Syrian Perspective is shocked to find that some of its readers are gullible enough to believe British lying in the shape of Rami Abdul-Rahman of the Qatari-funded “Syrian Lavatory for Human Rights who irresponsibly announced this canard today.  Here are the facts:


At 4:00 p.m. Aleppo time, a huge truck was monitored by Syrian army spotters from the prison towers and from the ground as it approached the western gate of the Aleppo Central Prison.  The truck had all the hallmarks of a battering ram with its suspension system severely depressed indicating a large load, which in this case was military grade TNT (estimated at 12,000 kilos) coupled with C-4 enhancers.  The truck was driven by a Chechen idiot who was vaporized after he received a direct hit from an RPG fired by one of our infantrymen inside the prison.  Truck exploded about a football field distance from the west entrance with a blast so strong it actually killed some officers standing on the highest tiers of the walls.




The Operation resulted in the confirmed deaths of the Jabhat Al-Nusra leader for Northern Aleppo, Abu Sayf Al-Sheeshaani, CHECHEN (read: “Chicken”) who was burned to death, like a squealing pig, as he followed the burning truck.  Other reports coming in mention the use of trains but this seems unlikely


More reports indicate that the SAA and SAAF were quick to respond and raked the area with artillery and used a “barrel-bomb” on the rodents.


We will keep following up on this story as the facts come in. But, oh, my readers, please do not regale me with British lies any more. No folderol from SOHR or Aljazeera!!



AND WHILE WE’RE ON THE BRITISH PENCHANT FOR DISINFORMATION, SYRPER IS DELIGHTED TO REPORT THE DEATH AND DESCENT-TO-HELL OF ABU LAYTH AL-KHURASAANI THE LEADER OF BRITISH ISIS,  a U.K. national who hailed from the Midlands area of Britain.  He was killed Monday while trying to kill other rats like himself.  He is obviously of Khurasaani origin by his name, or so we think.  Good show rats!  Keep up the good work.








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