DAYR EL-ZOR: Syrian army has cleared rats out of AL-THAYYIM  OIL FIELD and asserted full control:


As of January 30, 2014, the Syrian Army has asserted full control over the rich oil field at Al-Thayyim after defeating a pack of rats belonging to the ISIS who were attempting to use produced oil in order to sell it in Turkey.  According to Wael, engineers have not been deployed there yet for security reasons. However, it is good news that a national asset is protected for future use.


Al-Muree’iyya Gardens on February 2, 2014: A warehouse was invaded by SAA on February 1, 2014 which housed not only 2 pickups with 23mm aa machine gun cannons, but also a full complement of 24 rodents all of whom were killed.  Our sources say the SAA gave them the opportunity to give up but received, instead, a loud “Allahu Akbar”.  From then on the rats were incinerated.  Here are the names of those identified:



Muhammad Matar Al-Raawi

Hamad ‘Abdul-Fattaah Al-Hussayn Al-Jaleel

Qaassem Sa’adoon Al-Taweel

Muflih Muhammad Al-Busaleem

Shaaker ‘Ali Hammaad


Al-Muree’iyya:  (See map above) A nest of rodents was attacked by SAA and all terrorists were killed.  Only this one was identified. There were several Tunisians here, also:


‘Abdul-Kareem Al-Jaassem Al-Nahaar



Al-Jubayla:  A 29 meter long tunnel was exposed and destroyed.  



Old Airport Quarter:  SAA and security killed these after the latter discovered the rats moving about:




Muhammad Matar Al-Bunyaan

Hassan Hussayn Al-Jadeed

Muhammad Khaaled Al-Ash’al

‘Alaa` Hassan Al-Khaleel


Dayr El-Zor City:


Al-Sinaa’ah:  A pickup with a 23mm machine gun cannon was seized and these skunks sent to the Eternal Microwave:



Usaamaa Al-Muz’il

Iyaad ‘Issa

‘Ammaar Al-Kansaa

Akram Al-‘Issa


Al-‘Urfi:  Jabhat Al-Nusra was in on this one as SAA attacked this group of Saudi Arabians and Tunisians.  No names have been released for the 12 rat-monkeys here.


Al-Rushdiyya Quarter:  At the Bank BIMO, a sniper was sniped and that was the end of his song.




Al-‘Urfi Quarter: More fun with J.N. Saudis and Tunisians here.  8 killed.  All went “Allahu Akbar” straight into the maws of Cerberus.  No names released.


Al-Bu-Saraayaa Street:  A 19 meter-long tunnel uncovered with 7 rats inside nestled among the weapons and ammunition provided by Saudi Arabia.  All killed.  No names.




Al-Zaara:  The SAA has slowed down its assault on this town because the rats inside have deliberately placed the few civilians left in harms way so as to block a final rush by tanks and Shilkas.  We are monitoring the events there as best as we can and will report any new developments.  There is a fear that negotiations for the surrender of the town are merely delay tactics with the rats hoping for reinforcements.  That cannot happen because the town is completely surrounded and hermetically sealed. In addition to this, The SAA has dismantled 4 remotely-triggered IEDs in Barda’iyyaat.


Al-Warsha:  An attempted infiltration from here to the totally secure area of Baab Al-Sibaa‘ was a typically futile act with the SAA and police killing 24 rats and seizing a nice cache of weapons:



Al-Qaraabees:  Skirmishing killed 3 rats with 4 surrendering.





Al-Khaalidiyya:  NDF put down this pack of vermin:

Ghaazi Dukhkhaan

Moussaa Haashem

Talaal Ju’ayni


Al-Ghaasibiyya: Fighting with no reports of rat-fatalities.


Dar Al-Kabeera: SAA and NDF invade a building used as a storage facility by J.N. rats.  Inside was a collection of cannibalized weapons, ammunition and some maps provided by the United States.  6 were killed in a firefight.




