Homs, Damascus, Aleppo Awash With Rat Bodies



Al-Qusoor:  A nest of vipers was uncovered and destroyed.  4 killed and 5 wounded.


Ridhaa Shu’ayb

Muhammad Sirdaar

‘Umar ‘Abdul-Qaader

Muhammad Al-Khaazendaar


Al-Hameediyya:  weapons and ammunition are found in a warehouse.  All seized and given to NDF.



Umm Sahreej:  An attempted infiltration into Tulool Al-Hawaa in the Mukharram Hills resulted in 7 rats killed with a pickup truck and 23mm cannon destroyed.  I have no names.


Talbeesa Area:  Fighting reported in these villages:  Bayt Al-Nabhaan, Al-Talla, ‘Ubayd Gas Station, Umm Sharshooh, Al-Ghurbaal.  All fighting represent attacks by rats on military outposts.  All repelled.  No details.



‘Ayn Hussayn:  A rocket launcher is seized for use against Saudi vermin.


Maseel Al-‘Uboodiyya:  15 rodents killed and 29 wounded in a major debacle for FSA.  It occurred on the border of South Al-Qusayr.



Taldu:  A pick-up truck with 23 mm cannon destroyed.  These rodents were identified out of 9 dead:


Muhammad Bakkoor

Midhat Bakkaar

Baraa` Al-‘Aksh

‘Abdullah Hallaaq (wounded leader of group.  He is now warbling)



‘Usayla Village:  A group of hyenas in the Al-Rastan area were killed on a flat-bed with a 23mm cannon.  No details.







In what appears to be a major victory for the SAA and government, residents of Barza have begun returning in the hundreds to their home.  Reports so far indicate that many homes were looted pitilessly by the “heroes of the Syrian Revolution”.  Yet, the sudden waves of repatriation indicate a significant leap toward pacification of the Damascus suburban area.


59 RODENTS KILLED AT DAYR AL-SHEROOBEEM IN THE SAYDNAAYAA AREA.  We can confirm a last count of 59 rodents at “Monastery of the Cherubim”.  A huge cache of weapons and ammunition was recovered by SAA and NDF.  As they escaped, the remant rodents fired hundreds of mortar shells at the historically significant Christian town and damaged a wall.  All rodents were foreign and belonged to Liwaa` Al-Islaam.  (yawn)



sdfThese rats enjoy a permanent siesta in a field close to Saydnaayaa.  We hope they have a pleasant awakening in Hell.


Saydnaayaa:  20 rats confirmed dead in an SAA ambush in the area between the main road and the highest hill overlooking the Qalamoon.



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‘Adraa Workers’ Residencies:  Jabhat Al-Islam was slaughtered southeast of the city near the Al-Baaz Bridge and Al-Baaz Fuel Station.  There were 6 vans loaded with weapons and ammunition.  Much of it went up in flames.  Monzer writes 31 rats were killed.  As we told you before, there is a realization that the ‘Adraa operation was a disaster. The rats are trying to escape to the north without much success.



Jawbar: south of the Electrical Company, 4 rodents killed and 11 taken prisoner.  FSA.


‘Arbeen:  12 killed in the area of Ghubayr Square.  I have their names but I’m tired.


Al-‘Ibb Farms, Al-‘Aaliya Farms and Rankoos Farms in the Doumaa area all saw clean-up action.  This area is becoming increasingly a liability for rats.


Al-Zabadaani Plains:  10 killed and 7 taken prisoner:



Zayd Shihaabeddeen

Musleh Mir’iy

Khaleel Saadeq


The other 6 were not identified.


Reemaa Farms:  J.N. wiped out. No details.


Zaakiya in the Al-Kiswa area.  Fighting with no details.


Daarayyaa, Doumaa Farms, Al-Maleeha and Rankoos all saw some action. Its getting lighter, though. Don’t believe the propaganda. The situation is improving markedly.





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I’m tired. I’m going to post Aleppo tomorrow morning. There’s just too much coming in especially about the prison area where our SAA just received massive reinforcements.  See you tomorrow and enjoy the full speech we translated for FM Mouallem.  ZAF






















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