Syrian forces ride a tank in an area in this file photo.

DER’AH-AL-SUWAYDA: The big surprise is coming and it’s coming to a theater near you. SyrPer has confirmed that the American war criminal regime of Obama has finally played out its last hand and it’s going to finally disclose the biggest surprise since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  We cannot reveal the surprise, not yet. But our readers are going to know it by reading our posts and following the news. All elements of the NDF have been placed on Highest Alert because Americans in Al-Mafraq, Jordan, have released their terrorists for an assault on Southern Syria.  Yesterday, terrorists whom the Americans claim are secular but are, in fact, Islamist extremists, invaded a lonely outpost at Kimya (an abandoned village) where a small battalion of SAA are positioned.  In defending the post, withdrawing SAA had managed to kill a confirmed 42 terrorists.  The order to withdraw was issued by the commanding officer of the 15th Division in Suwayda after he determined the soldiers did not have sufficient ammunition to hold out for too long and because the Tha’ala Airbase was only a 3/4 mile distance.  The Tha’ala Base is also protected by a large force of NDF, elements of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party and Ba’ath Party irregulars in addition to regular soldiers.


BUSRA AL-SHAAM:  This splendid town with its remarkably well-preserved coloseum that rivals the one in Rome, was the scene of splattered terrorist bodies.  Once the count was made, Central Command was informed of 106 stinking terrorists dotting the rural area around the city.  We are waiting for names.




Al-Muzayreeb:  6 terrorist nihilists confirmed put to death in a firefight.  Here are there names:



Nazheer Hamza

Taamer ‘Ubaydullaah


Muhammad Barakaat

‘Abdul-‘Azeez Al-Hadeetha (IRAQI WORM SLIME)

Ya’rub Salkhadi




Thorough sweep of these villages, Al-Hajja, Greater Al-Duwayya, Lesser Al-Duwayya, Bi`r ‘Ajam and Al-Burayka in the Qunaytra area has resulted in big stats for the SAA.  Monzer reports early figures at 100+ terrorists some of whom had Hebrew letters on products found in the cargo pockets of their trousers.  There was nobody here to take them to Safad for treatment in Zionist veterinary slaughterhouses.



QUNAYTRA: SYRIAN ARMY NOW HAS COMPLETE CONTROL OF TALLAT YARZAN, a very strategically important site for command and control.




Yabrood: At the Ghuwayraan Neighborhood, a Chechen sniper described as “extremely dangerous” found himself among fellow snipers in a special cubicle in Hades called The Daarayya Room.  At the Tal Maneen Quarter, SAA killed a confirmed 17 terrorists.  Yesterday, Monzer reports 52 terrorists were killed here in this area.




Al-Sahl, Jaraajeer, Reemaa Farms, Al-Saalihiyya all saw some action yesterday although I have no details.


Al-Ash’ari Farms and Al-‘Aaliya Farms in Doumaa were mostly clean-up with drug-addicted terrorists walking around like zombies in a George Romero movie:



Shaaker Al-Deek

Muhammad Turkmaani

Ghaaleb Al-A’war

Another 2 were not identified and are presumed to be foreign.



Harastaa:  East of the Police Infirmary and East of the Damascus Central Prison, 12 terrorists were taken prisoner after a short firefight. They surrendered and have requested Amnesty.



Khaan Al-Shaykh:  Syrian army boosted by NDF annihilates a small group of Jabhat Al-Islam terrorists.  I have no details.


SYRIAN PERSPECTIVE IS DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE THE DEPARTURE INTO HELL OF A STINKING JORDANTEEZIAN APOPLECTIC TERRORIST BY THE NAME OF ‘ABU AL-‘ALAA` AL-URDUNI (Id pending).  His body will be cremated and his ashes fed to the jackals in the East Ghouta. He used to command terrorist forces in the Ghouta until it became too uncomfortable.  So, he stupidly traveled to the safety of Southern Damascus where a bullet interrupted his sleep.


Al-Maleeha and Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer:  Fighting but no details.


‘Adraa Workers Residencies at Districts 11 and 16:  SAA destroyed a Jabhat Al-Islam van carrying weapons and ammo.  4 terrorists splattered.  No names. All were foreign.


GREAT NEWS!  AL-TADHAAMUN AND AL-HAJAR AL-ASWAD FOLLOWING YALDA, BAABEELAA, BAYT SAHM AND ‘AQRABA.   Terrorists negotiating terms of surrender. All South Damascus about to be freed of terrorists straight to the Eastern Ghouta.  Now you know why they want to attack Der’ah.  Nyuk. Nyuk. But, a big surprise awaits the American and Saudi retardates in Al-Mafraq.


See this degenerate’s nose?  The SAA is about to punch it right into the empty cavern where his ape brain is located.





Qumaynaas: CONFIRMED: SYRIAN ARMY LIQUIDATES WHAT IS LEFT OF THE SO-CALLED JABHAT AL-NUSRA HERE BY KILLING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE 35 TERRORISTS LEFT IN IT.   4 flatbeds with loaded 23mm machine gun cannons were seized before the noisome vermin could get to them. They are now the property of the National Defense Forces. THANK YOU, BANDAR BIN ORANGUTAN FOR THE NICE PARTING GIFT.  A glorious operation puts an end to a pack of terrorists who terrorized the people of this town.



Fayloon:  29 terrorists killed in ambush laid by SAA and security forces.



BAAB AL-HAWAA:  You all know the importance of this border post town controlled by vermin.  Yesterday, the SAA and SAAF delivered a knockout blow to their command-and-control center here killing 13 of them.  This is he beginning of the end for Obama’s and Cameron’s terrorist armies.



NEWS AND COMMENTARY: Spead the word about the traitor and terrorist supporting mayor in New Jersey. See the faces of “American” killers in Syria (Thanks, Jo6pac):

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