تدمير نفق ومضاد طيران وسيارات محملة بأسلحة للإرهابيين في دير الزور


DAMASCUS:  Some of you will find this interesting: there are fewer Syrian-born vermin among the decreasing number of terrorists in this province.  Many are surrendering with the MoD deliberately keeping their numbers secret.  Note how little news is now coming out of the East Ghouta.  The rats have been effectively annihilated there.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  Alalam news has announced a large operation against almost exclusively foreign rodents here belonging to Ahraar Al-Shaam (Free Men of Syria, yawn), Ahfaad Al-Rasool (Descendants of the Messenger, yawn squared) and Liwaa` Dajaana (Brigade of Dajaana, yawn cubed). 


I look forward to when there will be no news coming out of Damascus.


‘Adraa Workers Residencies:  At Island-2, SAA killed 4 rats.



Jawbar at the Fateena Bridge, 3 rats killed.



Daarayyaa: No details.


Yabrood:  We are waiting for the big push.  Jabhat Al-Nusra lost 12 yesterday here.


‘Arbeen: An IED exploded right in the face of 3 rats attempting to place it at entry point near the AFI center.  They were blown into smithereens.


Rankoos:  SAA killed 8 rats after an IED blew up prematurely in their face leaving the remainder stunned and disoriented:



Maaher Zirwaal

‘Abdul-Jabbaar Khudhari

‘Abdul-Samad Al-Fahhaam

Muhammad Jirjaar


The other 4 were not named and are believed to be foreign. Hard to piece together the bodies of those closest to the explosion.




Waadi Huzayraan (Var: Waadi Hazreen) near Salmaa  More rat-stats to add to yesterday’s as SAA and NDF rolled over these Jabhat Al-Nusra buzzards:



‘Abdul-Rahmaan Al-Dahshoori (EGYPTIAN HOG SNOT)



Abu Jareer Al-Hijaazi (SAUDI ARABIAN PIG PUS)




With Operation Canopus Star in full swing, it is difficult for my sources to obtain detailed rat-stats.  In any case, here’s the best I can come up with:

Qaadhi ‘Askar:  Fighting still going on under heavy clouds as you can see.


Karm Al-Muyassar:  Fighting still as SAA trying to eradicate all rats in airport area:



Karm Al-Jazamaati:  Ditto. See map above for Karm Al-Muyassar.


Al-Jandool Quarter:  2 killed here. No names.


Tal-Shuwaykhna – Ma’aarat Al-Arteeq Axis:  Fighting with no details.



Hanaanu: No details as this area is being mopped up.


Fighting reported here:



Al-Jaawooz Roundabout

Karm Al-Dhamaan




Central Prison: 7 rats killed here on the perimeter.


Industrial City in the north.




Fighting not so intense here as of January 30, 2014 up to today.


Tal Salmu:  An attack on a checkpoint failed. No details.


Saraaqeb:  These 2 were killed playing footsie with the SAA:



Muhammad Hammaad

Mustafaa Al-Haaj-Hussayn


Al-Nayrab Youth Camp: Fighting



Kafr Laataa:  A den of rodents destroyed last night.  No details.


Umm Jurayn:  Near Abu-Dhuhoor.  6 rodents killed.




TURKI (Var. Turkey) AL-ASH’ARI, Jabhat Al-Nusra’s 4th- in- command killed by Syrian Army Special Ops unit on February 1, 2014.  He was about to attack an innocent Alawi village when SAA-SF spotted the stinking pig and blew him away. He was the operational head of J.N. in Hama Province.  No more details available yet. 



A final photo of the illustrious “Shaykh” Turkey Al-Ash’ari before his descent into Hell.


Al-Arshoona near Salamiyya:  On February 1, 2014, NDF and SAA killed 17 rodents in a bloody battle.  The result was a nice cache of arms for the NDF.



Sawraan-Al-Mawrek Roadway (Mork of Mork and Mindy):  SAA seizes a pickup with 23mm cannon plus other ammunition and light assault rifles.  Thank you, Saudi Arabia!









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