اعترافات إرهابيي


The following is a word-for-word translation of the confessions by Jabhat Al-Nusra (Alqaeda) rats on Syrian television detailing the plot to blow up the Syrian State Television Station as provided by JP News:


“A number of terrorists with Syrian and Iraqi nationalities of the Jabhat Al-Nusra (which belongs to the Alqaeda terrorist organization) confessed to detonating 2 cars with bombs in them driven by 2 suicide drivers near the General Committee for Broadcasting and Television Building in Damascus on the 13th of October of last year.


“The terrorists admitted to arming the 2 cars with a large quantity of explosives in the area of Qudsayyaa in rural Damascus and transporting them, after that, to Damascus with the suicide drivers: Ahmad Ghassaan Sha’abaan and Yaasser Taahaa Salloom who detonated the cars near the building’s wall.


“The terrorist Yusuf Firaas Da’doosh (a/k/a Abu ‘Ubayda Hameed) stated in confessions broadcast by the Syrian Television yesterday:


“I was born in Damascus and I have a degree in English Language.  I work in computers and I joined Jabhat Al-Nusra and operated as an administrative official for it in Damascus.


“Terrorist Da’doosh added:  One day a person came to me and asked me to think about targeting the Television Building in Umayyad Square because a weak point existed in the building’s wall from the side of the Mazzeh highway inasmuch as it could be an important publicity statement.  I told him we would study the subject and have a look.



“Da’doosh said: After that, I transmitted the idea to Haydar Al-Khazraji who was nicknamed Husaam Abu Ja’afar who was an official of Jabhat Al-Nusra and he agreed.  He asked me to observe the weak point and to confirm whether it was there.  So, I undertook to do it and headed off to Umayyad Square and ascertained that it was there…..and that a part of the wall had nothing behind it such that it was possible that during its explosion, another car could penetrate to the interior of building.


“Terrorist Da’doosh added:  After preparing the two bomb-laden cars in the area of Qudsayyaa, the problem of the Qudsayyaa Road closure in the direction of Damascus from the Al-Safsaaf side arose.  Moving the 2 cars became difficult.  Abu Hussayn and his brother informed me about that and I said to him that I know a person who might help us because he carries a semi-official badge that could enable him to cross the stop/search checkpoints.


“Terrorist Da’doosh said:  I contacted Raashed Ba’albaki, who was called Abu Hussayn, and informed him about the subject and he told me that his brother, Raa`ed, was prepared to transport the vehicles.  I apprised Husaam that the transportation of the 2 cars had been solved.  So, he asked me to bring Abu Hussayn and his brother on a certain day to transport the vehicles.


“Terrorist Da’doosh added:  On the day of carrying out (the operation), I went with Abu Hussayn and his brother Raa`ed (he was called `Abu Al-Noor) past the stop/search checkpoint at Al-Safsaaf to the area of Qudsayyaa Town and introduced them to Husaam. I requested their compensation after the operation was effectuated and he agreed.  At that point I left them in Qudsayyaa and returned in the direction of Damascus.  After that, the transportation of the 2 cars and the suicide drivers was accomplished along with their 2 explosions near the wall of the Television Building.


“For his part, the terrorist Haydar ‘Abdul-Muttalib Muhsin Al-Khazraji (a/k/a Husaam Abu Ja’afar) stated:


I have Iraqi nationality and possess a Middle School third grade certificate.  I joined Jabhat Al-Nusra and was the Military Deputy General for Abu Sameer Al-Urduni (Tr.Note: Jordanian), the security detachment commander for Rukneddeen (Tr. note: a quarter in Damascus) and the commander of the Special Security Brigade in Qudsayyaa.


“Terrorist Al-Khazraji added:  Abu ‘Ubayda Hameed, the administrative official for Jabhat Al-Nusra in Damascus came to me and informed me that there was a target in Umayyad Square which was the Television Building and in the event it was targeted, it would be (both) a  security and publicity strike at the same time.  So, I asked Muhammad Ameen (a/k/a Abu Sajaad) to photograph the building from the outside and he did that.  Based on the pictures, the selection of the wall from the side of the Mazzeh Highway was accomplished.


“Terrorist Al-Khazraji said:  I entrusted Abu ‘Abdullah The Syrian, the one responsible for installing bombs in Qudsayyaa, with preparation of the 2 cars such that each car would have around 60kgs of explosives, and he did that.  The first was a khaki-colored Chevrolet and the second a white Hyundai.


