Al-Islam in an act of revenge. Hey, doesn’t bother us. No skin off our nose.  No names as the dead were dismembered by the explosion and left as fertilizer.


Binnish:  Fighting with little detail.


Kafr Jaalis: Ditto


‘Ayn Marteen:  4 dead J.N. rodents.


Al-Shuwayha:  Helicopter action with 12 dead rats from the Liwaa` Al-Islam. (Yawn)


Al-Dawsa Lands:  Clean-up:


Radhwaan Khayrullah

Safwaat Rubay’iy

Ahmad ‘Alwaan


Abu Dhuhoor Airbase to the north:  Fighting with no detail.


Al-Mastooma Road:  3 IEDs dismantled each with a 25kg charge.


Between Kafr Najd and Nahliyya:  A pickup truck wtih 23mm machine gun cannon was destroyed.  4 wounded rats were taken prisoner for warbling.


Ma’ar-Aataa:  In the Sirmeen area:


Zayd Shukri

Ma’an ‘Abdul-Kareem

Bassaam Ibraaheem   

Waa’el Qaraaqish


2 other remain unidentified.


Baseeda:  An attack on a military checkpoint went awry because our soldiers expect these idiotic attacks all the time and are prepared to repel them:


‘Ammaar Ya’mur

Mahmoud Abu-Al-Noor

Sidqi Al-Shibl




Al-Qadam:  An attempted infiltration from this area into a secure zone (Al-Maydaan) led to an ambush by SAA and security.  Rather than fight for a lost cause, all 18 rats surrendered themselves and these weapons:  14 light assault rifles, 4 RPG anti-tank rocket launchers and rockets and a NATO sniper rifle.  Nice weapons to use when killing the apes of Arabia.



Al-Qadam:   At the Port Sa’eed Neighborhood and Al-Maadinyaa, a nest of skunks was uncovered and 4 killed with 7 surrendering:


Fu’aad Al-Bat-heesh (skunk leader a/k/a Abu-Pepe LePew)

Shaaher Al-Imaam

Muraad ‘Umayri

Mahmoud Shamma


Jawbar:  At the Electrical Grid Building, 3 rodents were exterminated.




Harastaa near the Water Use Establishment, a Saudi monkey of the Liwaa` Dir’ Al-‘Aassima (Shield of the Capital Brigade, yawn. It’s franchise of the J.N.) was sent to simian heaven by SAA:



Ahmad ‘Abdullah (SAUDI FLY LARVA)

Jaaber Mahsoob

Luqmaan Muhammad

Zaahi Al-‘Ali


Another 3 were not identified.


Koo’ Harastaa:  (Harastaa Curve), a 200 meter-long tunnel extending to Al-Khums Quarter was uncovered with the use of new ultrasound technology.  I don’t know why the damn Arabs don’t get used to using dogs.  They are wonderful at this sort of thing.  I’ve written about this canophobia before in my blog.  See map above.  ZAF


Doumaa:  Fighting with no details.  The number of rats in Doumaa is down considerably as many are surrendering.  Foreigners now make up the majority of rodents.


Jisreen:  At the Al-Ghaydha Bridge, 13 rats went down to the main sewer in Satanopolis. No names.



‘Arbeen – Harastaa: A 60 meter tunnel was uncovered on the border designed to give rats an advantageous position to attack an SAA armor base.  MI knew about the tunnel days ago and organized a force of special operations troops and engineers.  No rats were found inside.  But, maps and satellite photos of the base were seized.  Nice job.




Khaan Al-Shaykh:  Jabhat Al-Nusra took a powerful right hook here when security surrounded a pack of rats and called in the NDF:


Muhammad Al-Jahmaan (SAUDI HOG-ARSE PIMPLE)


Another 4 could not be identified.


Rankoos: Way up in the Qalamoon Mtns, a nest of vicious rats was uncovered and depestified:


Waseem Darmoosh

‘Abdul-Jabbaar ‘Atiyya

Mustafaa Hishma

Milhem Hassan-‘Ali

Nooreddeen Ballaat

Zaahi Qa’war

Muhyi-Al-Deen Baaroodi


Another 3 could not be identified.  The 2 taken prisoner stated that the remaining carcasses were of Libyans.


