Rocky Marciano, one of my boyhood heroes, delivers a knock-out blow to Jersey Joe Walcott.  The latter did not expect this and would not recover.  Rocky is of Sicilian extraction which means he’s part Syrian. Just wait for Obama to get in the ring with our Rocky.

Barack Hussein Obama is a fraud.  He’s also a lot of other things.  For one, he’s a Chicago gutter rat with zero experience in foreign policy – or – if the truth be told – in life.  But, being from Chicago and wallowing in its culture of corruption only means he hasn’t been inocculated against it.  He brings his sleaze now to Syria where a big fat Waterloo awaits.

The Western agenda in Syria has been discussed in our pages ad nauseam.  Off-shore natural gas reservoirs, natural gas pipelines from Iran across to Iraq to Syrian ports; Iranian military power and how it’s projected in the Fertile Crescent; Iranian technology exploding; Russian designs on natural gas monopolies; the war to liberate all of Palestine…..and so many other factors go into the stew which must include the fetid flesh of the bigoted Saudi apes and their recalcitrant, banal,  Qatari cousins.  But, such a stew – with so many cooks – can’t quite make it to the dinner table after 3 years of preparation.

And then along comes Obama. He was chastised by his own Congress. He couldn’t get any votes in the House for his air strike on Syrian military targets.  Like Cameron, he was saved by the bell, so to speak.  He didn’t have to risk anything because the people who elected their representatives made it clear they wanted no part of the Syrian mess.

And it got better. Under Obama AIPAC, the ubiquitous and mephitic Zionist lobbying organization was handed 3 straight defeats in its efforts to rein in both Syria and Iran at a minimum or to destroy them at a maximum.  It seemed like Obama might have been on the way to finally liberating America from the stifling stench of Zionist control.  But, as I wrote earlier in this post, he’s a sleazy and inexperienced rat from a Chicagoan political cesspool. He doesn’t know when he’s winning cleanly.  That is why his presidency is doomed to the nitre-encrusted catacombs of history.

Erdoghan won’t stop supporting the worse of the rat terrorists and that has alienated Obama.  You see, he’s been told that King Abdullah of Jordan, the part British – part Arabian dwarf, mini-chimp chamberlain and mole is ready, willing and able to participate in war crimes as long as the terrorist rodents he has to entertain on his northern border with Syria are not Salafists.  Nobody is more aware of the danger of “spillover” and “blow-back” than this scion of Zion – a Mason – like his eely, amoral father – capable of any abomination if it breathes temporary life into his ever-teetering, always tottering throne. Abdullah the Second, whose grandfather was the quintessential traitor to the Arabs and Palestine, sits here surrounded by a kakocracy of imbeciles destined to accompany their Affirmative Action president willy-nilly into the bowels of Hell.  

I have written about what I called the “Obama Doctrine” – the idea that the U.S. could no longer involve itself in foreign wars except in the capacity of enabling proxies and allies. He thinks he can do the same in Syria……..like Libya.

Obama has been training terrorists at the Al-Mafraq military base and airport for close to a year now.  He also trains terrorists north of Aqaba where supplies are usually sent to Jordan via the Zionist Settler State.  Obama has also coordinated a program with the Zionist Settler State – another one of those rabid partners in crime so necessary for his sociopathology to come into full bloom – to train and medically maintain rodents no good American would consider inviting into his home. So much for heroic, democracy-loving rats. Why?

AIPAC’s 3 defeats have not gone down the Zionist gullet very well and Obama must think about the future of his democrat weasels, their financial futures and durability.  AIPAC has vowed to modulate its support unless Obama takes steps to assuage hurt feelings.  And, the Saudis, so enraged over his blinking at a time when they wanted the U.S. navy to shellac the Syrian Army regardless of whether such action might have led to WWIII – given the aggressive Russian naval presence off Tartous – have expressed similar grievances.  The Saudis, having satisfied Obama’s demand that Bandar be exiled, now expect something in return. And they’re gonna get it – right in the kisser.

There are about 7,000 rodents now awaiting orders to die in Southern Syria.  And that’s what’s going to happen. Although I will not reveal the surprise awaiting all those villains who are neck-deep in war crimes, I will describe some aspects of Syria’s response to the concentration of forces. I will not reveal the surprise because it would have no meaning, as such,  if I disclosed what I know.  It would also help the rats.

Across the arid expanse of southern Syria sit Generals Fahd Jassem Al-Furayj, Syria’s Defense Minister, and ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Ayoob, Chief of the Syrian General Staff.  They have had three years to think about the Jordanian scenario.  They have consulted with Iran, especially General Ghassem Solaymaani, and General Shugoi of the Russian Federation.  They are ready for any assault.  Former Director of General Security, Gen. Ali Mamlook, even warned his counterpart in Jordan, Gen. Faysal Shawbaki, about involving the mini-kingdom in such doings.