“Terrorist Al-Khazraji added:  After the two cars were readied, we contacted Abu Waleed Al-Urduni (Tr. note: Jordanian), the commander of East Ghoutaa for Jabhat Al-Nusra and requested that he secure 2 suicides and, so, he sent us Ahmad Ghassaan Sha’baan (a/k/a Abu Asyad) who was born in 1996 and Yaasser Taahaa Salloom (a/k/a Abu ‘Umar) who was born in 1988.  Both were from East Al-Ghouta.  We received them and undertook to prepare them.


“Terrorist Al-Khazraji said:  I asked Abu ‘Ubayda Hameed and Abu Sajaad to observe the place and the two informed me that the routine was the same – that there was nothing out of the ordinary. We studied the road from Qudsayyaa to Umayyad Square and it appeared to us that there were 2 stop/search checkpoints in the event we went via Al-Safsaaf.  But, after a time, the checkpoint at Al-Safsaaf closed.


“Terrorist Al-Khazraji added:  I asked Abu ‘Ubayda Hameed to secure the transportation of the 2 cars and, after a time, he came with the two brothers, Abu Hussayn and Abu Al-Noor, around 1:00 p.m.  So, I dressed the 2 suicides with their exploding belts and one got into the first car with Abu Hussayn and the second had Abu Al-Noor.  After they headed toward the checkpoint at Al-Safsaaf and found it closed, they returned and traversed Qudsayyaa Suburban Road and arrived at the Mazzeh Highway.


“Terrorist Al-Khazraji said:  The two suicides went and got some dinner and returned at 2:15. They got into the cars and headed for the area of the target at about 8:45.  That time was selected because it was the time slot for the main news broadcast and that an explosion at that moment would interrupt broadcasting – a powerful publicity statement by Jabhat Al-Nusra.


“For his part, Terrorist Raashed Hussayn Ba’albaki (a/k/a Abu Hussayn) said:


I am from Rural Damascus Province and have a certificate in mathematics and work as a teacher.  I joined Jabhat Al-Nusra and had the task of bringing in the 2 bomb-laden cars from Qudsayyaa into Damascus.

“Terrorist Raashed added:  Abu ‘Ubayda Hameed contacted me and asked to meet me near Al-Kamaal Restaurant.  So, we met up and he informed me that he needed a person who could slip a car past  checkpoints without any search.  I asked him to give me some time to study the issue.


“Terrorist Raashed said:  I contacted my brother Raa`ed (who was known as Abu Al-Noor) considering he worked in the People’s Assembly and I apprised him of the subject and that we would be rewarded in exchange for that.  He agreed and after a time we met up at the Al-Fardoos Repair Shop in Damascus.  We headed for Qudsayyaa in his car by way of Al-Rabwa Road and, upon our arrival, Hussaam asked us to get the cars down and park them on Al-Mazzeh Highway, right then and there,  in front of Daar Al-Ba’ath. We agreed to do that and he introduced us to the 2 suicides, Abu Asyad and Abu ‘Umar.


“Terrorist Raashed added:  I headed with my brother and the two suicides until we arrived at the appointed area at which point I went back home with my brother after we boarded a passenger bus while the 2 suicides went to one of the restaurants in Al-Mazzeh    


“Terrorist Raashed said:  On the second day after execution of the operation, Abu ‘Ubayda Hameed contacted me and we agreed to meet near the Al-Kamaal Restaurant. After we met, he gave me $600.00 and right after that I went to my brother, Raa`ed, and gave him $300.00 of it.


“At that time, the terrorist Raa`ed Hussayn Ba’albaki, a/k/a Abu Al-Noor said:  I was born in Damascus and have a license in commerce and economics. I work as an employee of the People’s Assembly.  I joined the Jabhat Al-Nusra and had the task of getting bomb-laden cars through from Qudsayyaa to Damascus.


“Terrorist Raa`ed added: My brother Abu Hussayn came to me and asked me to move a bomb-laden car from Qudsayyaa to Damascus since I had a badge which allowed me to cross checkpoints without any searches – and in exchange for a great gift.  So, I agreed.


“Terrorist Raa`ed said:  After a while, my brother contacted me and informed me that I should prepare myself for the operation.  Then, he came to me and we headed together to a residential apartment in the area of Qudsayyaa where Hussaam Abu Ja’afar was and that’s where we met him and sat down with him for about a half hour until the 2 suicides came.  They were two young men.  He then asked us to head for the 2 cars because they had been made ready.


“Terrorist Raa`ed added:  I went out of the apartment with my brother Abu Hussayn accompanied by the suicide drivers Abu Asyad and Abu ‘Umar and headed with Abu ‘Umar to a Chevolet car while my brother headed with Abu Asyad to a white car, model Hyundai, and we directed ourselves toward Damascus by way of Qudsayyaa Road; and when we arrived at the Al-Safsaaf checkpoint we found the road closed.  So we returned to the apartment in Qudsayyaa and let the cars cool.  Then, we headed by way of Qudsayyaa Suburban Road and arrived at the Al-Mazzeh Highway, parked the cars next to the park opposite the Daar Al-Ba’ath such that the front ends of the cars were in the direction of the highway.  After that, I and my brother boarded a passenger bus while the two suicides remained with the 2 cars.


