You can get these detailed reports about the new triumph in Al-‘Utayba only from SyrPer.  We can confirm with absolute confidence that 164 rodents belonging to the Jabhat Al-Nusra and Jabhat Al-Islam terrorist groups were annihilated last night in a stunningly perfect ambush laid by the SAA in the Eastern Ghouta.

The operation started when MI intercepted communications between Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani and a JN commander north of Yabrood. The JN had decided that the fall of Yabrood and Faleeta was only a matter of a short time resolving to redeploy what rats they had to the North Jordan area as an additional force to the one being prepared by the war criminal, Obama, and his war criminal ape Saudi allies.

The plan was to stealthily move a convoy of flatbeds, vans and trucks carrying weapons and ammunition down from the Qalamoon to Al-‘Utayba (about 47 kms) where the force could then swiftly fight its way to the Jordanian border.  The Intel the rats had was completely false.  Their calculations were based on SAA’s victories in the East Ghouta which, by their reckoning, resulted in new SAA deployments elsewhere in the western part of the country. Wrong.

It appears that the calculations were made by the American terrorist enablers in Al-Mafraq, Jordan, where Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani, a dyed-in-the-wool Islamist terrorist freak, was now off the American list of wanted criminals. He probably wishes now that he wasn’t.

I can confirm that SANA was informed about the rat-slaughter-fest at 3:00 a.m. Damascus time after which field commanders were certain that all rats were killed, wounded and accounted for.  The scene was not filmed except by SANA and Al-Mayaadeen, the new Arabic language Pan Arab Media source, whose reporting outstrips that of the yellow-mercenary Al-Jazeera for accuracy, fidelity and access to information.

Once the plan to escape the Qalamoon became operational and the convoy was in position to leave, it was tracked every inch of the way until it reached the area between Lake ‘Utayba and the desert town of Al-‘Utayba where the SAA triggered the snare and killed 164 rats – dealing a blow so devastating that it will take the J.N. and JI months to recover.

We can confirm that most of the dead foreign terrorists were Saudis and Jordanians.  We can also reveal that 2 of the captured and wounded rodents were confessed agents of the Central Intelligence Agency.  I cannot tell you that I know their nationality because the source is not authorized to reveal that.  However, during interrogations at field hospitals and military infirmaries inside the 22nd Army Brigade base close to the scene, 2 of the vermin were found carrying “damning” evidence of work for a foreign espionage agency. When confronted by seasoned MI interrogators, who one must take very seriously, they revealed their relationship to the CIA.

I have more news but want to publish this post for my readers as quickly as possible. I will post again today with more details and, hopefully, photographs of the battle scene. It’s now 6:49 a.m. Michigan Daylight Savings Time. See you shortly.







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