Al-Hijaariyya Farms:  In Doumaa, 10 confirmed rats killed and 5 wounded in a startling operation using stealth and exploiting the innate stupidity of the verminous enemy.  No names available.


Waadi ‘Ayn Turma:  Security killed these scavengers:



Muhammad Al-Qaassem (PAKISTANI WORM SLIME. Id pending. Carrying fake documents)


Another 4 were taken prisoner.


Daarayyaa:  29 RODENTS FROM THE J.N. KILLED BY SAA AND NDF HERE.  ALL WERE FOREIGNERS.  Using classic surround-and-snuff tactics perfected over the last 3 years, a major blow was dealt to the J.N. organization here.  Most of these vermin are trained snipers who remained behind only to starve.  They are now eating fire in Hell.



MAJOR NEWS REPORTED BY SANA YESTERDAY:  120+ RODENTS KILLED ON THE DAMASCUS-DER’AH HIGHWAY IN A FUTILE EFFORT BY J.N. TO RETURN TO THE DAMASCUS AIRPORT AREA.  SYRIAN FIELD COMMANDERS DO NOT BELIEVE THE RATS CAN RECOVER FROM THIS.  SyrPer has also learned that the operation was planned in Al-Mafraq, Jordan, with the help of CIA independent contractors paid for by – guess who?  It’s a mess.  We are certain that Robert Ford’s apes in Switzerland have been briefed about this major Snafu.  Good show! SAA!


Al-Zabadaani:  In the West Neighborhood, a nest of rats was uncovered and destroyed.  7 confirmed dead and 15 taken prisoner. All were formerly associated with the FSA.  No names.



Saydnaayaa and Talfeetaa in the area of the stone quarries, 12 buzzards were shot down by SAA infantry.



Talfeetaa Farms:  (See map above). Fighting with no details.


‘Adraa Town:  This is Jabhat Al-Islam (The Islamic Front) at its most ridiculous.  Near the Grain Mills Buildings southeast of the Mercedes Building east of ‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies and west of the Central Prison, 72 rats were killed as helicopters and infantry joined forces to trap rodents desperately trying to reinforce the weakening positions of their litter-mates in the infested quarter of the Residencies.  Great slaughter-fest for our army.  Almost every rat was foreign.



Reemaa Farms in Yabrood area:  SAA killed 6 foreigners.  One monkey wretch was identified:









And now, the Iraqi Prime Minister has finally got it right:











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Fish n Chips
Level 1 - Novice
Fish n Chips

Those rodents are taking quite a pasting lately. I particularly like it when those al-nusra rats are dispatched.

Level 4 - Scholae Palatinae
I really like it when al Nusra wipes the floor with ISIL, but it is also really good when the FSA wipes the floor with al Nusra, but hey, I also love it when ISIL wipes the floor with the FSA. Hell, I have to admit it, I love it when rats kill rats killing rats (with the SAA refereeing and then stepping in to dispatch the ‘victors’), it warms the cockles of my heart. May the fires of hell creep inch by inch up Bandar’s despicable, revolting, simian form. Love the new site. Ziad – checking-in with Syrianperspective is… Read more »
Level 6 - Praefectus

Nice high visibility vest on the saudi savage. Was he in a Village People cover band?


@ Dudley.. . you are one of a kind brother..stay warm

Level 3 - Praetorian

I get so enraged when I read what has happen to syria, Everything has been destroyed and innocent people are being murdered in the name of GOD!
I wonder what GOD thinks about us now! A BAD EXPERIMENT!

Level 6 - Praefectus

@fadi. Thanks man and best wishes. The hilarious truth is though, i have an identical twin brother who is just like me!

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Level 7 - Tribunus Angusticlavius

Hey Ziad, i rarely say it but thanks so much for all your hard work, this is the type of news i need, more in depth than any other website, did you read my other previous comment regarding a Syrian foreign legion?.

warmest regards, to all as well.

Level 4 - Scholae Palatinae

Iraq distributed evidence of Riyadh being behind Fallujah unrest – See more at:

Level 0 - Anonymous

Warning for all SAA The rebels are testing a new secret weapon!

Level 4 - Scholae Palatinae

This is how the REAL thing looks like:

Level 1 - Novice

If god was not protecting syria and bashar al-assad by his providence and secret reign then both would be crushed long time ago