“Terrorist Raa`ed said:  My brother told me after we had gotten on the bus in the direction of Damascus that the 2 suicides were wearing explosive belts although I paid no attention to that matter while I was heading toward Damascus with Abu ‘Umar.


“Terrorist Muhammad Kamaal Ameen (a/k/a Abu Sajaad) added:


I am from Baghdad and am of Iraqi nationality.  I have a B.A. degree in biology and used to work in Syria in printing.  I joined Jabhat Al-Nusra and was a member of the Special Security Brigade for it in Qudsayyaa.


“Terrorist Ameen added:  Commander Hussaam Abu Ja’afar contaced me and ordered me to head for the Broadcasting and Television Building in Umayyad Square and to walk about in the area and photograph the wall of the building.  So, I contacted Raa`ed Ahmad Hussayn who was called Abu ‘Abdullah who worked as a taxi cab driver and went with him to the (Umayyad) Square and we took pictures (Tr. note: possibly filmed) of the entire wall.


“Terrorist Ameen said:  I gave the video to Hussaam Abu Ja’afar and when he saw it said: `The best place to target the building is before the traffic signal on Al-Mazzeh Highway near the wall in order to cause an opening through which another person can enter right into the inside of the building.


“Terrorist Ameen added:  After we had made all preparations for the execution of the operation, Hussaam asked me to write a last will and testament for the 2 suicides, Abu Asyad and Abu ‘Umar.  I told him that I knew a person called Muhammad Al-‘Azzaawi who is called Abu Al-Muhibb and that I would ask him to write 2 wills given the fact he has a doctoral degree in the Arabic language.


“Terrorist Ameen said:  I headed to Abu Al-Muhibb and asked him to write the two wills and he did.  After a while he gave them to me and I, in my turn, gave them to Hussaam who gave them after that to the 2 suicides who read them and signed them.  We photographed them doing that.


“In his turn, the terrorist Raa`ed Ahmad Hussayn who is also known as Abu ‘Abdullahsaid:


“I am from the city of Baghdad and have Iraqi nationality.  I have a secondary school diploma and work as a taxi driver.  I joined the Jabhat Al-Nusra and was a member of its Special Security Brigade.


“Terrorist Hussayn added:  One day, Abu Sajaad came to me with a person named Hussayn Salmaan Al-Bayramaani, who is also called Hussayn Thawra (Tr.note: Revolution) and asked me to take the two of them to the Umayyad Square and I did that.  We headed for it from the suburb and went though it twice in the car.  Abu Sajaad and Hussayn Thawra were taking pictures of the Square and the Television Building.  After the end of that, we went home to Qudsayyaa.


“For his part, terrorist Muhammad Khaleel Ibraaheem ‘Abdullah Al-‘Azzaawi, known as Abu Al-Muhibb said:


“I am from Baghdad and hold Iraqi nationality.  I have a doctorate in Arabic with a specialization in the philosophy of grammar.  I worked in United Nations institutions to teach Iraqi students in Syria.  I joined Jabhat Al-Nusra to write last wills for suicides before they execute their operations.


“Terrorist Al-‘Azzaawi added:  Abu Sajaad contacted me and asked me to write 4 wills for suicides.  I agreed and the agreement was that the wills would include a farewell to family, an urge for patience; that they should affect the listener; should contain powerful linguistic expressions and lines of poetry, among other things.


“Terrorist Al-‘Azzaawi said:  I withdrew into myself and collected my ideas. In addition to my expertise in writing, considering I used to write for magazines and websites, I was of the opinion that the wills should have two sides, the first should be about the suicide himself and the second about the one who receives it.  I focused on the fact that the suicide did what he did fully and voluntarily without any external pressures and I relied on the sayings of Ibn Taymiyya, Ibn Al-Qayyim, Sayyid Qutb and Muhammad Qutb.    


Security Services were able to eliminate the terrorist Hussayn Salmaan Muhammad ‘Ali Al-Bayramaani, who is also called “Hussayn Thawra”, and who was born in Baghdad in 1984 in a perfectly laid ambush on the 25th day of October, 2013.  He was one of the most dangerous members of the Security Brigade of Jabhat Al-Nusra in Qudsayaa.


Translator’s Note:  The date of Bayramaani’s death is 12 days after the operation on the Television Building.   May he burn in Hell.











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