My sources tell me that there is no fear about this pretentious and insubstantial build-up.  The Americans, Saudis and Zionists don’t have enough troops to rattle Damascus. Some sources tell me that they don’t even believe the Americans are serious about it because, as they see it, it’s just an effort to get Assad to grant concessions which would lead eventually to his ouster.  Dr. Assad, of course, has read this narrative but has given it very poor reviews.  There is even talk about convincing Assad to accept the new force in Northern Jordan into his armed forces, essentially, riding his own Trojan Horse into Damascus.  Hardly.

In order to make the force in Northern Jordan capable of threatening Damascus or holding on to Southern Syria in a bid to play high-stakes poker at Geneva-2, the rat force needs equipment of a better kind than what they have been using.  Reports are coming in confirming that the U.S. has supplied APCs, armored personnel carriers, to the so-called “moderate” rodents at Al-Mafraq.  This is the Obama Doctrine – enabling terrorists to carry out a proxy war for the U.S.  Add to that warehouses filled with Saudi-delivered weapons in Turkey and eastern Lebanon containing Chinese-manufactured anti-aircraft launchers and rockets and even Kornet anti-armor missiles.  News reports also indicate a deal with Pakistan for more more weapons for the CIA-trained degenerates in Jordan.

Any military expert will tell you that rodents in APCs, backed by some flatbeds with 23mm machine gun cannons and a veritable pot-pourri of anti-tank weapons can hardly stand up to a huge professional army and air force like Syria’s.  They must be given something else. Thus, I believe Obama is working toward a “no-fly zone”.  But, the plan is so flawed it is embarrassing.

Let’s forget for the moment the Russians and their bad memories of the Libyan “no-fly zone”.  Putin has insured that such a scenario cannot be repeated.  SyrPer has solid Intel that the SAA air defense forces have the S-300 deployed in the south of Syria and that they are aimed, not only at the skies, but at the modestly appointed Patriot missile batteries in Jordan.

This long-range S-300PMU-2 in a photo clearly not taken in Syria works in a complicated array of vehicles: Long Range Surveillance Radar, Command and Control Vehicle, Acquisition Radar and Launcher (seen above).    


If we are correct that Obama is going to snub his nose at Putin for his many injuries over the last 3 years and establish a no-fly zone over southern Syria, here is what he’s looking at.


Air Defense Base 2km west of Der’ah the City

Air Defense Base 2km SE of Ibtah containing S-2 Guideline

Air Defense Battalion 49 1km NE of Khirbat Ghazaala

Air Defense Base 1/2 km west of Naamer

Air Defense Base with S-2 2km North of West and East Ghaariyya

Air Defense Base 2km SW of Izra’

Air Defense Base 2km W of Izra’

Air Defense Radar Base 1/2 km at Shaykh Miskeen

Air Defense Base 1 km N of Kharaab

Air Defense Radar Base and AD Brigade 38at Naa’ima east of Der’ah

Air Defense Base at Kaahil and Sayda east of Der’ah

Air Defense and Airbase at Tha’ala in Suwaydaa

But that’s not all.  The structure of Syria’s air defense constellation is the most dense in the world.  The listing above is not even complete with the addition of the highly-mobile S-300s closer to Damascus and the presence of highly-sophisticated multi-faceted Pantsyr systems at all bases.  It should be obvious that the air defense bases were designed to deter Zionist attack, not Arab, although the Ba’ath Party has long suspected that the Hashemite clan ruling Jordan would not hesitate to permit an assault on Syria from the South if that would gain some assurance for their greater longevity.

Drone warfare?  That’s what everyone’s talking about.  But drones are not very stealthy and in an environment like Southern Syria where not one inch of airspace isn’t covered by the most advanced Russian radar systems, they’re practically useless.  If they are going to act as cover for the miserable rodents assembled in Jordan awaiting the “BIG PUSH”, they will leave their protected wards in a most vulnerable position as SAA artillery at Busra Al-Hareer and the 175th Artillery Brigade at Izra’h wreak havoc in their lines.

But it gets even better for us and much worse for the Chicago rodent inside the White House.  If one missile is fired by American operators of the Patriot System in Northern Jordan at our aircraft, it will be an act of war by its government.  Syrian bombers flying sorties over Syrian territory or Hind helicopter gunships protecting civilians from the rapacious vermin trained by the Saudi-American war criminals will shift focus to targets in Jordan with an effort to bring down the virulent, treasonous Hashemite regime installed by the malodorous British.

Don’t think for a moment that Syria does not have assets inside Jordan. They have been somewhat quiet so far. But, sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If Jordan’s dwarf half-breed thinks he’s insulated from an insurgency, he must think twice or more about that.

But, still, there is the big surprise I cannot disclose. When it comes, all of you will see it and will thank me for not spilling the beans, so to speak.  I am looking forward to greater triumphs over the evil of the West, its unending rapaciousness – its vampiric bloodlust and Rabelaisian hypocrisies.  ZAF










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