Goodbye Saleem. Ta Ta. Toodleydoo. Au revoir. A bien tot. See ya latah, alligata. Aufwiedersehen. Dosvedanyeh. Jajing. Sayonara. Hasta la vista. Go screw yourself.


And so, once again, our president bids farewell to another disgraced wretch who fantasized about days of glory and triumph.  Saleem Idrees now joins the ranks of other luminaries to whom Dr. Assad bade farewell:  HILLARY CLINTON, MUHAMMAD MORSI, SILVIO BERLUSCONI, NICOLAS SARKOZY, JOSE ZAPATERO, PRINCE FATSO/MADAME BANANA, GUIDO WESTERWELLE AND SO MANY OTHERS TOO NUMEROUS TO NAME.


According to our sources, Idrees will retire to a comfortable cottage on Ellesmere Island in Canada where he hopes to spend the rest of his life defending the endangered species called “Inflated Generals”.  This Miles Gloriosus will form a new force called the ‘Free Syrian Coalition for Polar Equality and Revolutionary Scientific Patter. (FSCPERS!)”  We we wish him the best of luck.


Other sources claim he will join a former colleague, Riyaadh Al-As’ad, in Holland where he expects to thrive as a tulip salesman.  A minority say he plans to set up a brothel franchise with “Pimp-Whiz”, Ahmad Jarba in the Red Light District of Antwerp.





But, who is his replacement?  Get this, it’s somebody even dumber.  A know-nothing hot-air purveyor —-  A colonel, no less, called ‘Abdul-Ilaah Al-Basheer.  In the tradition of the Fake Syrian Army, he was elected because of his talent for “rampant corruption”, “absence of morals” and “incontrovertible incompetence”.  His stinking traitor rat son was killed by our NDF in January of 2014. Best of luck.


When SyrPer told you some months ago that Idrees was under house arrest, we meant it.


_________________________________________________________ NEWS AND COMMENT:

Global Research brings more ammo to the war crimes table. Enjoy this story about prison breaks:


A great article that will make you feel good about Assad’s Syria. So many foreign spies in our jails who will not be released. By the way, I reported the capture of the Turks last year:


The U.S. government and the ovine population of the country are dissed in this insightful article about upping the ante in a world of lobbying groups and moral corruption: 

Here’s one about Zionist meddling in medical matters for terrorists.  What superb care!  Where is Dr. Zorba?


Major article from one of our readers in Germany, Anonymous, naturlich about Turkey’s complicity in delivering arms to the rats:













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